You can find the best 7-string electric guitar finally with ease! But beware, because not all guitars with 7-strings made of quality material and have a perfect metal pitch. To find the best 7-string electric guitars, it took us about a week to gather the best of the best ones.

These 7-string electric guitars can be your best companion in the things which 6-stringed guitars cannot do, like breakdowns, chugs and drop tunings. The scream you can generate on the 7-string electric guitar is super noisy and it’s unlike any newbie guitarist ever seen.

What we have in the top-rated arena? The 7 most anticipating 7-strings guitars of all time!


7 Top Listed 7-String Guitars


Schecter BANSHEE ELITE-7 FR 7 String Electric Guitar

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The company Schecter has always been ahead of the game when it comes to providing the whole set of new pace for others to follow. Those who have already known about the magic of Hellraiser C-7, the Banshee Elite-7 FR is no different in terms of positive remarks from the pro players.

Schecter BANSHEE ELITE-7 FR has a strong build with a Swash-ash body and the flamed maple top with the maple-walnut neck. You will look at it and instantly fall in love with this beast, the guitar features Schecter USA supercharger Mach7 and Sustainiac Pickups which offers some remarkable tonal potentials.

The most vivid addition in Banshee Elite-7 FR is the Floyd Rose Trem System; the players do not just get the amazing pickups but a tremolo system to polish the tones further.

Ibanez RGD Series RGDIX7MPB

Ibanez RGD Series RGDIX7MPB 7 String Electric Guitar

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The first Ibanez 7-string guitar was made in 1990 in combination with the world’s greatest guitarist STEVE VAI, which gives rise to the revolutionary era in the music. We are talking about the Universe UV7 which was a solid body 7-string designed guitar.

Later on, after Ibanez has given many other 7-stringed related inventions, the RGD series is their top 7-string model. The guitars have combined a layer-ash body, a maple fingerboard with eye-catching blue burst poplar burl.  It has 26.5 scale lengths which offer the players a huge amount of versatility with two humbucking pickups which enhance the tonal delivery. This is Ibanez’s most conventional and affordable 7-string guitar of all time.

ESP E-II Horizon FR-7

ESP E-II Horizon FR-7 7 String Electric Guitar

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The E-II Horizon F-7 is the Japanese model which is continuous providing great versatility and reliability in the metal section. This guitar model according to many experts is easy to hold, play and listen to. ESP E-II Horizon FR-7 features a double-cutaway and a solid alder body, the top, and the neck are made of maple wood with two finishes available.

On the neck, there is an ebony fretboard with 24 extra jumps frets. This can feel fast and comfortable in the hands. The complete and honest review about ESP E-II Horizon FR-7 shows that it is fitted with 2 powerful EMG 707 active pickups to support the heavy metal tones.

Every component used in this guitar is of high-end quality which suits perfectly in this 7-string guitar for utmost performance.

Jackson JS22-7 DKA Dinky HT

Jackson JS22-7 DKA Dinky HT 7 String Electric Guitar

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For some, this is an entry-level guitar with tones like Spartans have just created. This is easy to hold the guitar with perfect sounds, the jumbo frets reveal a light touch and the Dinky’s body is comfortable to hold no matter you are sitting or standing.

Jackson JS22-7 DKA Dinky HT can be used as a great fixer-upper if the pickups are upgraded. In addition, the stock Jackson Humbuckers face the distortion quite easily which won’t make a mess of your precious riffs. The scale length of JS22-7 is enough to keep the 7th string tight, within a great fair price Dinky is able to hold the tones and makes you go back to the ’80s.

Schecter Omen Extreme-7 Electric Guitar

Schecter Omen Extreme-7 7 String Electric Guitar

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Many people believe that they could never find the Schecter 7-string guitar under the right budget, well those people are about to be wrong!

Schecter with this Omen Extreme-7 series has dropped a 7-stringed electric guitar under $1,000 price range, which may be good news for most. Everything you expect from the Schecter guitars is all put inside this model, the mahogany premium quality body that provides the best resonance base and lucid tones that complement the user’s skills when he/she plays.

The vintage-looking maple neck with rosewood fingerboard is something awe-inspiring. The Omen Extreme-7 series has two Diamond Plus Pickups which provides the right setting for starting up the tones and sustain them in an agreed way. With the help of 3-way switch and tone control knobs, you can turn this guitar’s tone into what’s suitable for your mood and playability.

That being said, this guitar may be a $,1000 cheap but it doesn’t belong to the inferior quality.

Sterling By Music Man John Petrucci JP70

Sterling By Music Man John Petrucci JP70 7 String Electric Guitar

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Every guitarist once in a while wants the flavor of John Petrucci’s most favorite Music Man Signature model, so now they can enjoy this taste in the shape of the 7-string guitar. This may go easy on your budget too. When it comes to the design, the Sterling has featured an eye-catching appearance with a solid basswood body.

This displays the unique ergonomic scooped arm contour, the slim hard maple neck and a 24-fret rosewood fretboard with custom JP inlays. Although JP70 has humbuckers of SBMM stock, they efficiently get the job done and provide the heavy beast metallic tones when gets dirty.

The same guitar sounds warm and jazzy when it’s all clean, you can find more positive aspects of this guitar if you take a look at the online reviews.

Charvel Vivaldi DK24-7 NOVA

Charvel Vivaldi DK24-7 NOVA 7 String Electric Guitar

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The Charvel made 7-string guitar is highly endorsed for its Satin Sage Green finish chosen by Angel’s Vivaldi’s fans.

Unlike other 7-string electric guitars, this features a tilt-back headstock to keep the string tension perpetual. The Nova from Charvel has a Stratocaster headstock and altered Jackson Dinky’s body. This one of that guitar where Charvel got his name evolved from!

This 7-string electric guitar has no locking nut, now why is that? The locking nut can be a miserable thing to work with especially if you want to change the tunings on the fly. Instead, there is a set of locking tuners which do the same job very nicely without pain. You can also count on Gotoh Vibrato, which is super stable and quite well-functioning.

Best 7-String Guitars Buyer Guide

What is a 7-String Electric Guitar?

The only difference between the 7-strings guitar and 6-string guitar is the presence of that 1 thick string (Low B) which is located right above the (Low E). This is not the issue if you worry about playing 7-stringed electric guitar on new notes, chords, and scales. In reality, this can be easily played just like the standard guitar with only 1 extra string.

The additional string in the 7-string guitar plays 5 types of extra notes, if you reach the 5th fret of the low B you will arrive at the Low E and the rest of the play is the same as other guitars.

In terms of playing, there is no technicality involves since playing power chord is the same as the same playing a scale. The 7-stringed electric guitar has a little wider neck so the 7th string will similarly look like the 6th one. By looking at the 7-strings guitar like those from the Schecter’s you will find the nut width is about 1.87” which in comparison with the 6-string guitar is 1.63”. The same thing applies to the scale length, the 7-string guitars have a scale length of around 26.5” which is higher than 6-string guitar’s scale length i.e 25.5”.

Should You Buy Used or New 7-String Electric Guitar?

Buying the used one gives you many bargains and easy pricings, there is no much difference between the used and new electric guitars unless it has been damaged in the previous life. Always check if the electronics of the guitar are working fine, plus if you can have tested before buying which would be even nicer.

Whether you buy a used or a new one, always make sure you get them from the reputable online stores solely dedicated to the musical instruments. That may prevent any chances of going wrong!

Do You Still Need Your Old 6-String Guitar?

Yes, you may, because the purchase of a 7-string guitar totally depends on your style of play and where you play it. This may eradicate its need, but there are some tracks that are made to be played on 6-string electric guitars only and that can be fixed by the 7-stringed electric one.

For someone who plays in a gig, getting hold onto the 6-string guitar is recommended, why? Because of the mix of tunings! Surely, the audience doesn’t wait for you to tune down from E to B and then get ready; you need these 2 by your side in times like this.

Every guitarist has a 7-string guitar in his collections, but this doesn’t omit the need for a 6-string electric guitar.

7-String Electric Guitars- Good and Bad Sides

Some pros and cons which you may notice about 7-string guitars are mentioned briefly.

  • 7-String guitars have more options for tuning where the user can expand the tonal range
  • It will sound better if you fixed it to the lower tunings
  • It’s a better quality guitar with fewer chances of tonal failures
  • Whatever you play in 6-strings guitars can be played on 7-strings with ease
  • For some people with smaller hands, the larger neck length feels less comfortable
  • You will find limited choices as compared to the 6-stringed models
  • For new strings, you will also get less choice

Final Summary

The best 7-string electric guitar can bring a lot of excitement to your playing sessions, for 6-string players it provides more depth, which can be easily tuned and played. From the Jazz music lovers to the hardcore metal sound players, everyone knows how powerful the sound 7-string electric guitars can produce.

The best 7-string electric guitar models in our list can bring good taste and good music to your musicology. Whether you are spending extra cash on this or replacing your 6-string guitars with one of these, the end result will always be much enhanced and amplified in terms of sound and playing skills. if you’re spending your well-merited cash, make sure to buy a model that really suits your playing skills and personality.

Before going to the physical guitar store, do take a look at our 7 Best 7-String Guitars collection.


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