Why buying 8-string guitar when there are 6 and 7 strings available? 8-String guitars as we know is the latest instrument of precision which compels the users to become efficient in creating new sounds with a wide range of harmonic options. This is the review of the very 5 best 8-string electric guitars that we have this year.

Whether you are wanting to buy the multi-scale length models or bridge design, we have got the options you can choose from. Apart from the gimmicks, we include the best 8 string guitar under the right budget and the user’s flexibility.


Top 5 Guitars with 8 Strings

Schecter 1925 Hellraiser Hybrid C-8 TBB Electric Guitar

Schecter 1925 8 String Electric Guitar

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The guitar is formed after the combination of Schecter Hellraiser and SLS guitars. This was to combine the features of both guitars into one piece which has been redesigned on the maple top.

When seeing, the guitar has the most sculpted arch and an accessible cutaway, this allows the users to reach the highest level on fretboard easily. Schecter 1925 is made of the complete mahogany body which has a finish of glossy black burst, the level of work put here is completed with a brand new carbon binding with dots that glows in the dark.

Along with the easy to play ebony fingerboard, the guitar has a thin and fast neck. You will also find a Metal Cross Inlay at the 12th fret.

Fitted with EMG 57/66 Active Humbucker Pickups, the Hellraiser hybrid has 2 volume knobs for each pickup for varying the sound attacking mode. The pickups are decent looking with brushed black metal covers.

In this guitar, the pickups are powerful enough to cope with every frequency which an 8-string guitar has to offer. For greater control and strings stability, the Schecter 1925 Hellraiser Hybrid C-8 TBB Electric Guitar has a Hipshot Hardtail Bridge. Overall it’s the top-notched guitar with great built.

Ibanez RGMS8

Ibanez RGMS8 8 String Electric Guitar

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It was a sensible decision from Ibanez to make an 8-string guitar since their 7-string guitar was a great success. Ibanez is the reason why users under a tight budget can afford higher quality 8-string electric guitars.

Ibanez RGMS8 is here with the spectacular looks and 8-strings configurations, with an overall mahogany body, a 5piece maple/walnut neck, and a Jaotaba fretboard, Ibanez RGMS8 is here to deliver solid tones. This is also combined with two humbucking pickups by Ibanez.

Ibanez RGMS8 features the very rare and new 5-way switch with 3 positions for the humbuckers. You can choose between the neck or neck + bridge of the bridge positions. Due to the multiscale design, the Ibanez RGMS8 stays perfectly tuned and is very playable.

Jackson DKAF8

Jackson DKAF8 8 String Electric Guitar

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Jackson falls under the subsidiary of Fender Musical Instruments which is known for making the instrument of great design and quality. When Jackson luthiers heard about the 8-string electric guitars, they offered the world of music the DKAF8!

Jackson DKAF8 is an electric guitar, which offers 26-28 scale length design and a bunch of bridge saddle, this will enhance the user experience of creating tones and provide improvements in the tension during play. Whatever sessions you play, whether high or low, you are going to get maximum sustainability with this.

DKAF8 has a Mahogany body with a maple neck along a bolt-on. The rosewood fretboard increases the playability as it combines the 2 humbucking pickups, this can also produce a sound which is already finely-tuned. A great balance between cost and value is what Jackson DKAF8 is committed to providing the guitar players.


ESP LTD EC-258 8 String Electric Guitar

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Another new addition in the list of the affordable 8-string guitar, the EC-258 is from the ESP LTD, an American brand dedicated to great taste in music, style, and tones. The 8-string electric guitar is offering 26.5” scale length with U-shaped maple neck, the neck has 22 frets which follow a Satin Black Finished body.

By the look, the body f EC-258 flaunts Les Paul-esque single-cutaway looks, instead of the traditional Superstrat shape. ESP LTD EC-258 is the best 8-string electric guitar for the metal feast, with two pickups passive humbuckers, you can do a great job in delivering the clear but aggressive tones.

Dean RC6 XENO Rusty Cooley

Dean Rusty Cooley 8 String Electric Guitar

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Dean Guitars has been the admirer of the guitar players who are either new in the ground as well as the professionals. The company that’s why delivers the instruments which merge with an individual personality and provides a certain level of efficiency.  The Rusty Cooley is their latest 8-string solid-body electric guitar, which is a work of beauty!

For those who may not know, this guitar portrays the same demands of Rusty Cooley, which is the real essence of this instrument. With alder solid body and a top, maple bolt-on neck, the ebony fretboard increases the playing skills, there are also pearl dot inlays which puts an additional aesthetic value.

Dean RC6 XENO Rusty Cooley 8-String Solid Body Electric Guitar comes with double EMG 808 humbucking pickups. The purpose of these 2 EMG is that 1 is for the neck while the 2nd works for the bridge. Both of them can be controlled by the 3-way switch. The only knob you will see on this guitar is for the volume control.

The hardware comes with a built-in Grover Tuners which is notoriously useful for maintaining the tune, the Floyd Rose Bridge provides the stability while the guitar is playing higher chords.

Best 8-String Electric Guitar Buying Guide

Surely there are more than 50 8-strings guitars available, but for the greater value for money in a 2020 market, we would like to point out a few things.

What Makes 8-String Electric Guitars Different?

Normally in the 7 or 8-strings guitars, there are 2 extra strings available at the bass end of the fretboard. The layout is simple E-A-D-G-B-E in which the F and B are added ahead. What Shredders do is simply remove the low F and add another High A as the 8th string. This will give them musical versatility and melodies they couldn’t have imagined.

If you compare the size difference between the 6 and 8-string guitar size, you will find guitars with 8-strings are of similar construction and size. The only difference lies in the neck and scale length which is quite bigger than the 6-string ones. Let’s compare a single brand with two different guitars in the line.

Take Jackson Dinky 6-string and 8-string guitars, the 6-string guitar from Jackson has a nut width of 1.65 whereas its 2.16” width in 8-string guitar. This also applies to the scale length as they used to be slightly bigger to keep the tension tight and robust. The scale length of 6-string guitars is roughly 25.5 whereas in 8-string guitars it ranges between 26.5” to 28”, that’s a huge difference.

When you are looking for the best 8-string guitar, make sure it has a longer scale length, which is much easier to play and they have usually better and much clear sound.

8-String Guitar for Beginners

For every beginner who is looking for buying the 8-string guitar for practicing purpose, well don’t!

An 8-string electric guitar is generally a complicated instrument to learn and is of no use for the beginner’s mind. Plus, you can do almost everything on the 6-string guitar, whether it’s about playing the hard rock or metal genre. Start with the 6-string guitar so you get the basics of how to play with a short scale length.

Should You Get Used or New 8-String Electric Guitar?

You will find the 8-string guitars in a high-end price range, which is why we prefer to go for the used ones. But there are also some electric guitars with 8-strings which may come under the right budget and freshly new. Make sure there are no damages to the hardware or electronics. Some of them can be hidden and difficult to catch.

You can get a sensible conversation with the expert about which 8-string guitar is best for you. Normally, you must complete the check by playing the guitar to check its level of comfort and playability. Some online stores like ours can help you choose the only guitars which you can trust completely, even without playing before the purchase.

Pros and Cons of 8-String Electric Guitars

Do you think 8-String Guitars don’t have drawbacks? Well, you are wrong as every musical instrument does have a list of pros and cons.

  • 8-String electric Guitars have much larger tonal range compared to 6 or 7-string guitars
  • Every music that you can play on 6 and 7-string guitars can be played on this
  • Lower the tunings and it will sound beautiful
  • Most of the 8-string electric guitars that have been made are of the highest quality, where this isn’t the case with other guitars
  • Players with smaller hands are not happy because of the huge necks
  • There is a very limited amount of choice with 8-string electric guitars


The Best 8-String Electric Guitar is best for playing

  • Heaviest musical genres
  • Jazz music
  • Experiments + Improvisation
  • All of the Above

Apart from learning the exact skills about how to play an 8-string electric guitar, there is much more in the theory you need to understand. Guitars with fewer strings are easy to play and this is apparent to many. After mastering the techniques of 5 or 6-string guitars you can move to the next level of intonation.

You can find the best 8-string electric guitar under the right budget and our article is proof for that. It is also possible that you can see the live performance given by our shortlisted guitar since many of them are used by renowned musicians across the globe.

We wish you the best of luck to find the right instrument for life and musical light!


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