For somehow who wants to do a quick recording or looking forward to performing in the crowd, buying an Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a must.

The culture of adding electronics to the acoustic guitars was originally developed in 1910 which then improved over the past years. Currently, we have got more than what we wished for, so many multiplicities we can choose from. Beginners, as well as professional players, are finding the exact thing they wanted for the best experience.

Today we are going to highlight the Top 10 Most Wanted Acoustic-Electric Guitars which we think are feasible from affordable to premium buyers.

In this section, we are also going to discuss what to look at before buying the Acoustic-Electric guitar for the first time.


Takamine EF341SC Legacy Series (Black)


Takamine EF341SC Acoustic Electric Guitar

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In many websites, this model is one of their favorite ones, the Japanese brand Takamine is very well-known in the music industry. It’s the high-end model acoustic-electric guitar with a solid layered maple body and cedar top. The neck is beautifully designed with a glossy black finish.

The Takamine EF341SC conveys the warm and beautiful sound which is produced in the dreadnought. Upon connecting with the amplifier, the guitar retains the natural plumpness in the sound. The reason for this is the new technology by Takamine which is the high-quality Palathetic under-saddle pickup and their personally designed CT-4B II preamp system.

Takamine Acoustic-Electric guitar features 3-bands EQ in which bass, mid and treble are included. Then come the volume slider and the easy onboard chromatic tuner. Great for stage performance, Takamine EF341SC is available at a reasonable price in the link given here.

Yamaha A-Series A3M

Yamaha A-Series A3M

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When you add SRT electronics to Yamaha’s A3M, you get this acoustic-electric guitar. This guitar mainly focuses on the stage performance, which offers 2 great benefits in one package, mic and piezo pickup input. The system by Yamaha A-Series comes with a decent 3-band EQ preamp which doesn’t leave marks on the side.

The elegant design of A3M is solid wood construction, the company uses A.R.E treated Sitka spruce on the top and the backside of the guitar is made of Mahogany wood which delivers warm and soulful tones.

The neck is very easy to play with especially for beginners due to the hand-rolled mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard contain 19 frets. Decent looking and decently sound, what else you expect in a guitar embossed with impressive electronics?

Washburn WCG55CE Comfort Series

Washburn WCG55CE Comfort Acoustic Electric Guitar

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Long-time players often wish if their guitar would be comfier than this! For such players, Washburn had discovered a way to produce the greatest WCG55CE Comfort! Washburn acoustic-electric guitar displays a comfortable pattern in the form of a comfortable armrest built into the side of the KOA body.

The neck with different tones is easy to play with and is made of Mahogany. What Washburn WCG55CE Comfort offers is slightly different from other brands, like the very idea Fishman Presys + 501T system.

This system includes a control for volumes and 3-band EQ system, the notch, mic blend and phase also come along. There is more to this guitar if you wish to learn about it.

Breedlove Solo Concert

Breedlove Solo Concert Acoustic Electric Guitar

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Solo Concert is one of those acoustic-electric guitars which gives you double the worth of your money. The eccentrically designed guitar is made by the brand located in Oregon named Breedlove. The most special thing about Breedlove Solo Concert is the second hole in the side of the guitar, which allows the player to hear exactly what the audience is listening to.

The body of the Breedlove Solo Concert is Korean made and the America setup completely guarantees the perfect playability and robustness. The guitar comes with a variety of colors and it also features electronics like the LR Baggs system and US-Made Quartz Piezo Pickup which is very much rigid.

Fender California Newporter Classic Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Fender California Newporter Classic Acoustic Electric Guitar

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Fender has a line of unique California Series in which Newporter Classic comes at the top. The mid-sized looking acoustic-electric guitar displays detailed work which is very lean and awesome, the solid woody body with the classic pairing of spruce and mahogany flaunts the charming Cosmic Turquoise paint job with a matching strat-style headstock.

Fender California Newporter Classic also has koa binding and soundhole rosette. In order to plug this mid-sized guitar to the amp, the pickup and preamp come in the form of Custom-Voiced Electronics by Fishman.

The controls may not be user-friendly, but when it comes to the sound, you can say it is one of those with reliable sounds and a great presentation. The built-in tuner in Fender California Newporter Classic is another useful update.

Taylor 114E-SB Grand Auditorium

Taylor 114E Grand Auditorium

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Taylor 114E is made after looking at the company’s very own grand auditorium body shape. When you look at it, the top is Sitka spruced with Sapele back and sides, the neck is also made of Sapele with the ebony style fingerboard.

Taylor 114E Grand Auditorium is a very clean looking with a decent, versatile sound, the electronics are ES2 pickup system which has volume controller and tone knobs on the upper side of the guitar.

You will also get a gig bag with this guitar, which makes it easier to travel. Ideal for both beginners and experienced players 114E is a very tough looking acoustic-electric guitar that is the ideal choice for tough road trips.

 Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat

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Hellcat by Fender is the signature acoustic-electric guitar of Tim Armstrong, who is the Rancid frontman, songwriter and producer. Fender Hellcat is an affordable, concert friendly guitar with compact body size. The top is of mahogany with laminated mahogany at the back and sides.

The design of the neck is very much detailed inspired by cool punk rock; the 19-frets walnut Fretboard strikes the hellcat inlays running down. This guitar is connected nicely with the Fishman Isys III system with punchy tones.

The preamp of Fender Hellcat provides decent controls that have a volume controlling system, 3-band EQ and handy built-in tuner.

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Acoustic Electric Guitar

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One cannot unseen or unheard the sound of Hummingbird Pro by Epiphone, this version of the acoustic-electric guitar is for the beginners in blues music. By design, you will see a vintage icon with a great retro style, the detailed-decorated pickguard, and Faded Cherry Burst finish, unlike other pieces.

The beautiful design is not going to deceive the users by the looks, the hummingbird is known for the great build as well as tones. The dreadnought is made with solid spruce top and laminated mahogany back and sides.

The Epiphone Hummingbird Pro comes with decent Epiphone electronics which gives users a lifetime experience and can aspire them to perform on stage. For everyone who is looking for Blues fingerstyle and flat-picking, the Hummingbird pro is the must-buy!

Ibanez V70CE

Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

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Ibanez V70CE is the most affordable acoustic-electric guitar in our best 10 most wanted acoustic-electric guitar for the 2020 list. This can allure beginners and expert users on a budget and the colors available are 2.

The full-sized dreadnought shape with laminated spruce top and mahogany back and sides. They added the mahogany neck, a rosewood fretboard with almost 20 frets and an Ibanez-Branded headstock with chrome die-cast tuners.

The electronics that have been put are from Ibanez-designed AEQ200 preamp with under-saddle pickup. This also comes with simple volume, bass and treble controls. Within a restricted budget, Ibanez is offering no-frills guitar, which in comparison to sounds is of great value.

Yamaha APX600

Yamaha APX600 Acoustic Electric Guitar

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Yamaha Compact APX600 is the updated and redefined version of their popular series APX500III. This comes with a few upgrades and great improvements in playability and style. Like the family, this acoustic-electric guitar features a slimmer body made from spruce and nato.

The scale length with Yamaha APX600 has been reduced to 25” which makes it perfect for players with small hands as well as the beginners. It comes with Yamaha’s designed piezo pickup and preamp system which features 3-band EQ controls and a whole mid-range frequency slider.

Acoustic-Electric Guitar Buyers Guide

Before finding some basic information about how to find the best acoustic-electric guitars, we shall see what is the acoustic-electric guitars are actually.

What Are Electro-Acoustic or Acoustic-Electric Guitars?

When you modify the acoustic guitar with slight electronics, you will get an acoustic-electric guitar that can also be connected to a power amp. This is another way to enhance the sound effects of an acoustic guitar, which often alters the playability of the guitarist.

electric acoustic guitar anatomy

The signals after connecting with the electronics of the acoustic guitar become electric and it can be changed through pedal effects and another form of equipment. These guitars are used to record in a studio in which the microphones are also used.

What Are You Going to Use Electro-Acoustic Guitar For?

Electro-Acoustic guitars can be used for studio recording as well as for the concerts, for beginners, it can be an instrument to play at home through an amplifier. Electric guitars are way costlier than acoustic-electric guitars which is why users turn to them for good sound and use of the amp.

The sound of Acoustic-Electric guitar is enhanced and more pleasant than acoustic guitars and the player feels more comfortable with them.

What to Look for in a Good Electro-Acoustic guitar?

Ultimately, you will end up on the electro-acoustic guitars which are of a great bargain, At this point, it will be futile to expect the high-end LR Baggs pickup system in a $150 budget. There are a plethora of brands you will see which made the great acoustic guitar and developed their own electronic systems to convert them into acoustic-electric.

These brands are Yamaha, Taylor, Martin, and Takamine. There is no version of you choosing the electrics like if you want a Martin Guitar with precise Fishman pickup, that could be limited and you may have to do it by yourself.

Acoustic-Electric Guitar Anatomy

acoustic electric guitar anatomy

The system of the electro-acoustic guitar is complex, generally, they have a piezo pickup with the preamp control panel on the side of the guitar. This allows users to tweak the volume and EQ, while other controls are more complex as well as limited which are hidden inside the soundhole or elsewhere.

In case of having a control panel, you will want to look out for volume and EQ controls, like bass, middle and treble sliders/rotary knobs. On the advanced systems, you will also find controls for thongs like a notch, mic blend and phase, which are particularly welcome if you are a stage performer.

The perfect system always offers a built-in digital tuner which allows players to tune the guitar accurately without any induction of external device. This will be perfect for a camp or bonfire where you lack such equipment.

Acoustic-Electric Preamp System

If you are buying an acoustic-electric guitar, make sure the preamp sometimes runs off battery power. This will let you buy another spare battery, plus you need to be considerate about the amp whether you perform at gigs, small coffee shops or in your own house.

A whole dedicated amp is required for the best-amplified tones and sounds which can be purchased online at affordable price.

Can You Install Your Own Electronics?

Yes, you can, but again this is not a job for fainthearted people as you may be facing some problems. One of the major problems about installing your own electronics is you will need to cut the side panel part of the guitar to install the preamp with the control panel. Always buy the best acoustic guitar pickups which need no further modification to your instrument.

Summary – Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars for 2020

There is a whole lot of range of Electro-Acoustics in 2020 which are all according to the user’s choice. It doesn’t matter if you have a tight budget or you are a beginner in this ground, the journey with electric-acoustic guitars are confusing at first, but as you learn about the electric parts, you will get to know what you are dealing with completely.

Our top 10 collections can open the very doors of understanding and buy the Best Acoustic Electric guitars for the upcoming 2020.


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