Who Says The Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners Starter kit Starts At $500?

If you are learning to be a guitarist, then starting with the basics is what this talent demands. An acoustic guitar is one of the simplest forms of guitar from which many legendary artists got their start, like for example David Gilmour from the Pink Floyd or Eric Clapton.

Learning guitar is surely an artistic hobby which has also the positive implications for your future. It doesn’t only get you girls around, but if you are talented enough, it might take you to the next level of creationism where you can produce your chords or music.

Some of the beginner guitarists spent too much of their money on the basic guitars, it’s not that hard to choose one to be honest. You don’t have to purchase $1,500 guitar just to create an impression because that wouldn’t count.

Starting with a decent acoustic guitar in a normal price range is sufficient enough to help you understand the basics. In 2020,

we have shortlisted some of the finest and the best Acoustic Guitar for beginners which wouldn’t cost them much and ease their learning process with great help. The latest guitar buyer’s guide will also share the experience of many artists who demonstrated how a perfect acoustic guitar should fit your personality and objectives.


How to Buy Best Acoustic Guitar for the First Time? Buying Guide for Beginners

Your first guitar doesn’t have to be an expensive piece of art because that would make the very purpose of learning a guitar “Futile”. You can learn the basics from simple acoustic guitar ranging from $200-$500 or anyone you find comfortable to hold and get a grip on.

It’s not like you are making a short time investment in buying a low priced acoustic guitar, as you get experienced you will find more things in the acoustic version of the guitar which allows many singers to come up with their first riff.

Let’s find what you should see before buying the best acoustic guitar in 2020. The best acoustic guitars with an ideal price margin are available below. You can simply purchase them with one click and it will take you to the shopping page.

Best 5 Acoustic Guitars in 2020

Fender FA-115 Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit

Fender FA-115 Acoustic Guitar

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Fender doesn’t usually make the cheap version guitars; The Fender FA-115 is one of the most affordable options by Fender which is also fun to play. It is a gorgeous looking guitar with the smooth texture and melodious sound that can enthrall you in the very first attempt.

The users of Fender FA-115 found this instrument one of the comfiest things to play, which after playing for hours doesn’t bother the fingers. The X-bracing delivers good sound quality and the solid spruce on top makes it even more original.

About the Fender FA-115 playability, the design of this acoustic guitar neck is the reason why many professional players are comparing it with the high-end guitars. The neck design allows the players to move it up or down easily without any jerk in the riff. Most players find it annoying because their hands get tired while holding a bulkier neck.

Fender FA-115 price is very much cheaper than ordinary guitars doesn’t break in a few weeks. Fender is known for coming up with amazing things, Fender FA-115 is their only guitar with the solid spruce top at a very affordable price.

Check out Fender FA-115 acoustic guitar from the official source, Fender FA-115 is available with Gig Bag, Tuner, Strings, Strap, Picks, and instructional DVD.

Donner DAG-1C  Acoustic Guitar

Donner DAG-1C Acoustic Guitar

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Donner is an uprising company which is mainly dedicated to providing the acoustic guitar options for the beginners. Their affordable price range got them into the top beginner’s acoustic guitar of 2020.

Donner DAG-1C is the first acoustic guitar that will come into your mind if you are getting new guitar lessons, the guitar doesn’t come solo but with several different bundles in a low prince rage. DAG-1c is made of laminated top unlike the other versions by Donner which have a completely wooden exterior.

Donner DAG-1c playability is something to talk about, it’s a full size 41 dreadnought guitar with a cutaway. This cutaway doesn’t provide a unique style to the design, but also improve the playability in the long practice sessions with full comfort and ease.

Beginners who are taking lessons and jams alone can get warm tones from DAG-1c buts its harder to produce the heavy resonance effects since the price tag is very low with this guitar. It can be helpful in the lite strum sessions and it’s always charming around a bonfire.

Check out the Donner DAG-1C Beginner Acoustic Guitar Full Size, 41″ Cutaway Guitar Bundle with Gig Bag, Tuner Capo, Picks, Strap, and Strings.

Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar


Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

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In the domain of acoustic guitar for beginners, Yamaha is the easy-to-go option with inexpensively featured guitars for newbies. Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar is just more than playing for a hobby, this guitar looks heavier in the hand and is made of good quality wood so it assures you the proper resonance and decent tones.

Yamaha F310 can keep up for a long period after getting used for so many years. This is the reason why many people who are done with acoustic guitars never replace or give away if they have Yamaha F310.

The feel of this guitar is purely the definition of comfort, the grips are easy to grab on and it’s not too wide so players with small hands won’t find it any more difficult.

One of the great features for the beginners is that Yamaha F310 guitar strings don’t have much of the action, this makes it an easy-peasy option for those who are still working to correct finger chords and strength.

Yamaha F310 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar is a very reasonable option for quality material. Spending money on this instrument is another name for finding a suitable option for beginner’s guitar lessons.

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

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Takamine Jasmine S35 has the perfect resonance you are looking for in an acoustic guitar for beginners. You don’t have to spend too much money as the starter kit, Jasmine S35 has an impressive price tag that makes it a great deal for someone looking for a quality sound.

Jasmine 6 Strings S35 is a dreadnought design that has a larger size so the tones are deeper. The top of the guitar is made of Agathis tonewood at the back while on the top there is spruce tonewood with a satin finish that gives it a very natural appearance.

About the neck, the Jasmine S35 neck is made of nato wood and the fingerboard is made from rosewood with whooping 20 frets. This will also be the same number of machine heads, Pearloid dots, and chrome hardware.

For the guitar, which is available at a very affordable price tag, the beginners should never hesitate in buying it. This can take your strumming skills to the next level and user experiences with this acoustic guitar are 97% satisfied.

According to the buyer’s feedback, the Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar (Natural) is highly endorsed and is one of the best beginner’s acoustic guitar one can find in 2020.

The price tag according to thousands of buyers is mind-blowing and the playability is smooth, clear, loud and warm.

Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar

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One of the best-selling acoustic guitars of all time, Yamaha FG800 is not only known for its sound quality but its outstanding construction.

Yamaha FG800 is available in 2 modes, acoustic and acoustic-electric, so make sure which type of sound you prefer. For the beginners, it is advised to go for the acoustic versions first since it’s very easy to convert it into electro-acoustic as we discussed in the acoustic guitars buyers guide.

Yamaha was very generous with the FG800 that they provided dreadnought as well as the concert, which in either way can be useful to everyone whether beginners or experts.

The top of the guitar has a new scalloped bracing which makes it more durable to generate great sounds with perfect resonance. The standard neck is easy to hold and comfortable to put the fingers on while the dreadnought piece starts from the solid Sitka spruce top.

The nato woodwork is done on the back and sides. This is a remarkable and unique thing about FG800 that it creates even better sound once it ages. You will get your every penny worth and get the maximum sound quality.

Approximately every expert suggests Yamaha FG800 for the newcomers in the guitar lessons that may also last for a lifetime. So if you are willing to learn acoustic guitar and pass it on to the next generation, FG800 is your guy!

It is extremely affordable and can be found with Knox, Hard Shell Guitar Case, Tuner, Stand, Strings, Strap, Capo and Picks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Acoustic Guitar Strings – Are They Steel or Nylon?

The sound of each string emanates different type of symphony, which defines the feel of the music. Both nylon and steel strings of acoustic guitar produce a significantly different sound, but when it comes to the beginner’s finger the nylon strings are less painful to practice with than steel strings.

Those who have a firm and rock hard hand can start from the steel strings, but believe us that won’t be easy at the start. I mean not everyone is Jimmy Page! Steel strings are used for the music belongs to the pop, rock and blues genre, whereas nylon strings signify the classical music.

So if you are going to playing the Latin style nylon strings are the best choice. You can also work out with nylon strings similar to the steel ones, you just have to get an acoustic guitar with an electronic connection so you can connect the amplifier.

Steel strings can and will never fall under the umbrella of classical music!

Check out our latest collection of Best Guitar Strings

acoustic guitar anatomy

Q2: Acoustic Guitar Top – Solid or Lamination?

Every acoustic guitar’s top is either made from solid wood or a work of lamination. Both of these are two materials that impact the sound quality, the solid wood top is best for resonance and more amplified depth in the tone. This can be seen in our best 5 acoustic guitars’ list above.

The laminated tops use the lesser wood content, but if it’s combined with manufacturing expertise, it can also provide ideal sound quality. The purpose of telling this is not to alarm the first time users, but only to figure out the elementary differences between the solid and laminate top.

Q3: How Many Frets Acoustic Guitar Should Have?

A typical acoustic guitar will have 19 frets, unlike the electric ones which have 21-24 frets. The 19 frets on the acoustic guitar out of which 12 are clear on the body, the very radius of the guitar.

Q4: Which Acoustic Guitar is the Easiest to Learn?

Most of the acoustic guitar for the beginners provide the ultimate beginners friendly solutions, it’s easier to learn if it’s easy to get a grip on! Don’t go for the jumbo acoustic guitars’ like the country players because they are bulky and already played by those who are nearly professional players.

Some acoustic guitars that you are ending up buying in $1,000 rarely have rusty strings with too high action which will let you face the problem in playing it smoothly. Which is why it’s important to assess the playability of the guitar or seek help from someone who knows.

Every guitar needs a proper setup or tuning after purchasing which will require half an hour if you are learning that from some YouTube Channel or other guitar lesson videos.

Q5: Does Acoustic Guitar Come with an Amp?

No, the other versions such as Acoustic-Electric guitars are available with amplified, which have the electronics fixed inside the guitar top. The majority of the acoustic-electric guitars don’t need to be plugged into the amp to play them.

Usually, the companies can work with your demands, like fixing an amp supporting device in the acoustic guitar and turning it to the electro-acoustic. This may be required over a year or two if you are a fast learner. For solo performance, you don’t need the amplifier unless you are playing with the professionals.

Q6: Is It Safe to Buy an Acoustic Guitar for a Child?

A full-grown guy or girl needs 4/4 guitar, although there are other more sizes available which suit children of different ages. In our opinion, buying a small-sized acoustic guitar for the children can polish their skills in an attempt to know the frets and strings pull.

Things to Avoid Before Buying Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

If you are paying a handsome price for an acoustic guitar, make sure it’s not made of plastic hardware. For those who have played bridge and tuning pegs, plastic hardware can ruin their day and practice and they won’t cost you more than a hundred dollars.

These plastic materials are generally not durable and don’t last for longer. If you are not about to play Maggot Brain or are constrictive about the budget, choosing the Jasmine 6 Strings can work for your benefits.

Give it time and you may one day play those groovy tones you’ve been watching your whole life.

Conclusion – Which Acoustic Guitar in 2020 is the Best?

Learning how to play guitar can be a life-changing experience that also changes your personality for good. The harmony, symphonies that you experience is the reflection of your self which many world-renowned guitarists believe in.

Choose any of the top 5 acoustic guitars for beginners as you like, but never forget about the passion and enthusiasm which is the key to learning a musical instrument. If you are not comfortable with the instrument you are playing, you certainly cannot find it working for your purposes. Always buy the acoustic guitar that suits your hands before it suits your personality!


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