Having $1,500 in your pocket and you want to decide which guitar you should give a go?  Well, as far as we can see the amount of $1,500 is not less, but it’s not so much high either. You can get the best high-end, mid-range and affordable guitar, but at this price what if we told you can get the best one in the town?

The value of $1,500 would be different for you than it is for others, in terms of choosing the best acoustic guitar under the same price range. People who knew more about guitars can easily get their hands on the best acoustic one while those who do not know much about string styles, body lamination or construction may stick to the low-end models after spending $1,000 to $1,5000.

Let’s narrow it down and let us show you the best 5 chosen acoustic guitar under the $1,500 price range. Our selection is free from the biases and every ax you see under $1500 has been reviewed by the top guitar platforms.

Best 5 $1,500 Priced Acoustic Guitars

Taylor 214CE Deluxe Grand Acoustic Guitar

Taylor 214CE Acoustic Guitar Under $1500

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Taylor 214CE Deluxe Grand is the best buy for those who are looking for Taylor guitar below $1,500 price.


Taylor 214CE Deluxe Grand acoustic guitar top is made from Solid Sitka Spruce to support the broader and much dynamic range. The back and sides are covered with layered rosewood with an ebony fretboard. You will notice the Italian Acrylic Diamond fretboard inlays with Venetian Cutaway.

You can play music of every type with this guitar and the level of this instrument is quite a high standard that can also be used for traveling purposes. The layered rosewood in the 214CE DLX is the reason for its flexibility and affordability.

The sound isn’t much complex as you can see it coming from the solid wood body, the construction of this guitar is very strong which can hold on to the intense temperature and humidity. Since the layered wood is paired with a solid top, every tone you are going to get will be balanced enough and clear to the ears.

It has a nice glossy finish body with the satin-finished neck for comfortable play and feels. In addition, Taylor 214CE Deluxe Grand is packed with an Expression System 2 Electronics with main volume, bass and treble controls.

  • Comfortable to hold
  • Stage-read
  • Offers versatilities in such price

Takamine EF341SC Acoustic Guitar

Takamine EF341SC Acoustic Guitar Under $1500

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Takamine speaks of the quality under $1500 which is something you don’t see every day. From the material to onboard electronics, everything about it is special.


First of all, you may call it the Takamine EF341SC dreadnought; the guitar has a solid cedar top, mahogany neck and laminated maple back and sides. The rosewood fingerboard and chrome tuner add much more glamour to this that can blow up the entire audience on stage. As general information, Bon Jovi used to play this whilst live performances, with this acoustic guitar model not only you will feel the great tunes but they are very much easy to play. The cutaway gives a much easier approach to the upper frets.

Takamine EF341SC is always ready for the stage battle and this feature is because of the CT4B II preamp system which comes to its own built-in tuner, volume slider, and three-band equalizer. Whether it’s plugged or unplugged the Takamine EF341SC offers great tonal range and sound which can take the rock the audience. The preamp system is very easy to use and allows guitarists to deliver naturally amplified acoustic sounds.

  • Excellent in look, play, and sound-wise
  • Offers versatility
  • Creative controls by 3-band EQ

Loar LH-700-VS

Loar LH-700-VS Acoustic Guitar Under $1500

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Only a few guitar players know about this hidden gem by the name Loar LH-700-VS. The guitar specs come with a solid spruce top, and unlike many guitars, it doesn’t have a round sound hole at the top. You will get two holes shaped like F instead on the opposite side.

Both back and sides are flamed maple and the whole body of the guitar is finished in dark tobacco staining. This is to provide Loar LH-700-VS a vintage look that got somehow admirations from the viewers. Overall, it’s a well-built guitar with no complications lying outside.

Sound-wise, the guitar is made of high-quality woods so you are getting a high-quality sound in return! It’s a quite well-rounded shape which can be easy for different types of performance, one more thing about Loar LH-700-VS is the guitar can really project the sound which may or may not be suitable for your options.

Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar

Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar Under $1500

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Seagull Artist Mosaic is an acoustic-electric model which features dreadnought, solid cedar top, solid mahogany back and sides. The neck is also mahogany made with rosewood fingerboard embroidered with seagull-shaped inlays and a custom polished semi-gloss finish which enhances both the looks and the sound of the guitar.

You will find an ideal combination of tonewoods which gives it a warm, naturally sweet and mellow tone. The sound gets better upon the wood started to open up, which is why the more you play the Artist Mosaic the better it will sound. Even when unplugged, Seagull Artist Mosaic produces massive volume and projection.

If you feel like, the onboard preamp is mounted on the soundhole that comes with a tone and volume controls.

  • Solid wood guitar in affordable price
  • Remarkable built and sound quality

Ovation Melissa Etheridge Signature

Ovation Melissa Etheridge Signature Acoustic Guitar Under $1500

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Named after the popular American singer and songwriter Melissa Etheridge, the signature guitar has a lot more to offer than meets the eyes.

It’s a steel-string model with a classic Ovation body with an AA solid spruce top and comfortable Lyrachord composite bowl. In an acoustic guitar with a $1500 price tag, surely you will find many eye-catching features.

Some of them are ice white top finish, multi-soundhole decoration. With all-round hardware, the Ovation-designed electronics are completely t up to date, and the numerous versatile controls deliver a rich, tuneful and sound worthy stage performances.

Choosing the Best Acoustic Guitar in $1500

Buying the acoustic guitar at 1.5k price should be the best axe for stage performance, studio recording and that without the flaws involved. In such a price, your acoustic guitar should sound professional with the body and hardware that shouldn’t let you down under any circumstance.

What to Expect from Acoustic Guitars with $1500 Price Tag?

When you higher the price range there are woods, electrical components and various parts you can choose from. For example, if you are spending 1.5k on the guitar you will get plenty of premium options for woods used on the bodies like mahogany or cedar and also some expensive woods like Hawaiian Koa.

This price range will offer you solid woods with less work of lamination, while some guitars are the mixtures of both. It’s not only about the wood or material at times, but good craftsmanship can do an utterly best job regardless of the workshop in the US, Japan, Mexico or China.

You will get an entire set of different sounds which will again depend on the wood and mode of construction. The electro-acoustic guitars use the amp system which in such price range is not bad at all!

Best acoustic guitars should also have the hardware which will keep you performing to the highest standard. Everything about it from high gears, ratio, quality tuners, bone nuts, and the saddle would be perfect. Only in some cases and in such price range, the guitars shipped with complimentary hard-shell of the hybrid case.

Final Verdict

Every model that we have chosen represents the nation that you don’t need to spend a fortune to buy the best acoustic guitar in 2020. Every time you spend a little more than $1000, you will get the best of the best which may last for a lifetime. And also, when you play with them, there is no other way to describe it, but that would be ecstatic, making your companion and audience feel so high on you!

Every price range has the best options for the time being, our top 5 acoustic guitar selection is only giving you an option that you can cherish throughout the life of your musical journey.

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