Spending a large sum of money for high-end acoustic guitars makes sense, some of them give you the best output for years and can be irreplaceable. If you are searching for the best acoustic guitars under $2000, you are at the right place. We have been giving our close consideration to those guitars which appeared to be high-end models in every way to the users.

Make sure the guitar model you are buying under $2,000 should worth the price. Below, we are providing acoustic guitars that might be available in multiple forms such as steel stringed, nylon-stringed and so on.

High-end acoustic guitars offer a big treat whether you are a professional guitarist, a stage performer or a recording player. Some guitars can’t just help themselves but inspire musicians and that’s what we are going to deal with here today.

Top 5 Best-Selling Acoustic Guitars Under $2000 in 2020

In the list of 5 best acoustic guitars under $2000 we have.

Ovation 1627GC-1 Glen Campbell USA Custom Legend Acoustic Guitar

Ovation 1627GC-1 Acoustic Guitar Under $2000

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Ovation is well-known for many guitars for and with the music legend Glen Campbell during his music career. After turning their guitars into cultural icons, Ovation got its inspiration from Glen Campbell to develop a piezo pickup system in their acoustic guitars. This was because lots of guitarists do not like to stay stagnant on the stage and keep on moving which gives them performance leverage.

The Ovation 1627GC-1 Glen Campbell USA Custom Legend Acoustic Guitar somehow reinvented the design and sound of Campbell’s original guitar version. The body style is mid-depth with AAA-grade Sitka Spruce Top and features mentioned below:

  • Refined and Clean Scalloped X-Bracing
  • 5-Piece Neck with Mahogany/Maple Laminates and Walnut Face
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Ebony Bridge
  • Gold Schaller M6 tuning Machine
  • Pearl Fretboard Inlays
  • Trademarked Hand-Laid Lyrachord Body
  • Acrylic pearl oak design (for the rosette)

The signature model comes with an electronic system which can also be seen in Campbell’s signature guitar. In Ovation guitars, there is commonly its own SKM preamp and OCP1 pickup system which provide users easy set up assistance.

The guitar is the best at producing natural warm tones with clear sound with maximum projections.

Takamine EF360S-TT

Takamine EF360S-TT Acoustic Guitar Under $2000

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Takamine as we mentioned in our many articles, is a Japanese brand that is quite expert in making high-end guitars. With the EF360S-TT, they came up with all-solid-wood which gives it superiority over other guitars in Thermal Top Aging Process.

From the top, Takamine EF360S-TT is covered with solid spruce which has been exposed to high temperatures. This baked the wood to provide more wide and rich vintage tones that work when you are on the stage or trying it out. The original acoustic sound comes from the guitar is complete and warm which can also be reengineered using the stealthy Takamine onboard electronics.

The whole guitar sports a vintage-looking theme apart from the tone that is quite well-aged. This includes the ivoroid binding, faux tortoiseshell pickguard and open-geared tuners which bring excellence with style and remarkable playability.

Taylor 314ce Acoustic Guitar

Taylor 314ce-N Acoustic Guitar Under $2000

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Taylor 314ce Acoustic Guitar displays a charming signature shape called Grand Auditorium. The guitars come with marked versatilities and potentials which makes it give away brighter sounds regardless of place. With this guitar, you will be able to control and perform a variety of playing styles whether its strumming or fingerstyle playing.

This is why Taylor guitar is suitable for those players who want an instrument that can play anything, anywhere!

The body is like many other Taylor guitars, the 314ce has a solid Sitka spruce top for clean and opened notes within a broad range. The back and side of the guitar are made of Sapele that’s a sustainable wood used in many high-end models. The tones coming from Sapele wood is similar to what comes from Mahogany, only it is much brighter and rich with depth because of the high wood density. Once you merge the Sitka spruce top with Sapele wood style, the result is well-balanced, perpetual tonal output on a wide horizon.

Other features of Taylor 314ce Acoustic Guitar include:

  • Tropical mahogany made neck
  • Genuine African Ebony Fretboard
  • Venetian cutaway (for easy access to the highest frets)
  • Clear and rich tones
  • Expression System 2 available with behind the saddle pickup (for natural amplification)

Guild D-40 USA Dreadnought

Guild D-40 USA Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Under $2000

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Guild D-40 USA Dreadnought is a part of Guild’s premium version of traditionally crafted guitars. The original D-40 model was made in the 60’s era, this is just the update for enhanced tonal range and because it’s in demand.

You won’t be disappointed as the Guild D-40 continues to carry the burden of its legacy very well. The D-40 features all solid tonewood body, the top is crafted from solid Adirondack spruce with solid mahogany available at the back and sides.

Guild D-40 USA Dreadnought is also covered on the top with Scalloped Adirondack spruce bracings to enhance the resonance. It has also a bone nut and saddle with a mahogany neck and a dovetail joint. Aesthetic arrangements include the tortoiseshell pickguard, binding and rosette which are packed in a nitro finish for ultimate classical feel and appearance.

Some important features of Guild D-40 USA Dreadnought include:

  • Indian Rosewood fingerboard
  • 12” Fingerboard radius
  • 20 frets
  • 14 Frets to body
  • Scale length is 25.6
  • Nut Width ranges 43mm

Martin 000-15SM Acoustic Guitar

Martin 000-15SM Acoustic Guitar Under $2000

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The most impressive thing about Martin 000-15SM is the way it looks is pure solid! The acoustic guitar is all solid with the solid mahogany style which means something, every time you play it the tone settles and improves with time. The 000-15SM series produces great and extravagant harmonic richness with every year.

It is because of the solid mahogany construction the guitar gives such a warm and touchy sound with multiple projections. This will be the best case for singers who also play guitar since they need a mellow and deeper companion that leave singers so many sonic spaces for them to sing.

With this best acoustic guitar from Martin, you will find 12 frets and the fingerboard is made of East Indian Rosewood with Abalone inlays of diamonds and squares. Also packed with the following features:

  • Side-mounted golden age tuners (with bright nickel finish)
  • Faux tortoise pickguard
  • Old-style script logo available on the head plate
  • The square-tapered slotted headstock on the neck for improved appearance

The looks and feels with Martin 000-15SM are kind of person that makes you feel like you’re home. You will love the way it plays the joyous sounds with the body that lasts longer.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under $2000 Buying Guide

While you are spending $2,000 on acoustic guitar, make sure you get everything that you demand as a guitarist and a song-writer. Before purchasing, always look for the following aspects which are an important way to choose the best acoustic guitar in 2020.

Wood Material

Every wood emanates different sound that suits the perplexity of a guitarist but that’s not the only case. When it comes to ideal tones, mahogany and rosewood are popular whereas basewood is found in many low-end models because of having less expressive sound. How wood material affects guitar tone is understood by our experts because of which we only have the best 5 acoustic guitars with Mahogany or Rosewood material for much brighter, natural and warmer tones.


One of the most important factors which are determined manually only. Many people believe you cannot measure sound quality unless you play it yourself and observe. Whether a guitar sounds perfect or hollow, in the end, it is only you to justify whether to choose this pack of sound or not. One of the important parts of being a guitar player is to choose an instrument that suits your personality and playing style.

Body Style

The body style is talking about the appearance of your acoustic guitar which in many ways affects the tones as well. Different body styles represent the tones in their unique way, for example, we have Dreadnought style and Grand Auditorium each of which provides different flavors and auditory impulses.

Top Lamination Vs Solid Wood Top

A solid wood is found in many high-end models and is recommended for the professional ones. Whereas laminate tops are much for the beginners and found in low-end models. We choose solid top over-lamination because of more resonance, power, and reproduction of sound on all levels of volume and EQ.


Choosing the best acoustic guitar under $2000 must have an objective, whether it’s for studio recording, live performance or just practicing. Do not forget to specify your needs according to your passion and you are going to get a guitar match with those specs.

Feel and Playability

Guitars that sound great are not necessarily easy to play! One of the major factors that determine the guitar’s playability is the location of the string on the neck. The higher position strings are attached, the harder the chances to play the guitar efficiently. Some guitars can also be looked for the tryst rod, nut and other bridge adjustments which determine if the action is going to be too high or low.


It is always nice to have electronics in the guitars, acoustic guitars commonly have a pickup system that lets you connect to the amp with some volume and ED adjustments. The settings and control options provided with these guitars are positioned on the side which gets faced up while playing. At times, the preamp system is built-in with a very rare tuner.

For getting the best out of the best acoustic guitars, these things are must remember at every point.

Final Verdict

Best acoustic guitars in a $2,000 range? This is not outrageous!

There are other high-end models on which some guitarist spends over $80k of money which is a little bit of extra as we think. But as we have seen, the best acoustic guitar should have the options for easy playability that supports your objectives.

So if you are spending $2000 cash on acoustic guitar, make sure you look at the features like constructions, wood selection and if they have a preamp system for the electronics. The best 5 acoustic guitars under $2,000 budget were selected for the maximum options and ultimate user experience.

Also if your budget is a little lower then there are more options you can choose from under $1000-$1500. Check out our latest article on Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1500