We all have a friend who is good at playing acoustic guitar and why wouldn’t they be? It’s the easiest form of guitar for the beginners which can also open ways for you to enter the music industry. The acoustic guitar is a warm sounding and vibrant piece of instruments which brings about the harmony in audience ears with something called musical goosebumps.

With so many options for choosing the best acoustic guitar in 2020, users are getting bewildered about which one to choose. No matter what genre of music you are inspired by, the acoustic guitar plays the right chord that suits almost every musical style and fetish. It’s the moment of holding a guitar when you realize the guitar is just right for you!

There are almost thousands of acoustic guitars available on the internet and the physical stores around the world. So the decision-making process gets difficult here for some people. It would be so miserable of you if you find a broken piece of paint finish right after unboxing, I mean that would be whacky! For guitar players who are looking for buying the best acoustic guitars under $500 budget, here are some best possible options that may take you to the right direction of music.


Top 5 Acoustic Guitars Under $500 Budget

In our list, the audience would only find the best ones in the Asian and European countries.

Starting with…

Seagull S6 Original

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Under $500

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Seagull S6 has its own class when you are talking about low priced acoustic guitars. There is an elusively vibrant touch of harmonics and it’s the best guitar for elevating the mood. You will see the dreadnought fashion used in this guitar is large enough to provide extreme comfort to the players. There are things you need to know about the Original Seagull S6.


The guitar comes with Tilted Headstock which is of great importance because:

The tilted headstock stiffens the guitar strings more than they already are, this will make the transition of chord smoother and without the fret buzz. Secondly, it enables users to tune the guitar with much ease.

Seagull S6 comes with a genuinely double action truss rod which helps to elevate the pitch more accurately. You don’t have to wait for the right time for catching up the pitch, the guitar instantly lets you carry it without making errors. Overall, it’s a decent guitar with so many user’s feasibilities.

Seagull S6 Original Pros
  • You can choose from 3 different color style
  • The tilted headstock provides easiness in tuning and chord transition
  • Truss rod lets users adjust the highs and lows

Seagull S6 Original is one of the reputable and famous acoustic guitars under $500. When you look at the guitar performance and style you will find a quiet balance between the craftsmanship and delivery of soulful sound which we don’t see in every acoustic piece these days.

Yamaha FG800 

Yamaha Fg800 Acoustic Guitar Under $500

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You can’t deny the legacy Yamaha FG800 left in the music world, with the built-in massive kit and several types of woods the guitar is second to none. You will notice it’s stylish as well as powerful in performance, in short, it’s a simple solution for your complex acoustic related problems.


Amongst many styles of acoustic guitar, the Yamaha FG800 displays a dreadnought body which is the most popular style. Because it has a large surface and produces tones with great volume, the dreadnought body is demanded by most players.

Also, the unique wood construction provides Spruce Top with a solid tone. The backside of the guitar is made of Nato and Okume which produce undeniably warm and deeper sounds. These days, you won’t find much acoustic guitar with such types of woods since they can help the guitarist to perform with a great and loud pitch in front of a crowd. Also, there is no chance of error while you are playing Yamaha FG800.

Yamaha FG800 Pros
  • Specialized selection of woods- Nato, Okume, and Spruce
  • Dreadnought style body
  • The kit is packed with everything you need for faster strumming

It provides an agreed amount of twist, the classical string and body make it great for an intriguing guitar play.

Martin LXM Little Martin

Martin LXM Little Martin Acoustic Guitar Under $500

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Now that you want an acoustic guitar for practicing or for the beginners, little martin is your guy! The sound effects created by the Martin LXM Little Martin are softer than most acoustic guitar which makes it perfect to play inside the house or around a bonfire. You won’t hear it outside the room and that’s a guarantee!


Little Martin uses the Spruce Wood which is good for eliminating the buzzing sound and little mistakes that you make randomly. The spruce build provides durability to the guitar body and the soundhole is quite big enough to resonate and produce a bigger volume.

Little Martin also has a Tilted Headstock which likes in every acoustic guitar to reduce the fret buzz. Guitarist found chord transition easy with the tilted headstock. There is no need to over-tight the strings which at times result in strings damage, the Martin LXM does it all.

Martin LXM Little Martin Pros
  • Perfect size best for training, practicing and traveling
  • All made by the Spruce which provides durability and vibrancy
  • Tilted headstock has several benefits

With the small-sized body, the guitar is perfect for every sort of play where the bigger dreadnought fails at times. You can play inside a small room for making unreal musical chords even with the greater dreadnought fails.

Takamine GD20-NS

Takamine GD20-NS Acoustic Guitar Under $500

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Takamine has a reason for becoming the best acoustic guitar brand regardless of creating a hype amongst the guitarists. They have a beautiful build with modern kit optimization which gets you the best acoustic sound easier to play.  


The guitar is covered with Cedarwood which is the best choice for best acoustic guitars. The mahogany wood covers the back and side of the guitar which further refines the quality of the sound. For those who are looking for a combo, the cedar and mahogany combination is considered best.

The size of the fret width determines how you are going to play the guitar after months of practicing. Although it doesn’t appear as of great importance to many people at first, the Takamine GD20-NS has an extra-wide fretboard on which the strings are attached at a certain distance, making it easier for transitional effects.

Takamine GD20-NS Pros
  • Wider fretboard reduce difficulty while play and string confusion
  • It has a natural satin finish
  • Mahogany + Cedarwood gives the most beautiful and durable combination

Some guitar players face a hard time while switching cords, well it isn’t a problem with wide fretboard in Takamine GD20-NS. Say bye-bye to the unintentional strings press and play it like you make no mistakes!

Ibanez AE245JR

Ibanez AE245JR Acoustic Guitar Under $500

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Ibanez AE245JR is a flagship acoustic guitar from the Ibanez AE series. The acoustic guitar serves well as a parlor guitar or for the ones looking for student models.


Everything about Ibanez AE245JR is made of Mahogany, from the entire body to the whole neck which works together and creates a warm soothing sound.

The AE series by Ibanez wanted to create something unique which never seen before in mahogany made guitars. For this, they added the Scalloped Top Bracing and back bracing on AE245JR which enhance the sound of mahogany wood and the power inside.

The bone nut and saddle provide great note details and resonance. The stellar tonewood and rock-solid construction provide comfort, the all-wood fretboard inlays, and open geared tuning machine is something to spend your $500 fairly.

Ibanez AE245JR Pros
  • Solid top for superior resonance
  • Petite scale length gives the strings a light feel
  • Ibanez electronics imitate a gorgeous plugged-in tone

There is much more to understand about the best acoustic guitars, our acoustic guitars buyers guide is also given on our website that may help you understand which guitar to choose based on your skill level and personal preferences.

The best 5 Acoustic Guitar Under $500 range as we described have the common features which improve user’s playability and encourage them to take a step ahead.


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