You don’t have to be a die-hard fan of George Formby to play Banjolele; it’s the happy instinct that channels our inner self to play Banjolele wherever we go.

Banjolele is a four-stringed traditional instrument that strikes the perfect balance in style; the sound is between a banjo and a standard ukulele. The rise of Banjoleles occurred in the 1920’s era but today the instrument is back in style for the users who are looking best banjoleles in 2020.

What we have today are the best Banjoleles on the market which we highlighted because they are superior style models. The price range for these best banjoleles is adequate which is just perfect for seasoned professionals and those looking for high-end banjolele models.


Top 6 Best Banjo Ukuleles and Banjoleles

Kmise 4 String Banjo Ukulele

Kmise 4 String Best Banjoleles

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The Kmise 4 string banjo ukulele comes in different colors and finishes, starting with the beautiful Sapele wood which is what its made of, plus the rosewood fingerboard adds a glamour. The banjolele is 23 inches long which gives a taste of concert banjolele which players with larger hand find easy.

The sweet and soulful projection is what delivered to you by the chrome-geared closed tuning pegs, 18 frets are available for confidence playing. Kmise Banjo Ukulele 4 Stringed comes with pre-strung with Aquila Strings which lets you play outside the box. This banjo ukulele uses standard G-C-E-A tuning.

Gold-Tone Banjolele-DLX

Gold-Tone Banjolele-DLX Best Banjoleles

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Gold Tone Banjolele is the ideal high-end model in the list of best banjolele which is popular amongst the professional banjolele players and newbies. The art used on this beautiful Bajolele body is well-crafted and available in detail with quality American-build. The rock maple neck is given which is slim satin-finished with open-back construction. This also has a patented bridge plate which is used to enhance the sustaining power.

Gold Tone Banjolele-DLX sports an 11” rim on the body which is constructed with three-ply blonde maple ring, Maple Bridge and frosted top which makes it delightfully loud. For beginners, it can be an expensive banjolele but you are getting worth of every single penny you’re gonna spent.

Oscar Schmidt OUB1 Banjolele

Oscar Schmidt OUB1 Best Banjoleles

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Oscar Schmidt has always been trying to make a banjo ukulele and they have certainly dropped a shiny star. This unique Banjolele offers a concert size ukulele with banjolele head, this is to merge up the best things from two different worlds blending in harmony. Oscar Schmidt OUB1 Banjolele has also mixed the 20’s design with the modern hardware which gives it a tasteful review.

Body-wise, OUB1 has constructed mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard, the tuners available here are easy to use and holds the tune very well. For beginners whose hands are not trained yet and looking for a comfort level, this can be the best way to start with.

This is a Banjolele with resonator which gives you loud and warm tones regardless of being so lightweight. From acoustic guitars to banjoleles, Oscar Schmidt has always proven itself to launch things with best projections.

Gold-Tone BUB Baritone Banjo Ukulele

Gold-Tone BUB Baritone Best Banjoleles

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Being a baritone banjo Ukulele, this has a neck with a longest scale length that is around 19 inches. Every banjolele you’ll find with Gold Tone has an 8-inch rim construction; also, Gold Tone BUB Baritone Banjo Ukulele has a Remo Weather King Head which covers the maple pot with 12 brackets holding the head at a secure place.

On the below, there is an acoustic chamber with resonator which is plate-style and made of maple. The neck for this banjolele is made of maple and the rosewood fingerboard puts more charm. On the neck, there is a two-way adjustable truss rod that allows the free adjustments. The Grover-style geared tuners are also available to help with keeping the strings in tune.

Luna ULU 8-Inch Banjolele

Luna ULU 8-Inch Best Banjoleles

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Looking for a small Banjolele with an excellent tone? This one right here is for you!

Luna ULU 8-inch banjolele is a lightweight ukulele that comes with maple body, chrome hardware, and a rosewood fingerboard. You may have seen other uke options, this one from Luna has an etched pattern which makes it quite uniquely alluring than other banjolele models, its perfect for the neat and clean Hawaiian look.

When you look at the specs about Luna ULU 8-inch Banjolele, you get the quality drum head which is made for delivering old feels with style open headstock design. The built is mediocre which will suit you if you are looking for an inexpensive option. If you’re looking for one of the best banjo ukuleles around that stands out a little and also offers great playability then the Luna ULU is the perfect choice for you.

Kala KA-BJN BKC Concert Banjo Ukulele

Kala KA-BJN BKC Concert Best Banjoleles

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Kala brand has always been the top listed company when it comes to making high-quality instruments. The Kala KA-BJN BKC Concert Banjo Ukulele is the perfect choice for players who wants tones that are not too bright neither too dark. This banjolele has a unique design that offers versatility and great sound. By looking, it has a maple flat back resonator design which offers easy playability to the users.

This ukulele here is much more expensive than other ukuleles we have in our list, regardless of having no color options. The playability, sound, comfort and built on the other hand speak for themselves. For anyone looking for a high-end banjolele with great style, it’s the one!

Best Banjolele for Purchase – Buying Guide

Banjoleles are an understandable instrument that puts you out of your misery by merging a typical ukulele sound with baritone nature. Here is what you should look to find the best banjolele in 2020.


Always make up your mind about the size; this will narrow down further options. If you have been using ukuleles of soprano, concert or tenor style, buying Banjolele would be a new experience. Concert-sized banjoleles are the most popular form of a banjo in terms of mid-range tones with other features.

Children and adults with smaller hands would find smaller soprano size ukulele the best version. They may be a little bit of low sounding with also less richness in the tones. Now, when you talk about the adult players or players with bigger sized hands, the tenor and baritone banjoleles are available which allows ease to find the two scales which are relatively too small for the bigger players. While the choice when shopping for these sizes is more limited than the other two, they tend to offer a richer, louder sound.

Banjolele Back

When you are buying the best Banjolele in the two, you get these 2 options. The one with open-backs and the resonator models which kind of a closed back. Every style whether closed or open has its tonal profile which in the case of open-back banjoleles are brighter. The sound from the resonator style is much mellow in tone with enhanced volume. The closed-back models have one thing very special, that you can remove the resonator plate which offers more versatility to the users.


You should always look upon the material of the head, the headstock of the head is the large disc that vibrates and that’s how banjoleles got their unique tone. Traditionally, these heads were used to made of calfskin but these days it’s more synthetic. Nowadays you will find plastic heads, the ones with American brand Remo, you can get good quality banjo heads and drum heads.

Installing the Bridge

A banjolele would never come with a preinstalled bridge; instead, you have to do it manually. The installation process is very easy and notes you should place the bridge in the right position, If it’s not your thing, you can visit the local guitar shop and ask for an expert to do it for you.

Conclusion- Banjos are the Best! 

Getting the best Banjolele can fulfill your dreams of having an acoustic guitar and a beautifully designed ukulele. Whether you choose the banjo with opened or closed back, it all depends on your personal preference. Our list of best 6 banjoleles online has looked upon thoroughly in the instrument market and got you the best of the best.

What makes a banjolele perfect? Quality builds warm and rich tones with an affordable price tag. In our selection of top 6 banjoleles, you would find most of the collections comfy which can take you back to 1945 in a gif!


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