Ever get desperate while listening to the most bone-chilling drum set? Like they used to be played by Black Sabbath or Deep Purple, learning drum set fresh is one of the physically challenging hobby that could also keep you known in the music industry (if you become good at it). Unlike other instruments, playing drum sets gives you a sense of vivid beats created by you.

Choosing the ideal drum set for beginners can be hefty which is why this 2020 drum set buying guide can help you choose the best one under the right budget.

This article is about the best acoustic drum sets for the beginners which we can’t find at many locations.

This buying guide will acknowledge you with certain useful knowledge about drum sets and what features should beginners seek before purchasing a drum set.


Top 5 Beginner Drum Sets in 2020

Products included in this article are the most affordable drum set for beginners. If you are looking for a drum kit for a beginner, then you will find the drum set mentioned below right for your purposes.

We assessed the quality, playability, and budget of these drums before mentioning it to the audience.

Pearl Roadshow RS525WFC/C706 5-Piece Drum Set

Pearl Roadshow RS525WFC/C706 5-Piece beginners Drum Set

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Pearl Roadshow RS525WFC/C706 drum is one of the reliable sounding drums within an affordable price. We are talking about the band bangs for your session in a feasible amount, here are the features:

  • Rock Style
  • 22” Bass Drum
  • 10” hi-tom, 12” mid-tom, and 16” floor-tom
  • Standard matching snare 14”x 5.5”
  • Cymbals include
  • Charcoal Metallic Color

The snares give a random and natural sound, the hardware of the drum set is solid and not overweight. The company has done a very remarkable job in balancing the weight and vigorous performance, this drum set comes with hi-hats which are hybrid and a 16 brass crash ride.

The customer reviews for this Drum Set are positive and it’s a masterpiece for beginners.

Ludwig Accent Series (LC17514)


Ludwig Accent Series (LC17514) Drum Set

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Ludwig Accent series is a complete drum package with solid hardware and radiant red-colored foil. The drum kit offers everything a beginner drummer would like and the upgrade features a solid body.

Accent is available in a very affordable price which is under $350-$400, this all in one drum kit has a kick drum, a snare drum, two mid toms, a floor tom, and a hi-hat stand, 13 hi-hat cymbals, a crash cymbal, a snare, a kick drum, pedal, and throne. Let’s look at the basic features

Hardware includes Bass Pedal, 2 Post Style Tom Holders, Telescoping kick spurs, Floor Tom brackets and legs, 8 twins lug

  • 5-Piece Complete Drum Set with Red Foil Finish
  • Full-sized with durable hardware, drum throne, and chain-drive pedal
  • Offers 16 x 22 Bass Drum, 16 x 16 Floor Tom, 9 x 12 Rack Tom, 8 x 10 Rack Tom, 6.5 x 14 Snare Drum, 16 Crash Cymbal, 13 Hi-Hats

Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5-Piece Drum Set

Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5-Piece Drum Set

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Deemed as the best drum set for adults, Gammon Percussion sound quality speaks itself. It is the beginner as well as a professional drum kit with 5 drums including bass drum, snare drum, floor tom, and 2 mounted toms.


  • Full-sized drum kit
  • Crash cymbals stick stool stands and hit-hat
  • Comes with full accessories
  • Gloss black finish
  • Chain driven pedals
  • Provided with throne and drum stool

Within this price range, if you are getting a brand complete drum set, it ain’t bad at all. Gammon Percussion Drum Set is a great bargain and the sound effects are remarkable.

Everything a beginner need comes with this drum-like tension rod, steel made snare which has already been put together. The cymbals can be taken out or can be replaced with other desired cymbals as per your need.

Tama Imperialstar

Tama Imperialstar Drum Set

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For rock and roll lovers who want an all include drum set that keeps the beats to go, Tama Imperialstar is the key to achieve those goals.

This drum kit is offering everything in such an amazing price range which includes

  • Cymbals from Mini’s HCS brass series
  • 22” bass drum
  • 10” hi-tom, 12” mid-tom, and 16” floor tom

The Tama Imperialstar cymbals are of high quality which creates non-baffled sound with clarity. The drum set also comes with an iron cobra kick drum pedal, which many users find remarkable to add the ginormous bass tone.

Ddrum D120B BR D

ddrum D120B BR D Series 5 Piece Drum kit

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Ddrum brand has been overlooked by many consumers, but it has such as the potential to offer you the most.

The Ddrum D120B  BR D is one of the drums set by Ddrum which offers quality to those users who are under a constrained budget.

The all-in-one 5-piece kit that comes with proper hardware and 2 Cymbals. The hi-hat emanates a very decent sound that feels nice to play and sounds loud.


  • 14″ hi-hat cymbals
  • Snare stand
  • Straight cymbal stand
  • Hi-hat stand
  • Kick pedal
  • Throne
  • 20″ x 16″ kick drum
  • 14″ x 5-1/2″ snare drum
  • 10″ x 7″ and 12″ x 8″ toms
  • 14″ x 14″ floor tom
  • 16″ crash/ride

The users claim that the Ddrum drum kit looks very decent and moreover it sounds great. The heads made in the factory are not that great which can be easily replaced with the nicer ones. At this price, it is quite difficult to find a full-sized drum kit for beginners.

History of drums

The origin of the drums begun in the 6th century, as far as we know the modern drum sets are barely 100 years old. The idea for modern drum sets was first implemented in 1918 were Chicago based company Ludwig debuted Jazz-Er-Up. The drum set included a single-bass drum with just a pedal, a snare and two cymbals with a woodblock.

Introducing Drums to the Beginners

Acoustic drums are the oldest invention which has been with different variations from time to time. The drum sets that we know of are recently developed and now available with electrical amplifiers.

Modern drum sets are the answer to modern music that provides versatility in sounds and designs. Every band that you have heart had their modern drum design or you can say the drum set configuration also deigns the genre of their music.

We, in this beginner’s drum set buyers guide, are pointing both terminology and practices which most drummers in today’s era need to understand.

In the beginner segment, you can find different drum sets which we would like to only exemplify a little bit.

Complete Sets and Shell Pack

Shell packs are not the complete drum set, but it has only drum shells. Usually, you get a complete set when buying a drum, but unlike in the shell pack, you don’t get the hardware such as cymbals or snare. This is why you should always see if you are getting a complete drum set or just shell packs.

Complete Drum Kit Anatomy

What Makes a Complete Drum Kit?

What constitutes a drum kit is mandatory to know, not like a bookish statement about drum set parts, but a thorough look at the component can familiarize you enough. Anyways, a typical drum kit has 4 components which are:

  1. Shells
  2. Hardware
  3. Heads
  4. Cymbals
1): Shells

Shells are an integral part of any acoustic drum kit which mostly made of wood or the work of lamination. Shells drive the basic sound of drums which also comes in different sizes depending on your drum kit’s alignment and purpose.

Once you started learning beating drums you will reach to the point where your unique style will get developed after which you can figure out the basic configurations on your own. But as a beginner, you should always go for reliable drum shells that will be the main essence of your beats.

2): Hardware

The sole purpose of the hardware is to provide the standing pole or backbone to the drum kit. Without the hardware, the drum kit will be just lying on the floor and that wouldn’t be easy to play. Hardware asses your needs and fixed by the users onto different positions that best suits your beating techniques.

Beginners’ drum kit comes with reliable hardware that is not made of heavy materials., because this will only raise the price tag. Nevertheless, reliable drum hardware is a must for beginner drummers.

3): Drum Heads

Drum heads are responsible for the generation of the actual sound and shaping it to the core. Just like strings on a guitar, the drum heads are the important part of any drum kit which comes in different styles.

It’s not always necessary to put a name on the heads because as a beginner, you are going to spend so much time developing accuracy which will tell you how to hit those heads properly. Drum heads are feeble and very easy to break upon aggressive beats so it’s also important to fix the angle and force of the stick.

Remember that drum heads last for a long-time period and this makes them pretty expensive, so whatever you are doing always keeps your hand’s pressure low.

4): Cymbals

A cymbal is a common percussion instrument which is also an important part of an acoustic drum set. The purpose of cymbals is not only to pour the percussive taste to the music but also improves it feels and sounds.

Cymbals are usually available in pairs with different shapes and sizes, as a beginner, you are going to work hard with the hit-hat, crash and rise.

There are more types of drum cymbals than you already knew, for example, china cymbals and splash cymbals that come with a whole new sound. Always keep in mind cymbal can improve as well as worsen up the session if not hit correctly, so mount them on the easiest level of convenience on the hardware.

Price for the Right Drum Set

Doesn’t matter if you are buying a drum set for beginner or expert, they are an expensive set of instruments that not always fixes in your ideal budget. For new drummers, the price for the drum set server as a hurdle and this can be solved by simply looking around.

The starting price for most drum kits is under $500-$1000 which comes under the lower mid-range. The best approach to find the best drum set in 2020 is to go with your current budget, there are plenty of options and this is the sole purpose of this article to get you familiar with the affordable drum set of 2020.

Configuring Your Drum Set

Drum sets are a very flexible instrument that offers a great deal of configuring traits. Users have full access or liberty to choose any component in the drum kit and position them as per their will. Some factors which may affect the ideal configuration of a drum set must be learned by every drummer in order to boost the expression in the music.

Some of the common drum configurations are listed below which we can say are available in the oldest drum traditions.

Main Configuration for Drum Set

The core drum configuration is the main thing that every drum kit must-have, regardless of what you play and which style you drum kit carry. Every drum set the main configuration needs to have these following things without which a drum set can never be dubbed as complete.

  • A Kick Drum
  • A Snare Drum
  • A Hit-Hat Cymbal

These 3 main components of the drum sets will support almost every type of music genre that is out there. With these basic components you will be able to lay a good foundation to your drumming techniques and by working on them naturally makes you skilled.

Drum Set Configuration for Modern Rock

Modern Rock configuration a.k.a advanced rock layout which, besides having core components includes high tom, mid tom, and floor tom. Modern cymbals have gotten much better in terms of the shape of a crash and ride unit which is the addition to the hit hat.

Most drum sets these days to have the same configuration because of it very simple and the layout of shells and cymbals offers the best synergistic bang without making it more complicated to configure.

Drum Set Accessories

Accessories most of the time are unnoticed to many drummers since they are busy assessing the drum kit reliability. You will get to know more about the basic accessories of beginners’ drum sets if you are buying one, some of these accessories get ignored due to many reasons. These are:

1): Throne

Drum thrones are important for a regular reason unless you are comfortable you won’t be able to play those beats nicely. Your posture while drumming affects your ability to play, the quality of sound and precision technique which should never be taken for granted.

Choosing the best drum throne, which has ideal adjustable height and which is not discomforting upon prolong use.  Small and un-padded thrones are mostly non-reliable and cause distress while playing. The basic design drum set throne is what you should choose as there are various types of thrones in the market.

2): Drum Sticks

Drum sticks are the one piece of gear that you need to change every once in a while because the learning drum has demanded the breakage of sundry of your sticks which is very normal, so the user got to pay attention to the sizes of these sticks. The ideal size of a regular drum stick is 5A, which you should use as standard after which there are plenty of other options.,

3): Double Kick Pedals

Double kick pedals are not always required pieces of gear unless you are playing rock and metal music. The standard kick pedals are different from the double model which comes with two heads and each of these is controlled by a solely dedicated peal. You can buy double kick pedals if you have a sense and keen for metal or rock music.

Final Thoughts

Every best beginner drum set can set you on the path of musical adventure, at the beginning every drum set needs a certain type of configuring but that’s nothing to worry about.

The aforementioned best drum kits in 2020 that we displayed are the best ones to choose within a restricted budget for amazing sound quality.

Every MODEL in the 2020 beginners drum set buyer guide shall be fit to your preferences regarding the music genre that you play. Buying these drum sets for the beginners would not leave you disappointed or upset by the quality.



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