Before starting your guitar lessons for beginners, buying a good guitar is something everybody consumes a large part of his/her time in. You can simply type the best electric guitars for the first time buyer and you will find thousands of instruments each of which will seem to fix to your determination.

While a good guitar player chooses one guitar for a lifetime that eventually becomes his signature, like Steve Vai, Buckethead you name it. It is not the hardware only in the electric guitars that should appeal to you, but other things should be in consideration.

The Top 5 Beginner Electric Guitars have been disclosed to the first time with a complete buying guide for beginners, this can educate you from the basic know-how about electric guitar and find the best option in terms of quality and pricing.


Electric Guitar for Beginners Buying Guide

Beginners shouldn’t worry about keeping their electric guitar forever because as soon as they move to the advanced level, there is a need for the more expensive option. We are talking about after years of practice and then choosing a premium level electric guitar.

We have a list of affordable electric guitar options that we chose amongst 500 different brands. They can be pretty easy to learn as well as are durable. Some guitars available in less than $100 can be a piece of garbage that can ruin your practice session and lose the luster in guitar playing.

If you can afford, you can get the expensive guitars for beginners, with the high sound they can deliver the real essence of music but only if you are a fast learner.  As a beginner, one should look for comfort and playability rather than the price tag.

Let’s discuss more electric guitars and things users should always keep in mind before buying one.

Best 5 Beginner Electric Guitars (2020-Updated)

Below we have provided the easiest and most productive way to assess a guitar, we took 50 best of the best electric guitars and shortlisted the best 5. Anyone of these can be your partner in this journey!

Yamaha Pacifica Series (PAC112V)

Yamaha Pacifica Series Beginner Electric Guitar

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Yamaha PAC112V is the best value beginner’s electric guitar which is renowned as the quality instrument for its perfect sound.

It’s an electric guitar, which was introduced after Yamaha’s Old Violin Sunburst, the guitar’s body is made of a solid alder body, a neck with maple bolt and fingerboard of rosewood with the switch having 5 positions.

Yamaha Pacifica provides a tremolo bridge with block saddles and it looks like a vintage art. The pros for this guitar is the name, first of all, then the sound quality which is amazing value for the money. This can be played for solo as well as in the studios.

Fender Modern Player- Telecaster Thinline Deluxe

Fender Modern Player Beginner Electric Guitar

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Fender is the most popular name in the guitar industry, both electric and acoustic. The company has hundreds of successful and world-class guitars attached to its name, Fender Modern Player Telecaster Thinline Deluxe is one of their pieces of classics that has both sweeter and ear-tearing tones.

This dual sound mode is because of the MP-90 pickups; the guitar has a 9.5-inch ambit which is extraordinarily comfortable to play.

Fender Modern Player Telecaster Thinline Deluxe has 6 saddles hardtail bridge with 22 medium-sized frets that are easy to tune than most electric guitars. With fantastic sound quality,

Fender Telecaster Thinline Deluxe comes in a very affordable price range, which might be just perfect for the beginners. It’s an excellent choice if you want to get your hands on something from legendary makers.

Ibanez Series Starter Electric Guitar (RG450DX)

Ibanez Series Beginner Electric Guitar

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Ibanez is a Japanese brand that is known for its amazing electric guitars for beginners. You will find this electric guitar one damn beautiful piece of start with a body made of mahogany wood, a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard.

With these premium-grade materials, you hear a very loud and quality sound coming out from this enough to rock your boots.

The Ibanez RG450DX RG Series is very easy to play, suits the beginner players with tiny hand and the beautiful craftsmanship gives it a value.

If you can get this electric guitar in an affordable price range, we don’t suggest you go any further in this article. As a beginner, this guitar is sufficient for your play and both soft and hard versions of them.

Dean Custom Zone

Dean Custom Zone Beginner Electric Guitar

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Dean custom zone is the living proof that Dean can make affordable guitars for the beginners.

With the beast inside this guitar, the outer appearance sometimes bewildered the users if the scream can come out of this gorgeous thing.

Dean Custom Zone electric guitar sound is strong, punchy as well as with a taste of metal thickness, which can be more refined with the potential amp and distortion pedal.

The electric guitar falls in the price range of $300 which majorly is the design, the first time user will find this guitar confidence enhancing as the striking appearance with decent tone are hard to find.

Whether you want to perform, have a jamming session, casual gigs or in the middle of the road, Dean Custom Zone can be simply a sensible choice.

Oscar Schmidt (OE20)Oscar Schmidt Beginner Electric Guitar

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One of the underrated LP alternative electric guitar, which beginners must consider buying, rather than choosing the Les Paul with constrained budgets in their head.

Oscar Schmidt is the best electric guitar under $300 which has no complications like most electric guitars.

Oscar OE20 is one of the versatile guitar, which has the original tone which is more profound with vivid tones, this can also give you multiple punches when overdriven.

Those who say it’s not perfect guitar are completely wrong, within a good price range you can buy an electric guitar that holds a good look. The tone has good sound and beginners can try their hands hard as much as they want to.

Understanding Electric Guitars Anatomy

Like the human body, the electric guitar does possess some basic body parts which together make the most beautiful sound. If you are thinking about buying a guitar look for the other things they offer along with the guitar and foremost the company who makes it.

Electric Guitar Anatomy

Let’s discuss a brief morphology about electric guitar so you won’t have to act like naïve when it arrives at your doorsteps.

  • Electric Guitar Body
  • Electric guitars are available in 3 different body styles which are:
  • Solid
  • Hollow
  • Semi-Hollow Body

What makes them different is the amount of wood consumed in creating the body or the amount of resonance it creates. The players of heavy music always chose the electric guitar with a solid body where the sound is louder and more sustainable. Electric guitars with the hollow body can miss at some points while on higher volume.

If you want to play slow jazz, blues or country music, then choosing a hollow or semi-hollow electric guitar can rock your day. It’s not like they are devoid of full resonance and bass; you can get a hell of sound from those too.

In order to prevent breaking and for easy handling, beginners must choose an electric guitar with a solid body which in most cases has been noticed as a useful step for the future.

1) Electric Guitar Body Shape

The solid-body electric guitar’s body shape can be customized by the users, so if you’re looking for an exciting paint job there are some brands you can choose from. Single cutaway guitars or double cutaway depends on your natural selection amongst which the following brands are available

2) Wood on Body

If your guitar is made of good quality material, it surely will deliver a sustained tone that can be reliable during the practice. Wooden material under good price range is basswood, alder, and poplar where the expensive wooden materials are obtained from pine, swamp ash and mahogany.

Different wooden materials impact the bass, sound quality, and the depth intones, for instance, if you are playing an electric guitar with mahogany wood there is a chance you will emanate the warmer sound.

3) Electric Guitar Necks

The neck wood is not to be taken seriously, they are either made of maple or mahogany with a fretboard made from maple wood. Always choose an electric guitar with delicate and neck, which can fix in your hands, there are multiple shapes of necks so choose whatever makes you play it smoothly.

The modern C-shaped neck in many electric guitars is a safe choice for everyone while the U-shape is for the fastest players.

4) Frets

Frets are the reason you play every individual note and chords with preciseness. They are the thin metal bars that run down the neck, the majority of electric guitars have 22 frets wherein the metal music genre, electric guitar with 24 frets are required in order to reach the higher notes.

Frets shouldn’t bother you much as the number between 21-22 is just perfect for the beginners.

5) Electric Guitar Pickups

Electric guitar suitable for beginners either has a single-coil pickup or humbucker pickup. The single-coil pickup is the classical and the original version of pickups which resonates with a brilliant and bright sound. Lead players use single-coil pickups for its easy to play with.

Humbucker pickups nullify the background noise and produce a rock and metal sound which can also be used to improve rhythm. Some electric guitars offer 2-3 pickups where users can switch by the help of pickup selector, most guitar models only use one.

6) Electric Guitar Bridge

The bridge is located at the base/bottom of the guitar where strings are all attached. There are 2 types of bridges:

  • Fixed Bridge
  • Tremolo Bridge

A fixed bridge is used by the guitarists who are conscious of their tune’s stability and firmness. There is no vibrato attached, but as it can be easy to play so it’s a choice for many professional experts.

Tremolo bridge is the experimental way to put on the vibrato effects that may enthrall the audience with the amazing sound. Tremolo bridge is good for the high lead solo, but it can also affect the guitar tuning.

Things to Remember Before Buying a beginner electric guitar

Q1: Which Electric Guitar is the Easiest to Play?

While purchasing an electric guitar, some users get confused about whether to buy a guitar with a solid body or a hollow and semi-hollow body. Our suggestion goes for the solid body as they are easier to control, they are the best options for the beginners and it can be easily controlled to the amplifier.

At least you are not going to be disappointed with the sound and feel, the size of solid electric guitars is small whereas the hollow ones are bigger. You can use an electric guitar for a few weeks and find yourself learning its major playing notes where the budget factors just get ignored. Within a good price range, it is not hard to find an electric guitar with a flat neck, easy to play and smooth body.

Q2: How Much Beginners Electric Guitar Costs?

Just like buying a car, choosing an electric guitar will have so many options unwrapped for you, but it doesn’t mean you should get the pricey one. It’s necessary to spend some time on the beginner’s electric guitar, there are a plethora of options available from different companies which can all lead you to learn guitar lessons with ease and fun.

What if we told you the electric guitars for the beginners can be purchased at $100 price? This won’t be a wastage of money as it worked with millions of users to this day. But if you want to look upon the stage recordings and performance at the gig, spend some more few hundred dollars and buy something that looks and plays the music wildly.

Learning Difference Between Advanced and Beginner Electric Guitars

Generally, there is no difference between the advanced level and beginners level guitars, it all depends on the level of skills you have. Even though, there are few minor differences like for example a beginner’s level electric guitars will not weigh much and quite comfortable in the hands.

The advanced electric guitars are mostly heavy with an awkward body shape which signifies the complications of an expert guitarist’s mind. Beginner’s also don’t need tremolo bridges which they can surely put on, the reason why they don’t need is that the initial learning chords and notes do not need to use these bridges.

Most of us are quite untrained when it comes to tuning the guitar up, tremolo bridges can alter the tuning of a guitar in a way it affects the music bad. Unless you know the proper use of tremolo does not attempt to use it as a show-off.

1) Electric Guitar Without Amplifier is Impractical

The sound of an electric guitar without the amplifier is very low which only you will be able to hear, barely. If it’s just for practice, then you don’t need to buy an amplifier, although it puts the real spark on electric guitar play!

Dry practicing for a long time can affect negatively the playing skills and let you get addicted to playing electric guitar dry. Electric guitar amp teaches you multiple variations and playing techniques which is important and must not be missed if this doesn’t come in your budget try to purchase a low price amp.

Also, without an amplifier, you won’t be able to play aggressively so there is no chance you are going to learn anything better soon. The small practice amp can be generally useful and fall into a low priced category, clearly, their benefits surpass the cost.

2) What to Do After Choosing Electric Guitar for Beginners?

Always look for the essentials if they come with the guitar such as a strap, a bag, amplifier, cable, etc. Try to take it to your expert friend, colleague or neighbor just to ensure that you are spending the price worth a while. This may provide you a sense of understanding about which aspects to look at while purchasing an electric guitar.

3) Learning Online Guitar Lessons- Are They Helpful?

The online electric guitar lessons can be very helpful, especially if you are a new learner, there are some basic tricks you need to learn about guitar which online guitar lessons deliver accurately. You don’t need to spend money on the online registration fee, but simple videos from YouTube might be sufficient.

Learning from the online lessons regularly can help you polish your skills in terms of finger position, holding a guitar steadily and use of pickups.

4) How Long Does It Take to Learn a Guitar?

Your first chord may take hours or sometimes day to learn, but it would take years of practice to master this enchanting instrument. In every way, you learn something more about the guitar that escalates the progress and the practice delivers a definite charm if you do it!

Summary for Best Beginner Electric Guitars Starter Kit

We know the budget demands and the need of the users who usually don’t come along. There are a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the best electric guitar since there are many reputable brands.

But not all brands can be affordable for the beginners which we have seen already, this electric guitar’s buyer guide of 2020 has made it easier for the newcomers to choose the best electric guitar at an affordable cost.

You can do many things with the top 5 beginner electric guitars options mentioned above, not alone in the practice, but with their help, you can get your hands trained and dirty!


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