Do you want to play the classical nylon string guitar? If you are new to the guitar world and decided to walk in for some nylon string attached classical guitars, you are at the right place!

According to the survey of the experts, most of the first time users got their rocks on from the nylon-stringed classical guitar. This was the guitar on which they learned their first notes and you can do it too.

Why classical nylon string guitars are easy to play? Because they have a simple, bigger and easier platform with nylon strings attached which are not painful to the fingers. Classical guitars have nothing to attach to and they are very inexpensive than those guitars with steel strings.

Classical guitar is not only a sensible choice for the beginners but it is also a guitar of choice for individuals to play specific genre i.e. Jazz, Latin, Classical, Flamenco, and Fingerstyle. This article will provide you the basic know-how about how to buy the very best classical guitars for the beginners.

The pricing of the top 5 classical guitars which we are going to mention will only be beginner-friendly guitars regardless of their price.


5 Best Classical Nylon String Guitars for Beginners in 2020

Below we have sorted out top 5 amazingly priced classical guitars which are none other than from the reputable and big companies in the music world. You can get their price tag or buy them from Amazon, which is the simplest method.

Yamaha C40 Full Size Nylon-String Classical Guitar

Yamaha C40 Classical Nylon String Guitars

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There are few things about Yamaha C40 which generally captivate the users in the very first attempt of reading. First of all, it’s a very less expensive guitar, which is even less than $200 for its price. You will find it useful for playing several types of tunes which as a classical guitar is not suitable for.

The technology from Yamaha has been touched in C40 for this product shows remarkable, innovative features which are:

  • Designed for beginners and intermediate players
  • Indonesian mahogany wood both back and sides
  • Spruce top with nato neck
  • Gloss finish from Melamine
  • The fingerboard is made of Javanese Rosewood
  • Smooth and balanced sound

Yamaha C40 for its price is a great learning classical guitar for the beginners which contains all the important aspects to cover. You will get a decent tonewood with basic hardware for extremely comfortable play.

Epiphone Pro-1 Nylon-String Acoustic Classical Guitar

Epiphone Pro-1 Nylon String Acoustic Guitars

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Epiphone Pro-1 series brought some changes in the classical guitar world by adopting the quality components, giving a remarkable quality sound to the users. The Pro-1 series by Epiphone has been reduced in terms of scale length body, just an inch shorter with a slim neck which is from EZ-Profile.

The back and side are made of Mahogany wood while there are Cedar Wood at the top that gives it a solid sound as compared to the laminate. Epiphone Pro-1 guitar can be altered to the basic needs, it’s a fast-playing guitar with lots of user’s convenience. Here are some features:

  • Epiphone PRO-1 Classic (Nylon; 1.75″ nut) in Antique Natural
  • Low tension scale- 25.60 length
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Tronical speed nut
  • Rosewood bridge

Ibanez AEG10NII Nylon String Classical Guitar

Ibanez AEG10NII Classical Nylon String Guitars

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The black Ibanez AEG10NII also comes under the acoustic-electric guitar category which gives beginners a lifetime experience. The deep cutaway feature of this guitar makes it comfortable to hold and play of the extreme frets.

With the satin-finished mahogany neck, you can play this instrument with joy. With other features combine it can be your future instrument with attitude!

Some features can clear up understanding Ibaneze masterpiece guitar for the beginners.

  • Spruce top
  • Ivory body binding
  • Ibanez versatile AEQ-SP1 preamp
  • Fishman Sonicore pickup
  • Solid control with easy built-in tuner
  • Rosewood fretboard and bridge

Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar

Yamaha CG172SF Flamenco classical nylon string guitars

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Nothing can beat this classical guitar in the flamenco mode within a satisfying budget. Yamaha is providing Flamenco style look and tones which are offered by the expensive guitar models. But this time only it is available at $ $296.99 on Amazon.

Yamaha CG172SF is a sleek classical guitar with a solid European spruce top, the back and sides are made of Cypress which features a very convenient nato neck. This nato neck is wider than many classical guitars with rosewood fretboard which between playing flamenco music can help your hands to get a proper grip.

To protect the body wood outside, there are flamenco scratch plates which gives it a decent touch. The sound and resonance are bright as natural flamenco chords; besides it can work with other styles.

Cordoba Protégé C1-Spanish Style Classical Guitar

Cordoba Protégé C1-Spanish classical nylon string guitars

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Under $200, you can also find one of the most successful classical guitars of the modern age. Cordoba is a Spanish brand that introduced Protégé C1 specifically for beginners who are budget conscious and wants the balance between good sound and comfortable.

Cordoba C1 is a full-sized 25.6 scale length model which also comes in a size suitable for children (child-friendly quarter). These are ½ and ¾ sizes. This is a perfect acoustic classical guitar, which has no electric component to offer.

However, there are some decent parts body-wise like rosewood bridge, a two-way truss rod for adjusting the neck, six-nickel-plated tuning machines with Pearloid buttons, combining all of them and you will get a mesmerizing feel while play.

They say about Cordoba C1 that the guitar can sing, which also offers the beginners more than one way to play tones. The spruce top is completely well-balanced which gives players like they are playing some experts level instrument.

The mahogany back and side make the sound even warmer which delivers each note in an articulated manner. There are classical guitars which offer the same features at the double of its cost!


How to Buy Best Classical Guitar? Buying Guide for Beginners

Things look in a Beginner Classical Guitar Before Purchasing

Whatever style or tone the classical guitar is holding is nothing in comparison with its playability. For a classical guitar to have good playability, it must be smooth to play that gives the first-timers an easy approach to play chords.

The sound is absolutely an important factor because unlike the electric guitars, classical has no amp attached which determines the final sound and tone. The sound of a classical guitar is mainly depending on its wooden structure, the mahogany wood gives warm, but woody sound, whereas Cedarwood gives a sweet and warm sound.

You don’t need to mingle with the tuning and other expert’s related issues if your guitar is making a decent sound and is easy to play go for it! The hardware for a classical guitar should be made with quality material because it will define the sound. These points should be considered before purchasing a classical guitar for beginners.

  • The bridge should be made of rosewood
  • A synthetic material made saddle- not the plastic ones

At many places, the cost of the guitar determines the quality of hardware, but that’s unlikely in some places, for example, Epiphone PRO-1 Classic is the standard one with good price and quality hardware.

classic nylon string guitar anatomy

Q1): Should You Buy a New Classical Guitar?

It is certainly undeniable that buying a used guitar will save you money, I mean, who doesn’t want to buy Fender electric guitar cost $1,500 at $700? The secret lies in the wood which gets mature over time, just like a wine gripping more strong taste as it ages!

But again, buying used guitar doesn’t mean you can buy from any company. Always choose the reputable brands which are the only ones that get better with age. Cheaper guitars from an unknown company can be lethal to your fingers and total wastage of time.

Buying a brand new guitar can be expensive, but it has its perks, the smell or crispy fresh woof and the box can be tantalizing. But we are strictly talking about beginners here, so going with the old ones would be beneficial for your guitar lessons.

Q2): Which Classical Guitar is the Easiest to Play?

There are two main categories of classical guitars, one that is traditional classical while the other is flamenco. Both styles are easy to play, but the selection between them is important as you will decide which music genre you want to learn.

Flamenco guitar tone and playing speed is faster than the classical ones because of the lower action of the strings to the fretboard. If you are not a fan of Flamenco music, don’t bother and stick with the traditional classical ones.

There is nothing to alarm about as playing classical guitar is easy since the nylon strings are attached which can be pretty softer for the first-timer. The neck is also short, so you can have a grasp easily.

The quality of the classical guitar lies in the playability as we mentioned earlier, choosing expensive classical guitars are usually made with better material and with a smooth neck and decent frets which can improve the playing experience.

Q3): Equipment You Need to Play Classical Guitar

You don’t need expensive equipment to play classical guitar as it can be played solo. The only tool you would need to make it more thrilling is a gig bag that can support transporting the guitar. Digital tuner with a classical guitar can be potentially productive while learning, the nylon strings most of the time get out of tune after practice.

There is ANOTHER TYPE OF CLASSICAL GUITAR known by the name Electro-classical, this type of guitar will require a cable and amplifier after which you can use it with its full capacity. However, we don’t suggest the beginners should buy them as the addition of electronic gadgets can be pricey from the start and you don’t learn to play the notes and chords in a perfect way like you do with classical guitars.

So basically all you need is guitar case, tuner, amp or cable only if you have the electro-classical guitar.

Q4): How Much Beginners Classical Guitar Costs?

It is important to remember the motto of your guitar purchase and the amount of persistence you’d show to this. If you attend only a few classes in a week and are not persistent with the play, then go for the cheaper options. Some people do not progress as they planned and they usually end up wasting a large sum of money.

For someone who is dedicated and going to be a regular student, this is the only case where you could buy an expensive classical guitar. There are $200-$2,000 guitars available which varieties in terms of durability, design, shape, and availability of other gadgets.

A beautifully designed guitar with a solid warm sound encourages the players to sit down for hours and practice with it. They are usually easy to hold and get a grip which is why it is hard to get tired of them.

Classical Guitar for Children

It hard for children to carry a bulky guitar, which is why it depends on their body size. Even some adults hardly cope with the ½ size classical guitar models. It is perfect to buy ¼ sized guitar for kids age between 2-7 years. Children who are over 10 can use ¾ size guitars which are not so much smaller than they sound.

Teenagers can use the regular size guitar which will not be a big deal for them to carry the slight bulk. Choosing the best guitar for kids can be tricky at times, so watch your options, take your time and you’ll find a good one.

Final Verdict About Top 5 Classical Nylon String Guitars for Beginners in 2020

Gathering all the information about the top 5 classical nylon string guitars available, now is your time to decide which one will suit your personality or practice sessions. Always go for the guitar which will last you longer even though you have purchased it at a cheap price.

The aforementioned classical guitars of 2020 are all users friendly, easier to buy, economical and most of all they choose between hundreds of models. If the guitar you are buying has used or rugged string, you can simply replace it or buy new ones from the same source. The nylon-stringed classical guitars are advised for the beginners so their fingers won’t get sore in the very first attempt.

Learning guitar is an art, and you cannot rush the art. Therefore, take it slow and try to experience the joy and feel you get in each session. Watch your budget and choose the guitar accordingly. Our guitar’s selection won’t be costing you more than $260.


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