A condenser microphone is what you get when to record in the studio, the stage performance can be perfectly done with the dynamic microphones but in studios, you need more clarity and fineness.

Today we are going to present you with the 7 best condenser microphones for a recording that may help you make the best sound effects. Some of the best condenser mics are on sale which you can purchase at a reasonable cost.


7  Best Condenser Microphones

Avantone Pro CV-12

Avantone Pro CV-12 Condenser Microphone

Avantone is the New York-based company that has made a remarkable CV-12 mic. This brand usually makes reputable products and with CV-12 they somehow successfully captivated the audience.

Avantone Pro CV-12 features slim red chassis and chrome detailing with a solid body. The hardware is enchanting but it’s nothing as compared to the sound effects it provides.

Both vocal and instrumental sound comes with warmth and details which depicts the vintage glow. It is used by professional studios around the world and is a cool mic to pursue the recording passion of yours.

Sennheiser MK4

Sennheiser MK4 Condenser Mic

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The mid-range mic from Sennheiser is the new addition to our chart in the best mics for recording in 2020. This mic is for the recording geeks who have nothing to do with the emic appearance and endless features; they simply need it for neat and clear recordings.

Sennheiser MK4 features a solid body and a smoothly balanced sound that’s very suitable for vocal recordings. For instrumental recordings, you need to put it to the high max SPL which can work out for that. This mic also features the internal shock mount which is used to reduce the mic’s self-noise which comes in built-in.

Aston Microphones Spirit

Aston Microphones Spirit Condenser Microphones

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A fully different design from the rest of the microphones we are going to look at. The spirit by Aston is a piece of art that features a raw and rugged look that may have attracted so many customers. The metallic case with rustic head may have felt like a custom mic which it isn’t!

Specification wise, this mic has an impressive sound like the top-tier mic pieces which were optimized for maximum performance. Spirit also offers a maneuvering space that can record both vocals and instruments.

Audio-Technica AT2035

Audio-Technica AT2035 Condenser Microphone

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Audio Technica gives you the best value for money, the brand is solely dedicated to the budget market for a good reason. Their condenser microphones like AT2035 is the exceptional one which features no solid design but only has solid core performance to offer.

You will still get a reliable built with a large diaphragm and some handy switches. If you are finding a best performing condenser mic under a tight budget, go for the Audio-Technica AT2035.

Audio-Technica AT2020

Audio-Technica AT2020 Best Condenser Microphone

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Audio technical AT2020 is the condenser microphones which you can purchase under $100. The mic presents the large diaphragm and some basic stylish designs which may blow your mind with this budget.

It’s an excellent choice for studio recordings that is greater for vocals than instruments. Some acoustic instruments can be recorded with this mic properly but under this budget, there are some compromises.

MXL 770

MXL 770 Condenser Microphone

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The MXL 770 is the ideal condenser microphone for beginners which are similarly popular amongst the advanced users. MXL 770 has a small diaphragm that works versatile and offers natural and organic replication of vocals with warmth and smoothness.

You can also record a plethora of acoustic instruments with decent sound with Max SPL of 137dB. With robust metal built, a low-frequency roll-off switch and sturdy plastic case reveal great value for this microphone.

Shure SM-27

Shure SM-27 Condenser Microphones

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Shure has got some reliable studio microphones available which got popular amongst the youngster’s fist. The SM27 has a very minimalist design with low budget chunks and a low mass large Mylar diaphragm. This also has 3-layers mesh cover and build-in pop filter which also comes with new accessories to add into.

Shure SM-27 is available in a mid-range price range which also offers refined results in this price. The transparency in tone is awesome and it can record both vocals and instruments pretty well.

Best Condenser Microphones for Recording Buyer’s Guide

About Condenser Microphones

Condenser microphones are totally unlike the dynamic mics which you have been watching on TVs and radio channels. Condenser mics are for studio recording, in order to learn the basics let’s get to the main part about microphones.

The main part is the diaphragm which is actually a thin and featherlight membrane that conducts through electricity. This lies very close to the solid metal plate, upon speaking the same membrane gathers the sound in the form of vibrations which is then translated into electrical signals.

The electric signals are common of little current which must be enhanced by using impedance converter. This will result in feeding the microphone outside power and this is how condenser microphones generate “Phantom Power” to work like this. They have much detailed sound and resonance, unlike other microphones.

Condenser Microphone anatomy

How Many Types of Condenser Microphones Are There?

As we already discussed the role of Diaphragm in translating the sound into electrical signals. Altering the membrane of the diaphragm can affect the sound output, and with this notion, we have got two types of condenser microphones which can benefit users in different ways.

Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones

The feature of this microphone is the membrane size which is less than half an inch in diameter. Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones are known for delivering natural replication of what is actually being played.

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphones

They have a diaphragm size more than 1 which has this feature for a good reason. The most anticipating about large-diaphragm condensers is the way they react to the human voice and certain musical instruments.

Things to Know Before Choosing Condenser Mic

There is one attribute that all condensers share – and that is that they are all different! Even if every model had the same specs, each particular mic would still be unique in some way. You often hear vocalists talking about condensers that work well with their voice, and those that don’t – a strange phenomenon, but one that is true. It’s hard to assess the compatibility of a microphone until you use it.

Some features you should always look in Condenser mics are given below.

Frequency Response Range

The small or large diaphragm is the main part to consider upon, but the first thing you should know about is the mic’s frequency response of the model. This is the ability of a mic to capture sound with high or low frequencies. Most of the condenser microphones available today are the ones with a similar range of frequencies which is around 20 Hertz to 20-kilo hertz.

Maximum Sound Pressure Level

The SPL of a microphone is a very useful technique to identify the reaction of the mic to different sources of sound. SPL determines the level of your microphone as in how much volume it can bear before it gets distorted. If you are recording the vocals only there will be no problems, recording the drums, instruments and other aggressive sounds, however, must have a mic with higher SPL ratings.

Polar Patterns

Condenser microphones are not solely judged by the polar patterns but it’s an important aspect too. Polar patterns actually define the sensitivity of each part of the mic which produces sound. If you lift the mic upside down and speak to each of its corners, you will find the sounds are being picked up evenly from every corner.

One of the common patterns is the cardioids pattern the front of the mic is more responsive or sensitive to sound than the back. From there, the angle of attack increases as you work through other patterns, such as super-cardioid, bidirectional, hyper-cardioid and more.

Accessories and Features of Microphone

The feature of a condenser microphone depends on the goals of your music philosophy, the band you work for and the price range. You may come across too many models that offer greater things that expensive mics do.

You may also see factors like built-in attenuations which is ideal for louder musical instruments. It sufficiently increases the SPL ability of a microphone and some filters cut out the unnecessary frequencies most of which are low end.

Talking about the accessories, most condenser microphones in budget range price comes with a box whether you take it in or out. A shock mount helps to protect the microphones from noise transmitted mechanically and can affect some points in the mic.

Final Words

After reading this article, you must be thinking about condenser microphones being an important part of the studio’s recording. Their sound has warmth and beauty which can capture the most alluring vocals with ideal standard rhythm and dynamics.

The models we selected are the best condenser microphones in 2020, with fairly priced range and so much to work with. Both affordable condenser mics and higher-end models can be found if you look closely at our selection.


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