The sense of country music has still been carried out by some players, although with modern times the genre is now heard quite rarely. While there are players, legendary players we must say who defines the Country Gold genre is a definite style.

These were the master guitarist such as Hank Williams and Chet Atkins with other stars that carried the style of the 1920s to something unique. The style of country music revolves around a rich sound which is comprised of many instruments, these are electric guitars, harmonicas, fiddles, and banjos.

Acoustic guitars have been the backbone of country genre which is why choosing acoustic guitar with country twang is ideal for county music loves. We have shortlisted the best versions of acoustic guitar for country music which come easily under the user’s budget.

This genre of music deserves to be enjoyed and cherished by people who are good at beginner acoustic guitar training sessions.


Best 5 Country Guitars (Acoustic Guitar with Country Style)

Gibson J-200

Gibson J-200 Country Guitar

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The guitar is considered the best acoustic guitar for country music which has been around for decades. The style of Gibson J-200 was taken from Gibson’s Jumbo Series that further worked on overall features of the guitar.

Gibson J-200 was highly endorsed by the legend himself, Elvis Presley, it’s a timeless device to evoke some really shocking country vibes. J-200 is built to deliver the right amount of tone and volume, which is why it is the favorite guitar for most acoustic players.

The tone deliverance of this guitar refers to King of Flat Tops in 1937, the playing of county music with this instrument is completely easy. The guitar body is made of Sitka spruce top and the maple back and sides.

The gold Grover automatic tuner makes the look of J-200 even sturdier. The fingerboard is easy and comfortable for users to play with, Gibson J-200 comes with LR bags, its Plek Assisted Setup, Anthem pickup and oil for maximum wood liveliness.

Yamaha FG800

Yamaha FG800 Country Guitar

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Yamaha FG800 features a top-quality country dreadnought in such a price that anybody can afford. Look wise, Yamaha FG800 is a simple looking guitar with quite only a few decorative designs. The decent built of the guitar let it perform with intense tones pleases the user’s ears.

Yamaha FG800 body is made of solid Sitka spruce top with a sleek glossy finish. The multi-play binding with rosewood fretboard looks nice and it plays even much nicer tunes. The satin-finished neck delivers precise tones in this affordable model.

You can hear loud and surprisingly vibrant sounds in the session; clearly, it is a decent choice for both beginners and professional country music lovers.

Epiphone EJ-200SCE

Epiphone EJ-200SCE Country Guitar

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Some of us want the complete features in cheap price value, well here it is! The Epiphone EJ-200SCE is the Electro-Acoustic Guitar which completely fills the need for the country music genre. Like Gibson’s J-200, EJ-200SCE is considered the King of Flat Tops of Epiphone’s version.

The construction of EJ-200SCE is pretty solid, with a jumbo selected maple body paired with a solid spruce top. The acoustic sound of this guitar is amplified by the eSonic2 preamp with a built-in tuner, it also includes the NanoFlex or NanoMag pickups.

The combination of tonewoods with this guitar is the major reason why it produces such a balanced tone.

Martin 16 Series D-16GT

Martin 16 Series D-16GT Country Guitar

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The reason for adding this is the Martin Dreadnought which is hell popular amongst country music legends. Endorsed by many musicians including the very pioneer of the country music Hank Williams and Luther Perks, Martin D-16GT is the most op and affordable option there is.

It is cheaper than its prime version D-28 but has more built-in higher-end acoustic. The body is solid Sitka Spruce top with Mahogany both back and sides.

The American made guitar has some incredible quality sound and delightful tone which comes to users as well as balanced and fun to play with. At this fair price, Martin 16 Series D-16GT features a chrome tuner, white Tusq Saddle, and a Hard-shell Case.

Yamaha A5R ARE

Yamaha A5R ARE Country Guitar

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Yamaha A5R is one of those guitars you can play loudly in front of the crowd even when it’s unplugged. Not every acoustic guitar plays this much louder sound than Yamaha A5R does and this is how most players fulfill their goals to perform in front of the audience with only this piece of instrument.

Some very intense performers have been using this brand for it delivers the truly exceptional tones and this is because of the rounded fretboard edges which work with high ranges. Yamaha A5R features an SRT2 pickup system that supports the proper resonance the guitar produces to deliver a well-balanced sound.

The body is elegantly designed and this guitar has won the heart of many country players. The solid Sitka spruce is available with ARE treatment, the back and sides are solid rosewood with Gotoh tuners make it the best version of acoustic guitar for country music.

Best Country Guitars Online Buying Guide

What to Look before Buying A Good Acoustic Guitar for Country?

The play of Country Music entirely depends on the person’s skills and how he uses the guitar. But still, there are some aspects which need to be remembered, country music is suitable only on the steel-string guitars. The need for soft sound is not here and this is why we don’t use Nylon strings here.

Using acoustic guitar for country music is okay, but with steel strings, you can bring the genuine style and brightness to the genre that is known to most people as real country music. For everyone who is serious to play country music ahead, choosing a steel-stringed guitar is the only option they will survive with.

When it comes to the design, having an easy to grab dreadnought and jumbos is necessary, in this case, Gibson’s J-200 wins in the Jumbo aspect which is a true country signature guitar. In the Dreadnought case, Martin’s S-16GT has a dreadnought.

These both shapes and styles of the guitar offer a brighter sound with enhanced projection. You can perform vigorous strumming on them with ease without letting the sound breaks. The reason why most guitars of country version have either Jumbo or Dreadnought in their design.

Why Acoustic Guitars Only? For Country

It’s not like electric guitars are not important or useful for the country music genre, when you look upon the famous country tracks this is where they used the electric guitar. The electric guitar’s telecaster redefines the finesse in the melody and solos in the country sound which is unmatchable.

The reason acoustic guitars are considered important for country music is that it’s the foundation of country music. Acoustic guitar extends the drumming and bass section which is stick together in the whole performance.

The best thing about the acoustic guitar is when you take away the resonators, drum and other instruments; you can still play any country songs. For that, you only need the acoustic guitar and your set of skills.

What Are Resonators Role in Country?

Best resonators can polish the infrastructure of the country music tones and it brings a variation in the genre. Resonators and lap steep are not to be forgotten types of things when you are a country player and they are surely the important pair for a unique style of play.

Last Words

Before making the purchase, know that country music demands the only moderate level of skills and when you get the best acoustic guitar for the country yourself, it will be even easier. The best guitar collection of 2020 in country music has been mentioned under the right price for users.

If you prefer the sound of a dreadnought or jumbo, there are plenty of options described under the right price range. Learning country guitar from the online lessons can only be your first step to enter into this peaceful genre of music.


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