Today we are going to discuss 5 best cymbal packs for your drum set and we’ll also go through which aspects you should monitor before purchasing the best cymbals in 2020.

Cymbals are another way to spice up your drum kit which can take you quite far in playing the intense tones. Even the best drum set on the market requires a pack of the cymbal to improve or enhance its features.

let’s take a quick look at these Best 5 cymbal packs which we have sorted out for you after hours of research.


Best 5 Cymbal Packs in 2020 for Users – Detailed Review

Meinl Cymbals BV-480+B16TRC Byzance Vintage Series

Meinl Cymbals BV 480+B16TRC Cymbal Pack

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This is the first pick for any serious cymbals lover who doesn’t like to change cymbals every once in a while.

The Byzance Vintage Series offers a solid sounding cymbal pack which also comes with a free Byzance Vintage 16 trash crash.

The cymbal pack features 14 Byzance Sand Hi-Hats, 20 Byzance Sand Ride and 18 thin crash.

These cymbals from Byzance are very reliable and flexible to play with and they are feasible to play any genre of music. They can be slow, pretty responsive and aggressive at the same time.

Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Set

2. Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Pack

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For outstanding performance and quality seekers, Zildjian is a well-known brand that provides premium quality cymbals and drums.

Zildjian makes an expensive pricing drum kits and cymbals which to beginners can be difficult to look at. However, experts or those who have learned the basics can let themselves play professionally with crisp sound.

Each cymbal of Zildjian K Custom Hybrid is beautifully crafted which delivers durable sound, maximum feel with a wonderful body of this. It takes days to find such cymbal quality with high aesthetic value.

Meinl HCS Cymbal Set Box

Meinl HCS Complete Cymbal Set-Up Cymbal Pack

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Beginners can joy with this as it comes at a significant cheap price, but don’t go for its price only, Meinl HCS cymbals are well-constructed and they sound crystal clear.

When it comes to bear a lot of force and pressure, this typical brand can offer entry-level players more room for aggression and heavy-hitting practice sessions.

In short, you can learn mastery of cymbals with this as it can withstand the hard-hitting technique. Meinl has always been making cymbals of latest quality which sounds robust and lasts for years.

Sabian XSR Sonic Pro

Sabian XSR Sonic Pro Cymbal Pack

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For those who are in the regular business of buying best cymbals online, Sabian is the name they must have heard somewhere.

Sabian has many models for cymbals, but this one is a perfect example of cymbals which gives you quality at affordable prices.

Sabian XSR Sonic Pro is a flexible cymbal set that is ideal to play in the professional ground.

Every model of the Sabian cast cymbals made using all new B20 bronze alloy, this result in shinning 21 rides, a cutting and robust set of 18 and 16 XSR fast crashes.

These all are connected or you can sonically match to the pair of AA series hi-hats. Sabian XSR Sonic Pro is for players who like to take it to the neutral level where there is not much aggression involves.

Paiste PST7 Universal Cymbal Set

Paiste PST7 Cymbal Pack

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Paiste is a famous brand in the business which has made several thousand fans from the different cymbal packs they offer and they are also a user-friendly brand in terms of the budget, which offers great value for money.

The Paiste PST7 Universal Cymbal Set was designed to fill the needs of all masses while at the same time sounds good. This cymbal set features 14 hi-hats, 18 crashes, 20 rides and 16 more crash which all comes free with the kit.

The cymbal pack from PST7 may look ordinarily designed but they utilized CuSn8 Bronze Alloy or 20002 Bronze, so it can be used for any metal or rock genre or even the slower ones. Paiste is the brand that claims it can play anything, anywhere!

Best Cymbal Packs Buyer’s Guide


If you want to be a professional drummer, finding the best cymbal pack will be the first thing for you to do. Each cymbal pack makes sure the user’s requirements are being fulfilled, but you also need to have it a look according to your objectives.

Buying cymbal packs in 2020 can be distracting, so here is what you should look for.

Cymbal Pack Material

The cymbal crashes are made from alloy and the nature of this material is available in many diverse forms. In this case, the quality and nature of the alloy are going to be the nature and quality of the cymbals.

Some cymbal kits come from the tin while others can be made of bronze which has slight variations in sounds. For the ultimate performance, the B20 bronze is ideal for picking up warm and soft sounds. BB Bronze cymbals are the best choice for a brighter sound and everything you need in your drumming career.

Cymbals Weight

Weight determines the sound quality and thickness in it while you are playing. Not to mention it also alters the fells and excitements in your head by making the sound lights or heavy.

If you play musical genres like rock, heavy metal, then choosing the heavier cymbals can be good for you. On the other hand, jazz and other pop type music should have medium-heavy ones, even moderately light models are also preferred.


Cymbals with a big diameter or large size resonate for much longer and provide a fuller sound. Smaller cymbals are aimed for quicker attacks and high-end sound. If you have clear concepts about small splash and large ride cymbals, then you can choose the best cymbal set ranging in perfect diameter.

Bell Size

Bell on the cymbals expressed the harmony and overall presence which improves overall sound and concentration of others. Heavy cymbals with large sized bells produce heavy and powerful sounds than most of the other cymbal packs.

Cracked Cymbals- How to Work With Them?

If you play with cautions and care for the cymbals while hitting on them, there is a chance they can last for a lifetime without being cracked. If you are a hard hitter and play heavy metals like genres, you will crack it eventually which is nothing to be worried about.

This is why choosing good-quality cymbals are recommended, the ones mentioned above in this article are mostly all less likely to crack and comes at a cheaper price than most premium ones. Drilling into the inner point of the crack is how you can prevent it from spreading further. This can save the cymbal, but it will also produce slightly altered sounds from now on.

You should drill a hole big enough to stop the crack from spreading; using these cymbals on the stage can turn off the audience and the drummer who’s playing it. Stacking broken cymbals together, however, can produce some interesting sound effects which can be something new for you.

Cymbal Packs High-End Option

If you are asking for high-quality sound and durability for years, Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Cymbal set is the best choice. It comes from B20 bronze which makes the quality, superior to the rest.

Cymbal Packs Budge Options

For under budget players, Meinl Ultimate Cymbal Pack is an affordable choice that can also save you some dollars. It is simply easy to play and a good choice for someone who wants to be a professional drummer.

Final Words

Cymbals are the reason for making the drumming sound amazing. The latest varieties of cymbals packs in 2020 are many, but to provide you easy access and early convenience, the best 5 cymbal packs we showed are the ones on the market right now.

Cymbal packs for drum kit travel with you, wherever you go they come along so without feeling regrets for the past, it would be sane to choose cymbal from the list above. Choosing garbage quality cymbals can waste your budget, time and decision making skills.


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