The technological revolution has always served as a boon for the modernization of society and this advancement is not confined at any point.

It has also made its route to the music world and instruments like the traditional acoustic pianos are almost replaced with a more compact and budget-friendly alternative, called the digital pianos.

Digital pianos are favored for all good reasons apart from being easy on the pocket and their portability, of course. These need no tuning and produce high-quality sound with a wide variation in quality, one can imagine.

If you are well-acquainted with musical instruments and know the right one to invest, the process of buying will not be a challenge. But if you are not a pro and have just stepped into the learning stage, you surely have no clue about where to head.


Top 5 best digital pianos for beginners

Your progress to a better pianist is widely reliant on the piano you pick and so, we intend to help you by listing the top 5 best digital pianos for beginners.

Lagrima 88 Key Digital Piano

Lagrima 88 Key Digital Piano

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At number one we have the solid, Lagrima 88 key worth recommending to the readers. It is another brilliant piano with qualities highly functional for a learner.

Essentially, Lagrima 88 Key is smartly designed in a customary manner resembling the look of the conventional acoustic pianos. It steps ahead with a graded hammer keyboard featuring 88 keys, making it fall under the category of a full-scale keyboard.

From the learners’ perspective, these keys may feel a bit heavier during pressing however, these tend to develop finger strength that is one essential quality a pianist is ought to possess.

The digital piano presents DSP2000 that ensures crystal clarity in sound whereas it has a dual keyboard that gives you a better prospect to learn when your mentor sits and duet side-by-side.

Another worth mentioning quality favorable for freshers is touch sensitivity. Through that, no matter what pressure you exert on the key, the volume is automatically controlled.

Other essential features:

  • Integrated stereo speakers and pedal board
  • Double headphone jacks
  • MIDI input and output
  • USB port for connection with PC, Android or iPad


  • 200 onboard rhythms, 480 tones and 80 demo songs for polishing your playing skills
  • LCD screen for quick learning and modification of functions
  • Better training through record and playback options

Hamzer 61-Key Digital Piano

Hamzer 61-Key Digital Piano

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While coming from Hamzer, the quality is no surprise to us, but affordability surely is. Its keyboard encompasses around 61 keys that are quite responsive to touch and are fairly smaller especially when compared to a regular, full-scale one.

As far as the sound quality is concerned, Hamzer 61-key is remarkable through its built-in stereo speakers. You will also like its user-friendly LCD display that is simply balanced with colors and engaging when you customize things in accordance.

The most convincing quality of the piano is the incorporated- learning function that makes it a go-to instrument for all the newbies willing to learn, without any assistance.

The master-minds have also added 24 songs that can be treated as a fair beginning while you can use 255 rhythms along. Besides, it has the feature to record and playback just as you fuse sounds and enjoy the music exactly how you desire.

Other essential features:

  • 61 keyboard percussions
  • Adjustable metronome
  • Removable stand
  • Headphones and Microphones
  • Multi-purpose port


  • An economical start for beginners who can practice without troubling people through the use of headphones
  • It can be shifted anywhere owing to its battery-operated nature
  • Also accompanies external speaker for a bigger volume and assessment of the presentation

Yamaha YPT-260

Yamaha YPT-260 digital piano

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Hitting the list on number three is Yamaha YPT-260, yet again, another classic instrument primarily aimed for quality seekers. The keyboard of Yamaha YPT-260 is equipped with 61 keys through which you can practice and grow more progressively.

One of the most encouraging features of Yamaha YPT-260 apart from its compactness and the economical price is its custom LCD display that tends to be highly comprehensible from the beginners’ standpoint. Not just it makes the lessons more interesting, but understanding the keyboard functions also becomes easier.

There is AWM stereo sampling giving you access to some special instrument sounds, whereas Duo mode facilitates easy learning by allowing your instructor to use the keyboard at the same time.

Besides, if you are practicing in a group of friends, you can make the most from transpose function that supports playing with other players just like the duet, etc.

Other essential features:

  • Integrated amplification boosts
  • 384 instrument voices and 112 aboard songs
  • 6 ways of modification in Master EQ
  • One-touch settings
  • AUX-IN port


  • Outstanding sound reproduction with extra rhythms and voices for practice
  • Downloadable songbook assists the entry-level players with the sheet music; pianists should know how to read
  • Yamaha Education Suite for improving the playing skills through tasks limiting the use of a single hand or allowing the use of both

Casio PX-770

Casio PX-770 digital piano

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Casio is a reliable brand and hence, Casio PX-770 is no exception in quality. Similar to the keyboard of Lagrima 88 key, it is also based on 88 scaled hammer action keys hence, the exact finger precision can be expected with the use of Casio PX-770 as well.

There are 19 set voices and 60 integrated songs for you begin with variation whereas sound quality produced by AiR processing is a synonym of accuracy. It is designed with two 8-watt speakers, the power of which is beyond compare especially when pianos of the same range are weighed against.

Like any other best piano for the starters, the item by Casio also offers duet and dual-mode but a very interesting feature that heightens up its value is the layer balance feature that gives you the power to set the dominancy of a single tone while using the latter feature.

You can also record the performance and appraise it by utilizing a 2-track MIDI recorder.

Other essential features:

  • Advanced digital features like concert play feature
  • Chordana play app
  • Premium speakers


  • Two headphone jacks are specifically featured for players who desire to train in isolation
  • Through the concert play feature, players can also train with the concert play tunes
  • Chordana Play app involves smart learning that is not restricted to a certain instrument or place but wherever on any digital device owing to its on-screen keyboard display

Korg B1SP

Korg B1SP digital piano

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On last we have Korg B1SP on our list of Top 5 digital pianos for beginners. A very reasonable piano highly recommended for the amateurs having a limited budget but the reluctance to compromise on anything less in quality.

It comprises of a premium-grade, 88 keys keyboard based on the natural weighted hammer that gives you a playing experience just as with the acoustic ones.

Adding to its qualities, you get to play on a touch-sensitive keyboard that indicates that the more pressure you put, the better the sound!

Coming onto its look, the design gives it a more refined look whereas its operations are user-friendly in general. Not only the quality and design, but Korg B1SP also checks the portability factor which is something, starters generally prioritize.

The sound quality of Korg B1SP is no lesser than the typical Acoustic Piano. It employs a special technology called the KORG’s servo-assisted MFB that results in producing tones richer and comparable.

Other essential features:

  • 8 instrument sounds
  • Two 18W speakers
  • 120 note polyphony
  • Duet mode
  • Metronome


  • The cost and compactness of Korg B1SP are nearly ideal
  • Escorted with a superior sustain pedal
  • With the headphone jack, the practice can be done separately
  • Speakers are designed to function with MFB technology

Six Considerations Before Choosing A Digital Piano

Being in the beginners’ shoes, things can be very confusing for you. Of course, you aim to desire a quality piano that not only sits well on your needs but also your budget and so, you begin your search while keeping your preferences in mind.

Fundamentally, certain factors need a special emphasis during the purchase. For example:

1-   Key Response

Even though we generally prefer digital pianos in modern times, we still expect these instruments to produce that very original, acoustic sound. For that, stress on the weight, as well as the responsiveness of its keys.

No doubt, 100% similarity in sound is near to impossible but some contemporary instruments are offering some remarkable key actions for the genuineness you desire.

Thus, prioritize the ones with a hammer effect. Ideally, if you are new and are seeking it to set your fingers, we suggest a fully-weighted 88-key keyboard.

2-   Portability

You need not to think twice about the portability factor if you intend not to move your piano every now and then, but if you do, prefer the portable kind due to its easy transferability unlike contemporary and vertical.

Talking about portability, we do rule out stage category however, to get your hands on that, you need to become a pro first!

3-   Quality

You cannot overlook the quality factor, no matter how limited your budget is. Since the piano market is highly saturated with a variety of pianos, every brand is dealing with this cut-throat competition in a different manner.

For example, there is a clear possibility that a brand offering its product at a price lower than the standard market price is compromising on the quality of keys. In such a case, you tend to come across plastic keys.

If you spend a little more, you will manage to practice on keys based on artificial ivory that is not just good for the grip but for that customary feel associated with playing acoustic pianos.

4-   Combination Of Counterbalanced And Touch Sensitive Keys

Well, it may sound strange but your decision is largely based on what you will be getting in the form of keys- that is the functions and quality of the keyboard. If you are at a basic level, go for the mix of counterbalanced and touch-sensitive keys. Precisely, the experts suggest the same for its power to enhance your performance by working on your finger technique.

5-   Speakers

Of course, you aim to invest in music and thus, speakers share a great value for their ability to affect the audio output. Focus on what has been offered in the speaker’s section. That is the number of speakers, the power they possess and their size.

6-   Sound Quality

While speakers are regarded as significant, how can the sound quality get ignored? So, the last but not the least consideration is the sound texture and tone newbies need to have equal emphasis on.

If your budget is low, we fear whether or not you will make your way to better sound quality, but this is one crucial step that should not be missed especially when you aimed perfection in your skills.

Conclusion To The Top 5 Digital Pianos For Beginners

As per our thorough evaluation, we found the aforementioned digital pianos worth recommending. Each of these bears different values and qualities but it’s worth a shot.

While Lagrima 88 key is our topmost preference, you may find any other digital piano more of worth. Remember, different buyers have different needs and in the end, it’s all about priorities!


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