Let’s just say you are done with the beginner’s guitar and now it’s time to move on and find yourself works in a professional world. Something to improve your current playing style and dedicated to your career. Many of us can’t explain what it likes to have an instrument as a companion, this could be intense, passionate and involves no break-ups! While checking the best electric guitars for all budgets you might think about getting the best electric guitar under $1,000 which is a fair price for a decent guitar rig.

In this price point, fortunately, you can buy a bunch of different brands with the best feature up to date available. Now, it’s on your preference which electric guitar you choose for the rest of your musical journey. Let’s discuss some of the best electric guitars you can get under $1,000 budget.

7 Best Electric Guitars Under $1000

Fender Classic Series 50’s Stratocaster

Fender Classic Series Electric Guitar Under $1000

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The best guitar’s list often starts with the classical ones, what we have here today is the sweet old remembrance of 50’s era which has been modified to its original tune. The strat style of the Fender vintage model comes in Surf Green, Daphne Blue and Fiesta Red finishes which makes the guitar even more beautiful. The design also features a soft V-shaped neck and a maple fretboard which 8-hole pickguard. The pickguard is down with things like switch tip and knobs.

Fender Classic Series 50’s Stratocaster is one of the best electric guitars according to many guitarists. The reason for that is the optimum weight which is comfortable to play and not too heavy neither too light.

For someone who doesn’t know which electric guitar to buy under $1000, this is the one they often stuck to which is great! Even players who like the vintage-looking instrument that produces some deep and warm tones and comes with spectacular wireless guitar systems, 50’s Stratocaster will never cease to amaze them.

With nice sound and vintage-looking classical style, the guitar also comes with 3 different colors.

Schecter Hellraiser C-1

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar Under $1000

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Let’s get out gaze to something bold now, if you are looking for a bad boy in a guitar world, the Hellraiser C-1 by Schecter is your guy! You can see this guitar has one of the highest online rankings which is due to the multiple features it offers. Schecter Hellraiser C1 comes with a Grover tuner and Floyd-Rose Tremolo Bridge System which screams like a coming from a depth of hell and even awesome for the dive-bombing.

The neck and body of Hellraiser C-1 are made of mahogany, providing a full-access cutaway to target all the 24 jumbo frets on the fingerboard. The fingerboard is made of rosewood which feels great. No matter how bigger sized your concert hall of the jamming room is, Schecter Hellraiser always creates the massively uplifting sound which is ideal for classic rock lovers and metal-heads. You can also choose between three colors which are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Black Cherry

According to the reviews about Schecter Hellraiser C-1, it does everything imaginable, the only limitation it has is what you have in your mind!

Yamaha Revstar RS502T

Yamaha Revstar RS502T Electric Guitar Under $1000

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The design of Yamaha Revstar RS502T was inspired by the café racer motorcycles from the late ’60s done by the British and Japanese collaboration. So it looks exceedingly mechanical and bold! The high quality reaching and amazing playability makes it the best guitar under $1000 budget.

Like the best guitars, Yamaha Revstar comes to the point where innovation meets the tradition. The body is made of mahogany with maple top which somehow looks like Gibson’s Les Paul Doublecuts, some other features are 22-fret rosewood fingerboard, P-90 pickups ad 24.75-inch scale length. They may sound ordinary but with a touch of Yamaha, it has unique looks.

P-90 pickups are designed by Yamaha’s own Guitar Design, they featured the Alnico V Magnets, German Silver Baseplates with Plain Enamel Wires. These specs are more than just enough to produce some vintage tones with more bitting than a regular single-coil.

Yamaha Revstar RS502T also features another unique feature which is the Dry Switch. This Dry Switch is used to be engaged by pulling the master tone knob by the users. This will filter out all the low frequencies providing tones much clarity and midrange punch. On the body of Revstar, there are other controls like a master volume knob and a 3-way pup switch.

Schecter Synyster Gates

Schecter Synyster Gates Electric Guitar Under $1000

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Now let’s talk about the hard rock and genres like metal and Djent! This can be either a work of beauty of havoc depending on the guitar you have chosen to play. Schecter Synyster Gates is now affordable to purchase under $1000 which holds many important features you are going to need with these genres. Oh yes, the guitarist from Avenged Sevenfold also plays the same guitar and that’s how he got a heater for her thighs!

Schecter Synyster Gates is a little bit different than other electric guitars in many ways. It has a bolt-on mahogany neck which in comparison with the set neck is different, the fretboard is also made of Rosewood instead of ebony which is kind of expensive. The rosewood fretboard has a benefit of getting naturally oily which makes it super-fast to play. No one likes a dry fretboard which is not good for making extra overtones to make it fully tuned.

It has a glossy all-black finish which also displays the identical silver pinstripes. You will find plenty of original features in this model including Deathbat inlays with SYN style and Floyd Rose Tremolo. It also comes with a decent guitar case and it makes up to be the best electric guitar under $1000.

PRS S2 Standard 24 SATIN

PRS S2 Standard 24 SATIN Electric Guitar Under $1000

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The PRS guitars are well known for high definition sound with maximum clarity and articulation, also of this, the solidly constructed mahogany body makes the PRS S2 Standard 24 Satin makes it perform like a beast. Although the guitar itself doesn’t look like a high-end model and it also has dot inlays (not the PRS signature birds) with less glossy finish and no fancy flame maple top. But all these features that come later do not take to make a guitar perfect.

Many parts of this electric guitar are made of South Koran components like their 85/12 “S” humbuckers which are cheaper than available in the other PRS instruments. It projects the single-coil efficiency; these pickups can also be coil-split to become much glassier in feel.

S2 Standard 24 Satin also has a pattern regular neck which is not like most SE models. The neck is thicker but not as wide as the most player wants, this will provide the right space to the players which they lack in both Fender and Gibson’s neck. The fretboard radius on this guitar is 10-inch, other high-end features available in S2 Standard are:

  • PRS S2 locking tuners
  • Moulded Tremolo Vibrato Bridge and Tailpiece

Guild S-200 T-Bird

Guild S-200 T-Bird Electric Guitar Under $1000

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There are reasons why the Guild S-200 T-bird is added in the best electric guitar under $1,000 list, it’s the extreme performance, enhanced playability and versatility which it offers. The design and the specs of Guild S-200 T-Bird were inspired by Guild Thunderbird which was released in 1963. You will see many similar retro-inspired counterparts which involves1:

  • LB-1 humbuckers
  • Guild Headstock with open geared tuners
  • Completely adjustable Hagstrom Vintage Tremar bridge
  • Guild has been realistic with its asymmetrical body shape with solid mahogany work. The neck is also mahogany made which is very comfortable to play with. You can open this guitar to the wide horizons when it comes to the tonal power.

Ibanez Series Iron Label SIX6FDFM

Ibanez Series Iron Label SIX6FDFM Electric Guitar Under $1000

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In the realm of metal-targeted Ibanez Iron Label collection, the Series Iron Label SIX6FDFM is much simple and basic.

You will get to experience the beautifully crafted slim S series body which feels comfortable. The sparkling blue finish and ultra-slim Nitro Wizard neck is what makes SIX6FDFM one of the kind, also it has bound ebony fretboard. Needless to say, the electric guitar is best for the lead guitarists who want to come out as an expression.

The electronics of Ibanez Series Iron Label SIX6FDFM comes with two strong DiMarzo Fusion Edge ceramic humbuckers located at the bridge and neck. This will offer a rigid and hard-hitting metal tone to evoke the shocking values. The tuning stability with this guitar is solid which is the compliment given by the Gibraltar II fixed bridge and locking machine heads.

Best Electric Guitars Under $1,000 Buying Guide

This is the new era for the electric guitars, with the latest advanced electronics and solid hardware available everywhere. It is hard to follow which component in which guitar is premium designed or cheap quality, buying an electric guitar with $1000 can get you an excellent instrument, just like what we mentioned above.

What You Should Look in a Guitar Under $1000?

This price range is higher than $500, so you should expect quality woods, main components with an average design and hardware. The selection of the whole body wood is not so important as you can see many cheaper woods found in the high-end electric guitar models. Also checkout best electric guitars under $500 price range

The best wood you should consider to look upon is mahogany and maple which are used in making guitar bodies. You should also look for different options with the neck and fretboard materials like ebony that are used in the majority of cases.

It is not necessary to only work with the generic company made pickups, you can also select from a wide range of pickups available online depending on your style. In the upcoming time, there will be an era of active pickups that will be known for producing the bursting sound effects with massive output. This will bring good news for heavy metal and rock players around the world.

Also, choose the electric guitar according to your preference, some of us target the jazzy to death metal genre for which this price range can offer smooth playing and wild-looking guitars. You can also get vintage-looking guitars with the same components and hollow-bodied guitars which are also something!

You can find giant companies making electric guitar under $1000 such as Fender, Yamaha, and Gibson. This doesn’t mean you will overlook the Schecter, Ibanez or PRS for they offer the best features under this budget with multiple positive reviews.

Electric Guitar Under $1000 Should be New or Used?

This can be explaining with simple understandings, when you buy a new guitar you can replace or repair it easily if any problem arises like cracking or loosening of pickups. You will also leave home with a sense of peace that you have bought a good quality product that has no flaws, yet.

Buying used electric guitars can be risky unless you buy them from the trusted source. But there is also a catch! There will be the guitars who are vintage looking and can’t be found these days, you can get them in fair price which also would be in used form. But behold as these guitars get better with age and grow more value.


Buying a used guitar from Amazon would be a nice idea if you are looking for purchasing used electric guitar under $1000. Also, the top 7 electric guitars you can buy under $1000 includes every product that delivers outstanding musical experience and worth every single penny of yours.

But still, there can be room for more cash if you want to step ahead!