Now that we have gone through the best electric guitar under $500, $1000 and $1500, now is the time to move to something extraordinary. We are talking about the tone of the line instruments which have been signature models and some of them are the work of beauty with the beast inside. Best electric guitars under $2000 are specifically targeted for musicians who are willing to pay extra bucks for utmost quality sound and aesthetic looks.

Buying an electric guitar under $2000 means you’ve been already practicing and it’s time to have high-end models/models. It is true that the sound of signature model electric guitars have been crafted over the years by the other artist over their career.

In this platform ( we are solely dedicated to providing the most chosen options for users so there will be no chance of failure with these guitars. Every guitar that we have mentioned on this page has been tested for its sound, hardware quality and proper set of spec required by the users.

Skill-wise, an electric guitar under a $2000 budget tells that you are ready for getting in on in the studios, concerts at large places.

Our top 5 best reviewed electric guitars under $2000 are mentioned below with some information you might need later.

Best 5 Electric Guitars under $2000 in 2020

Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster Electric Guitar Under $2000

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In the domain of Fender fine guitar collection, the Stratocaster is one of the high-quality models with the high-end model price tag. The guitar has been the signature instrument of the Eric Clapton which you can also get under $2000 which is all set in when you look at the features.

First of all, the guitar has a soft V-shaped neck that is made of maple and is very comfortable to play. On the guitar there are 3 noiseless vintage pickups, these three noiseless pickups create way less noise than the traditional single-coil pickups by Fender. Along with this, you are going to get one typical volume selector and two tone controls and pickup switch for choosing different sounds with this Stratocaster.

There is an enhanced sound coming from Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster Electric Guitar which is due to the 25db mid-boost which offers users to sustain the notes while coming out from amplifier. The standard fender tremolo system is also a fine thing about Fender EC Stratocaster which makes it the best electric guitar under $2000.

Godin XTSA Solid Body 3-Voice Electric Guitar

Godin XTSA Solid Body 3-Voice Electric Guitar Under $2000

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For solid body lovers, Godin XTSA Solid Body 3-Voice Electric Guitar is living up to the mark under a $2000 budget. Some advanced features of this electric masterpiece make it ideal for a particular group of guitarists. The guitar offers a dual sound which is acoustic and electric, this feature is possible due to the onboard piezo pickup and the Godin humbuckers with Godin single-coil pickup.

The sound can be further improved by the 3 band EQ available on the guitar with the 13-pin synth output. This gives each string of the guitar its own pickups which can increase the possibilities for more tones and the best part about it works with the synthesizers. Godin XTSA Solid Body 3-Voice Electric Guitar offers users the acoustic and electric sound, 13 pins for other instruments that can connect gears other than the amplifier.

The body of the guitar is made of maple with rosewood fingerboard having 22 frets. In the end, you get volume controls, tone control, synth control, and a pickup selector switch.


ESP E-II FRX Electric Guitar Under $2000

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Those guitarists looking for a perfection combination of perfect sound and unique looks, the ESP E-II FRX/FM/RDB is the right type!

This electric guitar holds so many features, starts with the mahogany body and the flamed maple top. The neck of ESP E-II FRX/FM/RDB is also made out of maple with ebony fingerboard having 24 frets. One of the best things about this guitar is the availability of the original Floyd Rose Tremolo System; this can be helpful with bar tricks and other strumming stunts which comes as crazy as you’d like.

ESP E-II FRX/FM/RDB has got the Gotoh tuner which helps with the tuning stability. Also, the rigid Schaller Security Lock Strap buttons get the right grip so the guitar stays in one place. Along with the guitar comes an EMG 89R humbucking pickup located in the neck position and EMG 89 in the bridge.

The pickups of ESP E-II FRX/FM/RDB are the reason for its perfect rock and metal style sounds. In the end, there is a volume, tone and pickup selector switch which helps with the guitar’s electronics.

Fender Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar Electric Guitar

Fender Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar Electric Guitar Under $2000

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In the line of Fender signature guitars, there are either Telecasters or Stratocasters, while Jaguar is one of their vicious-looking models which is also the signature guitar of Johnny Marr. The singer belongs to The Smiths band founded in the UK in 1980.

The most promising feature of the guitar is Marr’s signature Bare Knuckle single-coil pickups. To help with the neck stability, there is a truss rod which is of vintage style. The fretboard on this guitar is rosewood with 22 frets. Overall, the guitar sports an alder wood body with lacquer finish. In the selector switch portion you are getting a volume, tone and pickup selector, but also the two upper-horn slide switches with provide multiple tones with these pickups.

Fender Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar Electric Guitar has Jaguar Bridge which has Mustang saddles, so if you are going for the boastful bar tricks the bridge is going to be stable enough.

Yamaha Revstar RSP20CR (Rusty Rat) Electric Guitar

Yamaha Revstar RSP20CR Electric Guitar Under $2000

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Yamaha Revstar is the series which displays the high-end models which worth every penny, review-wise Yamaha electric guitars has got plenty which supports the fact it is indeed a reliable company for guitars.

The Yamaha Revstar RSP20CR Electric Guitar Rusty Rat comes with the three-piece mahogany neck which provides the best stability feature. The guitar displays a mahogany body with a maple top, the fretboard is rosewood with almost 22 frets. Also, the humbucking Alnico Pickups are here with a Push/Pull dry switch for multiple tone production in this very guitar.

The guitar finish is flat with hand brush works for a vintage look. In the end, it has one volume, tone and pickup selector switch. The tuning stability with Yamaha Revstar RSP20CR is excellent because of a TonePros AVT-II Bridge.

Best Electric Guitars Under $2,000 Buying Guide

What You Should Consider Before Buying New Electric Guitar?

Now that you have got an electric guitar cost around $2000, it’s your job to keep it maintained and care about it. Some points here will help you do the best in this regard.

Electric Guitar Pickups

Pickups on the electric guitars under $2000 are generally well-constructed and don’t need much change. Changing the electric guitar pickups solely depends upon the sound fondness that you have been looking for.

Changing a guitar’s pickups usually cost you more so you should have this in your head, you should also search for various pickups before buying according to your own style. Some pickups sound better when attached with their ideal instruments so it’s better to look for the affinity.

Setting Up New Electric Guitar Under $2000

Every electric guitar under $2000 comes with factory setup but still, you need to put some additional efforts to make it playable according to your own preference. Some electric guitars intonation from the company is off so you want to consider turning it on yourself or take it to some expert in a nearby shop. This might be not an important part but it will help you the best guitar play with full tunes through the neck.

The action of most electric guitars was set according to factory setting which also needs to be raised or lowered as per your own taste. For example, blue players will increase the action to play the best blue music but at the same time, it makes shredding difficult.

Electric Guitars under $2000 Maintenance

The maintenance of the guitar is an integral part that you should never forget. It’s easy to maintain most guitars part from those having Floyd Rose, these guitars generally take more time to set up which can be hefty for some players.

Changing string is fun but you should also never allow the debris to settle in which is why you should wipe after each string change. You can sprinkle some water on the body and wipe it with a clean cloth just to get the polish to become shinier. Do not use so much polish but only a few drops, the guitar should be put in the case when it’s not being used to overcome the nicks and dings issues that keep on coming. Also checkout our latest collections of guitar strings for all guitar types

After using the guitar in a concert, make sure the debris on the fingerboard is removed. You can use linseed oil for cleaning these parts or simply take it to the guitar tech for maintenance if you can’t do it yourself to ruin an expensive electric guitar.

Final Words

Getting electric guitar spending bigger budget often comes with bigger problems. But these hassles are only at the starting point, after making few small adjustments to the guitar you can play it exactly the way you wanted. Never adjust the guitar if you don’t know-how, for this the guidance of an expert is mandatory.

If you are buying a new guitar make sure it is insured so your investments are not going to be wasted. Buying the best electric guitar under $2000 is the best choice you have made for your music career and at this point, there is no way you are going to be disappointed with the sound and quality of the instrument.

Our top 5 best electric guitar collections are all you need to fulfill multiple needs for many years to come.