Finding the best electric guitar under $500 is easy and there are some rules and considerations which can get you the best instrument under the right budget. The starting point is always from the guitar which has been used greatly and endorsed by the users. So stay tuned for the 5 best electric guitars under $500 with the buying guide having some solid points which factor to focus on.

The Top 5 Electric Guitar under $500 Budget

Schecter C-1

Schecter C-1 Electric Guitar Under $500

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Schecter Stealth C-1 is the metal guitar with so many built-in features in the six-stringed design. The South Korean company helped it becoming the most versatile guitar for rock music and under $500 you cannot find any other guitar with such remarkable construction and great value for money.

The design of Schecter C-1 is simple and normal, there is an arched top on the guitar with subdued finishes and subtle fretboard inlays. The mahogany body and set neck are complemented by the bund body and all-black colored hardware. It’s not the guitar you say No to.

You can play rock and metal sound without a single glitch, there is an impressive Schecter Diamon SuperRock-11 humbuckers which are responsible for the flat and dense tones. Comparing with the humbuckers of high-end guitars, this one isn’t so clear but with a sufficient amount of distortion you can get it done too.

Yamaha RevStar RS420

Yamaha RevStar RS420 Electric Guitar Under $500

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Yamaha is known for the creative works it puts in everything the company makes. Revstar is inspired by London and Tokyo’s old street-racing bike which is no surprise as you can tell by looking at this guitar.

Yamaha RevStar RS420 is the best mid-range guitar that comes with a beautiful retro style and a high level of comfort. The guitar sports a solid nato body with maple top and slim 22-fret nato neck. You can choose different colors as multiple options are available.

The humbuckers are specially designed in this price point; it comes with solid Dry Switch which offers a quality of single-coil tone which is a sign of versatility. RevStar is a lucky charm for those looking to buy vintage rock instruments.

PRS SE Standard 24

PRS SE Standard 24 Electric Guitar Under $500

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The PRS SE Standard 24 is made according to the need of user who wants to kill it on stage. It is not like PRS SE is inferior to the S2 version due to the vintage cherry-finished, the guitar, however, comes with bird inlays as a standard feature.

Another unique feature includes the non-locking SE-level tuners which are very much easy to work with. The vibrator is nearly similar to what appears in S2, with the electronics pre-installed in the cavity which you see with the traditional USA-made custom 24 design.

The guitar has no scratchplate, the SE’s standard 24’s action, and vibrator response may not be ideal but upon personal set-ups, by the guitarist, this issue can be resolved. When you listen to the tones it surely is beautiful and leveling up with the price with incredible rhythms and bitting lead tones are complete.

Epiphone Les Paul SL

Epiphone Les Paul SL Electric Guitar Under $500

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The guitar is the combined result of the Les Paul Junior and Melody Maker. Epiphone makes the most dazzling guitar body with kick-ass sound; the bodyweight is lighter than any electric guitar under $500 and also features the poplar body.

Les Paul SL sports single-ply pickguard which surrounds two Epiphone Bridge and neck which are:

  • 700SCT Bridge
  • 650SCR Neck

These are the single-coil pickups, the guitar also features a single-cut Les Paul Junior and there is no binding. The mahogany neck and a slim-taper D-profile neck shape with 22 medium jumbo frets, we think Epiphone Les Paul SL contains the best adjustable intonated “wraparound” stop bar tailpiece, “tophat” master volume controls and it has a 3-way toggle switch and premium die-cast 14:1 tuners.

The ceramic pickup you’ll find with Epiphone is available with dense body and roundness, making this single-coil touch-sensitive. Using a lose and cranky amplifier and you can still play soothing and well-balanced sound. The guitar is the best electric guitar under $500 for rock and blues, the tones are distinct with the cuts on their terms which play the flawless music coming from it.

Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet BT Single-Cut

Gretsch G5220 Electric Guitar Under $500

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Gretsch G5220 Electromatic is a sleek mahogany single-cut electric guitar which can give the rest of the electric guitar under$500 tough times.

This electric guitar is featuring two incredible responsive and high-tech BroadTron pickups. With Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet BT single-cut, users can manage to play the detailed, expressive and hard rock tones which need no explanations.

One thing you might notice is the fretboard is made of black walnut wood but still, the guitar performs smooth and elegantly enough to sound it like high-end guitar models. The BroadTron is there in humbucker-sized FilterTron style, this gives the guitar such a neat and spotless look with a touch of vintage Gretsch plunk.

You can expect the hard rock and metal sound with this guitar is a very easy way without any sweat being shed. The guitar has also harder-edged tones that are eloquent and powerful that come without losing any sight of articulation.

You can find Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet BT Single-Cut amazingly useful for creating and playing subtle work for music. The guitar’s low action and player-friendly tension will also have you waking up the audience.

Best Electric Guitar Under $500 Buying Guide

What You Should Be Looking For In a $500 Electric Guitar

You can’t just idolize a single factor and make your purchase based on that, different guitars are available that target people with different influences and objectives in the music field. If you are not a fan of vintage guitars you can get the ones designed after the 2000’s era. But to say not liking the vintage guitars is like saying no to the rock and metal legends.

In this article you won’t have to worry about the price range, we can get any company’s guitar at a high price but under a $500 budget, we got Epiphone and some other seriously sounding instrument that can change your perspective about low-end guitar models. This will go with Schecter and Epiphone which are kind of cool in this category.

Now that you are thinking to buy an electric guitar, go for the wood material first. There are cheap materials available with the guitars which you should be able to identify whether buying a premium range guitar from basswood or Sapele that comes with cheap guitars. Wood is an integral part of the guitar build which is responsible for the overall sound.

The next thing to consider is the pickups which are like the vocal cord of the guitar. Under $500, the majority of the pickups you will get either are humbuckers or single-coils which perform like a JIN during jamming, gigs and even practicing. You can also update the pickups to their counterparts under an easy budget.

Where to Buy Best Electric Guitar Under $500?

Spending $500 for a newbie is not easy and even for a person with a restricted budget. So everyone tries to get the most reliable, comfortable and playable instrument that sounds great. The best way to find the best electric guitar is by seeing the reviews from different platforms might get a visit to the local guitar retailers for checking it. As you learn more about new features in the guitar you will acknowledge the basic facts and hence know where to buy it from.

You can also hear how these guitars can play by visiting the Amazon site where you can find experts review. Or simply watch any YouTube video about which best priced electric guitar can kill it for you!

Should I go for New or Used One?

It depends, sometimes it’s okay to buy an old vintage looking guitar that gets better with age. Considering purchasing the new guitar comes with some obvious perks like you will be the first owner and also have a warranty which can get your refund in case of any damages.

Buying a used guitar will come at an affordable price and there are some pitfalls noted. Never buy an electric guitar without getting it checked on the amp, whether it’s new or old the amp will define the sound effects and will make it easier for you.

Still, if you are going for the used guitars, always choose the customer’s trusted and reputable online platforms., in this case, is most prestigiously renowned for these sorts of purchases.

Are The 5 Best Electric Guitar Under $500 for Beginners or Professionals?

ANYONE can buy and play the guitars mentioned above under $500 price range. It’s not like in this price range you will only get the ones for the beginners, indeed you will find a good combination of user’s experience with solid wood hardware for ideal Jazz and Metal plays.

Every best electric guitar under $500 that we mentioned has their online sources from where you can learn more about these wild creatures. With their top-most features and also the pros and cons to understand them clearly.

For beginners, it is recommended to go with the used guitars which are way affordable than newer ones. This way you can save a large chunk of cash for buying a solid amp, cables, pickups, and a strap.


Our guide for best electric guitars under $500 ends here, the top 5 best electric guitars under the right budget have been mentioned with their obvious remarks that you will notice in a single meeting with them.

The range of electric guitars stats from $200 and it can go up to $20,000 or more so whatever you have in your mind counts, the rest of the options are just revealing you the possibilities you can have under high budget.

You can either choose the best electric guitar right here or wait for another article to show up which portrays the best electric guitar under $1,000.