The reason why people are choosing an electronic drum pad is that they are smaller in size and can be easily taken anywhere. Not just the size, they are the step-ahead from the acoustic drum set which individuals with already basic skills can go to.

This article is about the top 6 electronic drum pads you can get online at a lower price range. Our digital drum pad selection is on the top list of some web pages because they are the best electronic drum pads in 2020.


Let’s get started with the Roland Octapad!

Roland Octapad SPD-30 Electronic Drum Pad

Roland Octapad SPD-30 electronic drum pad

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The history of Drum Pad is old as the Roland Percussion pad, Roland introduced the original octapad back in 1985 after which it became a revolution in the music industry.

Today’s Octapad by Roland is with more additional features like modern connectivity, additional sounds, sync options, and latest triggering technology.

Roland Octapad features a wide collection of board sounds as well as percussive sounds into work, but the only flaw is that users are unable to load their own samples on this pad.

The playability of this drum pad is very smooth, and the pads got an impressive playing response. The whole drum pad feels like an expensive product and it feels very good to play according to the users.

For anyone who wants a number of versatile sounds in a small unit, Roland Octapad Electronic Drum Pads are the ideal tool, apart from those who want to use bespoke samples for liver performance or in the band.

Yamaha DTX-Multi Electronic Drum Pad

Yamaha DTX Multi Electronic Drum Pad

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Talking about a plethora of pre-loaded samples, the Yamaha DTX Multi Electronic Drum Pad comes with 1,061 drum samples and 216 keyboard samples which are all built-in.

One of the great features about this drum pad is the 12 velocity-sensitive rubber pads that give it a thick and responsive sense. Users can play smooth tunes with their fingers or hands for a live percussion stirred performance for the crowd.

Within a self-contained unit, any user who uses a hand for a full palette percussion sound! The pre-loaded sounds make this drum set pretty versatile which has 12 different pads that are highly responsive.

Yamaha DTX also provides room for another 5 additional drum pads or triggers with the inputs, making it sounds like an electronic drum set!

Comparing it to the famous brands, Yamaha DTX has relatively small onboard memory which to some users is difficult to navigate. But it comes at an ideal price!

Alesis SamplePad Pro

Alesis SamplePad Pro electronic drum pad

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Not everyone can afford the price for Electronic Drum pads, this is where Alesis pops up and make things easier for people with tight budgets. Alesis Sample pad pro is a great mid-level model device that has many reasons to buy.

AlesisSamplePad Pro external pads are extensive so users can make this their own mini electronic drum kit out of it. Another great feature is the ability to add the custom samples on this box, considering the cheap price of this drum pad you are getting a quality product offering features of highly-priced drum pad device.

The playability of Alesis Sample Pad Pro may not be good as Yamaha DTX or Roland Octapad but still, under the constrained budget it can be a pretty good option.

The sample pad can be used for practicing, as an addition to your drum set, as a MIDI controller for other devices and as a mini-drum kit which can only happen if you extend the additional pads.

Kat Percussion KTMP1

Kat Percussion KTMP1 electronic drum pad

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If you are looking for simple and affordable electronic drum pads in 2019, make sure the KAT Percussion KTMP1 is on your list. Kat Percussion can be the best addition to both of your electronic and acoustic drum kits in a small-sized drum pad quality.

The sound and hardware quality with this brand is pretty tight, the unique feature is you can divide this into 4 separate pads.

Kat Percussion KTMP1 is a compact drum pad with over 5 drums and percussion sounds. There is room for more expansion of sounds, for example, you can connect the hi-hat controller as well as a kick pad controller.

The best thing about KAT PERCUSSION is the ideal price which makes every drummer like he/she can buy it anytime.

Roland SPD-SX

Roland SPD-SX electronic drum pad

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Roland SPD-SX is a famous brand for custom players who like to expand their own setup, especially the DJ’s who prefers more triggered sounds while performing. This is because Roland SPD is a sampling pad, not the percussion pad.

Under the right cost, Roland SPD has an Octapad with a sampling feature. Drummers can load their own samples which are offered by only limited versions of electronic drum pads.

This sample sound inclusion can be done by using audio software after you prepare the wav file format on PC.

Roland SPD-SX drum pads have 4 Gigabytes memory which allows users to store 720 minutes of samples, you can also expand the memory using USB mass storage depending on your needs.

Many users choosing Roland SPD-SX for its cheap price, built quality ad because it has pad triggering technology.

With cheaper alternative products you can get crazy cross-talk between pads. An example of this is hitting one pad and another one triggers. This can be a problem for drum sounds, but it is much worse if a wrong sample is triggered in the middle of a performance.

If you are serious about incorporating a sampling pad into your setup. You definitely need to invest in a quality model like the Roland SPD-SX.

The one drawback about this drum pad is, it cannot produce phrase loops on the fly, just like you can do with Octapad.

PylePro PTED01 Drum Pads

PylePro PTED01 Drum Pads

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PyeloPro has introduced numerous drum sets, with PTED01 they took it to the whole new level by making it more compact and easy to buy. The compact size is ideal for music lovers who travel a lot. If you look it closely, PTED01 doesn’t come in traditional packaging like in terms of pay layout but it still rocks the show!

The feedback of these pads by the stick is solid and gets noticed from far away, some of us were amazed when finding out this drum pad comes with 25 drums presets, 200 percussion samples and lots of more features.

PylePro PTED01 comes with both hi-hat and kick drum pedals under the right budget.

Best Electronic Drum Pad Buying Guide

Before purchasing the electronic drum pad, here is what quick buying guide will help you understand their basics.

What Are Electronic Drum Pads Actually?

Drum pads are just like the regular pad found on the electronic kit which literally isn’t incorrect. Within a compact self-contained system, the pads act as the major instrument with the addition of an existing kit. As a newbie there may be so many things in your mind about electronic drum pads, in short, they are beginner electronic drum kit crammed in a single panel.

There are multiple verities, in this type of drum kit that will be further explained below.

Who Should Buy or Play Electronic Drum Pads?

Electronic drum pads can be molded into any environment or user application, but in reality, the drum pads are used by the drummers who want to attach the forceful kit without spending too much money. The idea of getting an electronic drum pad is to add different toms and cymbals that your existing drum set doesn’t have.

For someone who is not into so much of modern or traditional genres, they can simply load the pad full of samples as a percussionist. There can be plenty of things done with buying electronic drum pads as it offers endless options only in the drumming field.

Drummers who want to practice drumming can use electronic drum pads as an alternative to their expensive drum kits, or to use them as MIDI Controller. Much or less you are going to get the same experience that depends on the quality of the pads you have.

Electronic Drum Pads – What Can They Do?

Smartly speaking, drum pads are made for, only to allow users to trigger different samples on a board that is present in a compact form.

Having said that, Electronic Drum Pads are not the ideal kit for practicing drumming, except for the most basic drum stick skills. As the electronic drum pads are packed into smaller devices, there are some limitations that you cannot go beyond.

Electronic drum pads are heavily integrated which can work well with decent samples and presets, this also means that you won’t get the same amount of options as you would on a full-sized kit. The standard electronic drum kit comes with a separate module, different multi-zone pads, cymbals and more that in comparison to electronic drum pads are giving massive options.

With the help of these, users can customize their own libraries after getting an affordable model.

Types of Electronic Drum Pads

Electronic drum pads are of 2 different types, the first one is with the grid pattern pads while the other pads emulate the standard layout from the standard drum kit in a reduced platform. Many beginners are seeking to learn drumming techniques to get started, but at this point, many people ask if the small pads are really enough for you to learn standard drumming techniques?

Surely it can! It teaches you to practice positive stick bounce on a surface that besides feeling like a real pad produces the sound that feels very rigid and real. Some electronic drum pads come with foot pedals and hi-hats which triggers heavy feedbacks and improves the learning process for drumming.

User’s motor skills are entirely responsible for learning how to beat these small drum pads, you also need to learn to move your feet and arms in a particular fashion in which this small device can be really useful for instead of a full-sized kit.

What Are the Features of These Digital Drum Pads?

Electronic Drum Pads are actually the sound modules with built-in pads on the tops, they are packed with so many features. The modern full-sized its comes with factory setup modules that allow the user to bring in some customizations, the electronic pads, on the other hand, especially the higher or mid-range ones allow for full user customization.

There will be the loading of different samples, presets and more stuff. Most of the drummers use the pads as the most integral part of the kit that should run any type of tones for them whether it came from an actual drum kit sample or something of their own, this is where they take the liberty to go for the built-in sound in the library.

Do Electronic Pads Have Recording Potentials?

One of the great benefits of owning electronic pads is when you record at home, it gives you pretty magnificent sounds. The home studio doesn’t allow the large kits, amps, and guitars, but it can surely allow smaller sized electronic drum pads. These drum pads are ideal for the home studio and those people who want to play out the drum lines instead of keep typing them out.

But first, you need to connect the electronic drum pads to your computer using the USB drive. Also, if any tune comes in your mind and you want to pen it down to something, standard-sized drum kits are not ideal for those but the electronic pads surely are! They can play the line that came to you right away!

Final Verdict

Electronic Drum Kits are from the class of drums, but they are not like the standard kit. Their small size makes them ideal for recording in the home environment as well as provides flexibility while learning the process. If you are a professional drummer, buying electronic drum pads can be a marked addition to your standard drum kit, beginners can get a decent practice rig where they can experience new skills to learn.

The best 6 electronic drum pads described above come all in user-friendly price and customizations just perfectly to understand the basics of drumming. Stage performers are the most anticipated crowds who make, produce and alter their abstract sounds to something professional. You can do that too!


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