Finger picks were invented long before the standard guitar picks to enable the fast strumming for those who cannot use their fingertips properly. Some music styles, these days must have the use of Finger picks for rapid strumming and power chords.

If you are using Finger picks, then you may belong to the Mandolins and Banjos genre of music which are the perfect example of fingerpicking sounds. Some acoustic guitars used in playing flamenco and Latin style music uses the Finger picks or longer nails can also do the trick.

Finger picks like many other gadgets have multiple varieties available these days and choosing the right fingerpick is a must because that’s how you are going to achieve the best playability.

Let’s take a look at some of the best fingerpicks in the market currently.


Best 5 Finger Picks in 2020

Dunlop 37R.018 Brass Fingerpicks, 20/Tube

Dunlop Brass finger picks

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Dunlop is serious about the business of making Fingerpicks in many shapes and sizes. The materials used in the construction are also many in number so choosing the right one for you is a prerequisite. Dunlop is the company that senses the basic needs of every player and that’s how they make their musical tools.

The ideal size for many picks is 0.13 inch-0.25 inch, made from brass and sounds sharper. Whereas metal-based picks are known for delivering the sharper tones than other materials.

Brass picks have more benefits such as it is flexible with the fingers, has more pliability and can be molded to finger size. Unlike hard metal picks, you can play more quickly with the brass pick.

Dunlop ensures the quality in each of the fingerpicks it has made, this one is produced and available in various gauges and sizes.

It comes with a $20 price tag and it’s a choice of many experts in the US or Finland.

National NP-2B-4PK Finger Picks – Brass

National NP-2B-4PK Brass finger picks

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The late musicians who gave us the magical sounds and tones in the ’60s were familiar with the brand National. The fact they have been making instrument picks since the 1930s strikes a vivid reputation and respect.

National Finger picks are the choice for almost every banjo player around the corner for its crispness and clear sound, at the same time they are comfortable to wear and available in a pack of 4. The thumb pick, however, is purchased separately.

National finger picks are not for every instrument since they come in only quarter-inch size. Banjo players can use it with ease, but the acoustic guitar players need to be careful, beginner players should not use this pick if they are trying to get one.

It is made from Brass which is known for giving clear but light and crispy sound than most metal picks. The price for this 4 pack fingerpicks is under mid-range.

Alaska Pik Finger picks, Large

Alaska Pik Finger picks

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Some guitar players prefer to play with their fingers because according to them, they get to feel the string more pronounced and the music itself. But when the nail breaks which is somehow the outcome of playing with the fingernails, some players find it difficult to carry on the session.

Alaska Pik has an interesting design that slips over the finger and comes under your nail. You will feel like you are playing with your fingers and the chances of breaking a nail are totally subsiding.

These finger picks are made from Acrylic and can also be filled to suit your finger anatomy, what suits your finger definitely gives you impressive playability. The best part about Alaska Pic is it won’t break your nails and save your fingers from being damaged.

The price for this pack contains 12 and is not expensive at all.

Dunlop 9020TP Shell Plastic Finger and Thumbpicks

Dunlop 9020TP Shell Plastic finger picks

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These finger and thumb picks are the definition of simplicity and clarity, made from plastic and comes with alluring designs.

One of the great advantages of using plastic picks is they can be used with any instruments virtually and are not hostile at all.

You can play with Dunlop Shell Plastic Finger and Thumb picks a Nylon Stringed Guitar which will sound even nicer and warmer.

Plastic picks may be very easy to play with but they are not the match with the metal picks when it comes to sharper tones.

These picks come in a smaller size so if you got big fingers you might want to reconsider. Not that these fingerpicks suit every player’s hands, but their sound is decent and neutral.

These fingerpicks come at a very inexpensive price and each pack contains a thumb pick and 3 finger picks.

Tone Deaf Music Metal Finger Picks

Tone Deaf Music Metal Finger Picks

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Tone Deaf Music introduced the set of 4 finger picks in their latest design. It is not plastic or acrylic, but stainless steel which delivers more decent sound than any material available.

The finger picks to improve the consistency of your music and longevity of the hardware, the design is flawless which utilized a narrow band fairly rounded band of metal instead of a solid piece f metal shaped from the tip.

Tone Deaf Music Metal Finger picks are openly designed, meaning they can be played with banjo, lap steel or others with the classic sharp tone you have ever noticed.

Best Finger picks Buyer’s Guide for 2020

Purchasing finger picks isn’t rocket science which needs so many considerations. Even then you must keep the following things in mind.

Position and Deliverances of Tones

The resonators and banjo, guitars are mostly played by the metallic finger picks. If you are not into producing thin and squealing sound, choosing the metal Finger picks. This can fit many styles of music, but the true sound can be observed when you play Bluegrass or Country music.

If you are more into jazz and blues, choosing brass finger picks is the best option for you. Always make sure what you are going to get if you purchase the following Finger picks.

Importance of Finger picks

The importance of Finger picks has not been acknowledged by many people, even those who are into music. Only the true musician can tell you the difference in tones and harmony of the music and the relationship of Finger picks with that. It doesn’t matter if you choose small or big Finger picks, whichever influence your music sense is the best one.

Question: What Are the Picks for?

Picks are for creating more pronounced and open sound while you are playing, it also determines the music objectives of a musician. Playing with metal picks is good as well as bad for acoustic guitars because not everyone finds metal picks smooth and reflecting true sounds.

Try to play the banjo, guitar with metallic picks and then plastic ones, you will notice the great difference which wouldn’t be good or bad but has its own standard.

Plastic Vs Metal Picks

It all depends on your application platform; some instruments adore the touch of brass picks while other responses to the metallic one nicely. Plastic picks are usually the inexpensive option for the users and they can also be adjusted to your finger size.

The sound they make is also very much better, whereas metal picks last longer and hardly adjusted to the fingers, but has more defined sound and striking charming but only on the steel strings.

Comfort and Ease

Unless you are comfortable while wearing fingerpick, it is useless to perform since you won’t sound right. Some fingerpicks are too tight that they start to cause abrasion and take the skin off, they must be loosening up to the finger size so that they won’t get extra loose and fall off.

Some players respond to the picks differently, for example wearing plastic made fingerpicks can let you play with comfort and also improves your improvisation ability.

The connection of our comfort level with the picks is directly related to the playability.

Final Verdict

We could have simply added the cheaper Fingerpicks made by some unknown manufacturers. But then the very notion of best fingerpicks of 2020 will be dissolved.

This is why we have gathered the fingerpicks from the best brands and manufacturers who have a history with the music instruments for decades. Choosing the right fingerpicks will ease your ways to learn and play the guitar of any kind.

But if you were born with rigid fingers and can play with your hands, always make sure the nail of your fingers remains not too vibratory which will increase the chances of them breaking.


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