Choosing a guitar pick is like adding armor to your fingers despite you is the master of fingerstyle technique. Choosing your first personal guitar sounds like an experience of a lifetime, but at the same time, we don’t pay much attention to the guitar picks. It is the holding and banging technique which produces decent from your guitar.

Choosing the best guitar pick is also the ground where you need to stay focused because the pick you choose will define your destiny in the music world- In short, it’s a Pick of Destiny my friend!

Let us show you the 7 best guitar picks you can find online under an easy budget and convenience.


Top 7 Guitar Picks Available of 2020

Fender Premium Picks Sampler

Fender Premium guitar picks

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I mean, who hasn’t heard this name, they are the greatest guitar makers in the world and so far they also came up with some standard style picks for the users.

The Fender Premium Picks Sampler comprised 24 picks which are thin, medium and thick picks made from celluloid.

The standard material for the majority of picks is the same, but the sample also features different sizes. Picks made from celluloid generally produces a bright tone, if you are a strumming person then using thin picks is for you.

The sampler has multiple sizes that cover almost every music genre.

Dunlop PVP101 Pick Variety Pack

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In the world of guitar picks, Dunlop holds a reputable place in making industrial standard picks. Dunlop, like fender, is also offering different samples of picks that users can try out.

They feature thin/medium, medium/heavy picks in different materials.

In the package there are .60 and .73 Nylon Standard, .60, .73 Nylon Max Grip, .60, .73 Tortex, .60, .73 Ultex; .58, .71 Gator Grip; Thin and Medium Celluloid. Both tortex and nylon represent different styles in terms of thickness and sound, but tortex has cheaper ones.

ChromaCast Sample Pack

ChromaCast guitar picks

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ChromaCast is known for making a decent variety of guitar picks which are also used by the stage performers who like to play rough.

The picks are similar to the fender pick sampler as they are made from fine grade celluloid, but it comes in different colors and even Abalone design.

You will also get multiple gauges with this pick, from the lightest to heavy gauge picks, this is the package you can find everything into.

In the price of 1 fender pick, pack, you can get the 3 packs from ChromaCast.

Fender Moto Style Guitar Picks

Fender Moto Style Guitar Picks

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Not every one of us is keen on purchasing guitar pick every second day, so if you want a pick that you can hold onto for a long period, that’s it!

The Fender Moto Style Guitar Picks are made from premium quality cellulose and it comes in a pack of 12.

The standard pick design by fender allows the users to play any type of guitar and music with greater tones as a result.

The pack comes in black and blue color and both of them are available in Abalone type design.

Talking about price, Moto Style has been the cheapest guitar picks version ever launched by Fender.

Dunlop Tortex Standard

Dunlop Tortex Standard Guitar Picks

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Dunlop Tortex Standard makes their picks from the tortoiseshell which is popular amongst various bands.

The feel and size are on industrial standards and there are multiple varieties available from where you can choose your thickness, pack size and other additional gauges.

When it comes to playability, texture, and feel, Dunlop will never disappoint you for a Sec since it has been used by both amateur and professional players.

There are choices of thickness and quantity which may fit your budget perfectly.

D’Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid

D-Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks

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These are the standard shaped picks from another industry standard. D’Addario is the trustworthy brand in the music industry and the celluloid medium gauge picks are great for the players who do strumming and plucking.

Suited to your personality, the pick allows you to play smooth and with most versatile gauges.

The pack contains 10 picks which are medium-sized, standard shape and versatile for different music genres.

Mudder Assorted Celluloid Guitar Picks

Mudder Assorted Celluloid Guitar Picks

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Last but not least, check out his assorted pack from Mudder. Like fender, these picks are created from celluloid and available in standard pick design, the special thing about this it comes with different gauges varieties.

There are 20 picks in the package with 4 different colors which can allow users to identify the pick he played last time. For someone who is learning guitar on a tight budget, this can be the doorway to your musical salvation!

Best Guitar Picks Buyers Guide

What Should I look for When Purchasing Guitar Picks?

Whether you are new in the guitar field or want to buy a new style of pick for your flavor, few things should be remembered before. Some factors can tell you which picks should be ideal for you and which one to buy.

What you should look for is the right size and shape along with the gauges and material you need. Some of us are into rhythm playing for which thinner gauge will be ideal which also improves the flexibility during the play. If your taste in music is a bit diverse, then choosing a medium gauge pick is recommended.

Then comes the guitar players who are mostly lead ones and require a responsive attack, for this purpose the thicker pick will do the thing.

Guitar picks shape are similar to one another, the Dunlop standard size pick is the type we are talking about. But some players like to perform with smaller pick which helps them get closer to the strings. Smaller picks can speed up the process of playing action and when you are trying to play it fast.

Do I Need to Use a Pick?

It is not certainly necessary to use the pick in ever jamming session, it all depends on the goals you are trying to reach. Some guitarists in this world never used a pick, but these cases are very rare.

The use of pick creates more responsiveness from your music than playing solo with the fingers. Individuals who do not use picks have high chances of making major mistakes while playing, however, some guitarists never did any mistake and they used their fingers whole life.

Fingerpicking is the whole different type of pick that we will also talk about. But this is limited to the acoustic guitars and concise genres such as folks and singer-songwriter style music. Fingerpicking gives us the ability to use our fingers as opposed to a pick that gives the artist discriminative ability and tones.

You can hit multiple strings simultaneously and it won’t even rake them! Lead guitar players and full time strumming masters may find this trick quite useful.

How to Use a Pick?

This is the most frequently asked questions in the guitar player’s domain about how to use the guitar pick perfectly. Holding picks right is the key to play the guitar right, so here we go.

Make an Ok, sign with your thumb and index finger

  • Stick the pick between thumb and index finger
  • The pointed edge should face downward, giving your wrist ideal angle to navigate strings
  • Pick fixes between the thumb and finger and allows you to execute any type of movement
How Many Types of Picks are there?

Speaking of types of guitar picks, well there are dozens of pick styles and but the common ones are standard celluloid and tortoiseshell pick which most guitarists stick with. The nylon picks are generally more responsive to the grip with ideal texture which can increase the rate of aggressive music playing.

Jazz Picks are smaller in size and offer easy grip for the users, jazz picks are also user-friendly when it comes to getting you close to the action when it is demanded.

Thumb and Fingerpicks are sorts of a loop around the fingers which makes every finger works like a pick. The use of Fingerpicks is only executed by the specialized guitar players who can play with them perfectly.

Final Words

For the guitar players, a pick is something without which you mostly considered yourself naked or unprotected. Learning something new about guitar accessories every day can help you understand the basic facts about how to play it right.

Our choices of picks depended on the beginner’s playability and budget in which you can get the top 7 cool guitar picks in 2020 mentioned right above.

Generally, it is difficult to quench everybody’s taste so be sure to experiment with various brands, gauges, and sizes. But to be more precise, you can make your life easy by having an extra guitar pick with you.


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