Buying guitar for yourself with small hands and fingers can be tricky, but it’s okay because the best guitars for small hands is not any different than the standard guitars.

Individuals with smaller hands are not always able to play the guitars comfortably, and that’s why they try to search for different options.

Some aspects of the guitars for small hands must be taken into consideration, we are highlighting the basic points as a buyer’s guide so you can get the best guitar in the 2019 market.

Best 5 Guitars Ever Known for Small Hands

Below is the description of the world’s most-selling guitar brands for small hands and for children who are seeking mastering the guitar techniques.

The price of each piece is given in the link provided after every description.


Yamaha APXT2 3/4 – Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Size Acoustic Electric Guitar for Small Hands

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Yamaha APXT2 is the smaller and refined version of Yamaha’s best-selling APX500II. The Yamaha APXT2 is a black super electro-acoustic guitar that features a single-cutaway Thinline body.

The compact scale is of ¾ with laminated spruce on the top with the dark meranti back and sides.

What makes Yamaha APXT2 ideal for smaller hands is the smooth nato neck which is very comfortable to hold onto and play.

This has a rosewood fretboard with around 21 frets, the tuners come with the guitar are decent and there is also a gig bag available.

Technically speaking, Yamaha APXT2 comes with a smart and user-friendly ART-based preamp and system 68 contact pickup.

They provide the controls over volume and tones, the built-in internal tuner makes sure every sound that comes out is perfect.

Fender Mustang Electric Guitar

Fender Mustang Electric Guitar For Small Hands

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The Fender Mustang is another good choice for users with small hands, the famous electric guitar is known for its short scale and easy playability.

Fender by Mustang is a part of the company’s Offset series which comes with an impressive lightweight body that resembles the Mustang nature of beauty.

The neck is smooth, satin-finished maple with 24” scale length, this can be fun to play and easily controlled.

In the stock of Fender Mustang, the single coils deliver high quality and clear sound which is ideal for the musical genres like funk or punk rock.

There are other options like fender, but one of them can deliver this same sound under such a good price range.

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Baby Taylor BT2 Guitar for Small Hands

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Those who are the fan of crispy and mellow sound inspired by the Classic Country Rock, Taylor BT2 is the best one in town.

Baby Taylor features with a ¾-size 6-string guitar with a solid mahogany dreadnought body that is coated Sapele on back and sides.

The bass with this guitar is stronger than many brands for smaller hands, as acoustic guitar Baby Taylor BT2 comes with the best frequencies which mainly includes solid middles and crisp trebles.

Taylor guitars are always the best tools for a bone-chilling stage performance that promises a fair price. The hardware is of high quality plus it does get the job done for small hands.

Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

LX1 Little Martin Guitars for Small Hands

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Little Martin LX1 is the smallest guitar in this category that is made by the American company.

The company ensures the best playful sounds for people with small hands, the solid body pours amazing looks on the guitar that can you flaunt everywhere you take it.

Like baby Taylor, little martin also comes with an impressive bargain, the top is sculpted from solid Sitka spruce.

The back and sideshow detailed works on high-pressure laminate mahogany.

When it comes to the top of the hardware of this guitar, users will find that this company works on the norm of eco-friendly thought! You will find a rusty birch laminate neck with a fretboard of 20 frets.

Whatever size of your hand is, the bright tones with balanced sound are guaranteed. Little Martin is a sleek looking guitar, which can also be the tool for small hands.

Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar

Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Guitars for Small Hands

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Squier Vintage is the unusually shaped electric guitar for small hands which is made by none other than fender!

The guitar features remarkably smaller scale length and is more affordable so you can have a taste of jaguar like speed in those tiny hands.


  • Classic offset jaguar body shape
  • 24” scale length
  • Playable maple neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • 22 medium jumbo frets

The color of Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar is very odd and appealing to the eyes, the body is made from solid basswood and finished with a range of different color i.e Surf Green.

Fender Squier is packed with impressive electronics with two single-coil pickups and duel circuit control for versatile and solid tones.


The myth about “Small Hands Cannot Play Guitar”, Is It Real?

If you have smaller hands and not making progress in learning about how to play guitar, then it’s not because of the hands but the beginner crisis.

Every student faces this problem while learning guitar at the beginner’s level, this is unlikely that due to the smaller hands you are not able to play the guitar because we have seen people who with small hands can play it like an angel from hell! If you have smaller hands and found it difficult to play guitar, always remember to polish the skills first.

Some people with bigger hands also find it hard to stretch their fingers even when they try hard. While there are many 6-7 years old children who can get their fingers perfectly fixed around the standard guitar and play the melodious tunes, but this happens after proper training.

If you are thinking about playing guitar, has something to do with the size of your hands, you are not wrong! But its majorly due to the finger stretching phenomenon which guitar expects you to do it in quite unusual ways.

Let us know if you are feeling pain because that would be because of the stretching the hands instead of its size. In this guide, you will learn to play guitar with small hands that are very easy when you have trained your fingers properly.

Full-Sized Standard Acoustic Guitar for Small Hands

Some standard acoustic guitars are comfortable to play even when you have smaller hands. Some of us instantly skip the part where they see full-sized guitar for small hands, which shouldn’t be like this.

While every person’s hand size is somehow different, you will also find the size of the full-sized guitar slightly differently. The degree of their comfort also defines the playability by the small hands.

There are those full-sized guitars with heavy bulk that seems impossible to play with small hands, while some full-sized ones are more comfortable to play than Ukulele. Considering you have small hands and want to play standard full-sized guitar, here are two important aspects to ponder upon.

  1. Guitar Body
  2. Guitar Neck for Small Hands

guitar body anatomy for small hands

The Guitar Body with Small Hands

Your guitar body shape and size define if smaller hands will able to play it. This is one of the important parts before purchasing a standard guitar for smaller hands, which many companies also focus on these days. For instance, big and heavy acoustic guitars can bring problems to short-heighted people or those with small hands.

Usually, kids find it difficult to reach the neck of the guitar while holding the heavy body which is an utter devastating part for him. The same kid can handle the electric guitars with more comfort since the bulk is reduced with the sleek design.

There is a great feature of the slim guitars, one can reach the strings with complete ease without hurting their feelings. But again, playing full-sized steel-string acoustic guitars can be impossible to play even with big hands.  Electric guitar with redefined shape can perfectly sit on your lap and easy to play with.

Guitars With Thin Neck for Small Hands

Guitars with full-sized bulk have different guitar necks, this difference comes in the height and length of the neck, which may or may not be comfortable to reach.

There are variations between the neck of different guitars, although they are full-sized the neck size makes them easy and difficult for the users with small hands. For example, Fender is way easier to play than the Ibanez series, the length of their neck determines how close the frets are.

If the standard guitar has a long neck, chances are the distance between each fret is larger. Small hands people choose the reduced size guitar for the same reason as they don’t need to stretch their fingers for the frets which are far-off.

But the length of the neck of the guitar is not to worry about, it is the width and radius of the neck that matters! Guitars with the thick and chunky neck are usually harder for users with small hands, they just cannot wrap their hands around the neck which affects the overall playability.

Getting Best Guitars for Smaller Hands

There are sundry reliable options to choose from but you also need to stretch out the fingers to improve your guitar’s neck-grabbing skills. Some exercises for the hands and fingers are easy to memorize and with constant practice, you can hold onto any full-sized guitar properly.

The important key is persistency which can be pretty boring at times, but always note down to relax your fingers and never push them when you are at the brink of pain. Starting from the higher fingerboard position on the guitar is the leading way and coming to the lower position says you are now in the advanced mode of practice.

Our Final Verdict

Learning about guitars suited for small hands, sure there are different options but what feasible is that’s under your budget. When it comes to your personal needs in terms of playability and the size, each guitar, which we mentioned is up to the mark and ready for action.

But learning the guitar with small hands can be difficult at first and is not about the size of your hand but how far you can stretch your fingers.



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