Hollow and Semi-Hollow body guitars are widely used, but back in the 1930s, it was the time for their beefy sound. This has been remarkable events for many players who witnessed legends performing with hollow and semi-hollow guitars without using any form of electronic amplifiers.

For those users who are seeking hollow and semi-hollow electric guitars, this is the platform with the simple and basic knowledge about this stuff. The best guitar market is very much competitive; every other brand is coming with some new features which fade the user’s criteria about learning the music.

Our motto here is to make you aware of some basic understandings without going to the expensive brands which surely newcomers cannot buy instantly. Let’s take a look at our best semi-hollow and hollow body guitar and then discuss the best guitar buyer’s guide.


Top 6 Hollow and Semi-Hollow Guitars of All Time!

Ibanez AS53TRF Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

Ibanez AS53TRF Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

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Ibanez guitars have been in the US around 1945 where a Japanese man Matsujiro Hoshino purchased the rights of the name Ibanez for which he used to work before. Later on, he started delivering the funky looking guitars to every departmental store of the US.

Ibanez AS53TRF Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar is versatile in nature, meaning it can play the music of any genre with full potential. Some guitars start off engaging feedback while performing on the stage, but that’s not the case with the AS53TRF.

The guitar’s pickups are mounted into a fixed block for feedback elimination and this way it will sustain any tune. The ACH pickups emanate a warm tone with the quick response a user can experience.

For every player whether he is a beginner or professional, reaching out for the notes can be difficult. When you take a look at Ibanez AS53TRF strings, the 17th fret joints enable you to access the higher notes with easiness and comfort.

Gretsch G6136T White Falcon Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Gretsch G6136T Hollow Body Electric Guitar

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Gretsch is an American musical brand which is involved in the manufacturing of electric guitars, best bass guitars and drum sets, The company was founded by a German citizen back in 1883 where the concept of music was barely understood by many.

Someone who has been working on the string game, the Gretsch G6136T is the best way to intrigue the performance level with a taste of classical and deep complex sounds. By holding, the guitar feels comfortable and nice, plus it has two highly sensitive filters Tron Humbucking pickups which work simultaneously for complete and maintained sound.

You can play the high end to balanced harmonics with these pickups as they guarantee flexibility. Usually, heavy weighs guitar breaks up the tempo which is a frustrating thing for the guitarists. The Gretsch G6136T is a lightweight component that only weighs 24 pounds. You are not going to feel fatigued or need to sit down when you are holding this one.

Gretsch G6136T White Falcon Hollow Body produces semi-electric sound with the help of the latest ML bracing along with a very comfy 2.25 body. There is a very important aspect of this guitar, which is for tuning stability to the maximum extent, this happens by the Bigsby B6GP vibrator types and pinned rocking bar bridge which is combined with the GraphTech Tusq XL nuts.

Guild Starfire V (Semi-Hollow Body)

Guild Starfire V Semi-Hollow Body

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Comes with a gorgeous retro design, the Guild Starfire V is inspired from the 60’s era which is a part of Guild’s Newark Street Collection.

It will appeal your eyes with its looks; the laminated maple model is something to talk about with 3-piece mahogany and a maple neck which gives pleasure when you play. The company made sure everything about this guitar is period-correct, but in some ways, it has some upgrades to match with the latest reliability.

Guild Starfire V is equipped with two Little Buckers designed by the Guild, one is located at the bridge and other at the neck position. The sounds are quite catchy, sort of a combination of the traditional humbucker and single-coil one which is warm and clear. It is the best Semi-Hollow Guitar for blues, rock, and jazz.

Epiphone Wildkat Pearl White LE (Semi-Hollow)

Epiphone Wildkat Semi-Hollow Body

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Asking for style, functionality, and abundance of precision in a small semi-hollow body guitar? The Epiphone Wildkat Pearl White LE has everything at all.

Epiphone in a plethora of styles has made this guitar with a mahogany body and maple top. The finish is in Pristine White and golden trim and hardware which makes it look elegant. The maple neck of Pearl White LE is fixed as Glued-in SlimTaper D-shaped. The rosewood fretboard contains about 22 medium jumbo frets which offer great sustain.

Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 Semi-Hollow Body

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Did you know that Epiphone is America’s oldest and best value semi-hollow body guitars marker? Well, their guitars perfectly suit every style of music. Using this brand has something which ignites the passion and is rich with some legendary historical plays

Riviera is another company that decided to raise the standards after Epiphone’s most enduring classics. The Riviera guitars are best known for the best tones without nay pickup variation so they made the Riviera Custom P93, something more vintage but feature a whole different level of detailed craftsmanship.

If you take a closer look inside, the P93 is loaded with 3 Epiphone “Dogear” Alnico-V P-90 pickups. This pickup matches with the ES-Style body and a Bigsby B70 Tremolo plus with red wine finish. This way, Riviera competes against the stronger tune forming guitars!

The Dogear Classic P-90 pickups have controls for 3 different volume pots and one master controller.

This semi-hollow body best comes in with a stunning wine red finish that includes gold hardware, extending to a 14:1 ratio Wilkinson machine heads. Moreover, these heads assure a whole new level of better-quality tuning stability and accuracy.

Gretsch G2420 Streamline

Gretsch G2420T Semi-Hollow Body

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Gretsch Semi-Hollow Body Guitars are known for having a soul in which guitarist acknowledges after they play.

Bigger, bolder and more soundly is the G2420 Streamliner semi-electric semi-acoustic semi-hollow instrument by Gretsch. With the aim of breaking norms, this guitar is for the players who tend to go out of what is written in the books.

Gretsch G2420 Streamline is a superior guitar for players who like to play it all-around. Modern Sonics, updated electronics, and that stylish fashion pack up to output that iconic great Gretsch sound – and that is the best sound you will hear.

One would think that how come this semi-hollow body guitar is able to produce pristine highs, throaty midrange and dynamic lows, right? Well, the secret lies right here, Gretsch Broad Tron humbucking pickups are designed by experts to output such capabilities.

Best Hollow Body and Semi-Hollow Body Guitars Buyer Guide

The way you listen to the guitar is something that defines how far you are going to reach in the success realm. We have given the best 6 options mixing the hollow and semi-hollow body guitars but are you still ready for purchase?

Whether you are a pro player or just getting started, always know what you are about to play. Some young musicians don’t have any idea if they want to play jazz, pop, rock, punk or metal since some of their sound matches and they might be the same for some people you never know.

For this purpose, it is important to understand that every guitar, whether a hollow body or semi-hollow body sounds different and they can act differently considering the type of genre you are playing with them.

About Semi-Hollow Body

Those who expecting warmer tones coming out of their guitar, well nothing can beat the semi-hollow bodies. They are best at creating the most woody, pleasing to ear sounds that resonate for a while in the surroundings.

They are full of harmonies, and one of the best things about Semi-Hollow guitars is they can create a sound similar to the hollow body. For this, you need to set up the right settings in the amp setting section accordingly.

Some users think the Semi-Hollow body guitars lack the unwanted feedback elimination which can be resolved with the use of humbuckers. Generally, Semi-Hollow guitar is lighter in weight so you can carry them around on the stage, etc.

Guitar players who perform in a noisy environment prefer the semi-hollow body since they produce an adequate amount of sound in a noisy area which is because of the low pitch acoustic sound. For someone who is into jazz music, this is the type of instrument that never gets old for the jazzy riffs.

About Hollow Body

Now, the Hollow Body guitars are not suitable for metal or rock genre if you are thinking about it.

In comparison, a solid-body guitar makes more aggressive and louder sounds than hollow bodies.  The reason for this is solid bodies have enhanced the power of sustain which also avoids the feedback issues which occur mostly in the hollow body guitars at higher pitch/volume.

In a nutshell, hollow body and semi-hollow body guitars are feasible for those players who are in a softer style of music such as jazz, blues, soft rock, pop, and country.

Make sure you get the best semi-hollow body guitar under the right price range as we mentioned some of the best guitars above.


Always try before you buy! It is best if you are purchasing the best guitars from the physical stores. For someone who has found an excellent bargain online, it is possible you are going to get a better quality, but before confirming, ask for advice that you can find at different online platforms.

With the best guitar in your hand, you can feel and hear yourself playing with full potential and there is every reason which says so!


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