According to the proper definition of jazz music, it is developed especially from blues and ragtime which is characterized by the propulsive syncopated rhythm with polyphonic ensemble playing and varying the range of improvisations.

Not to mention it is one of the unique genres of music that pushes every artist to go beyond their limits. For jazz drummers, this music genre provides them the borderline through which they could see what they are actually capable of.

Drum sets for jazz should be chosen cautiously, once you get the wrong drum set for jazz music there is a chance you are going to lose the very purpose of learning Jazz Music Genre!


6 Best Drum Sets for Jazz

Pearl RS584CC707 Roadshow 4-Piece Drum Set

Pearl RS584CC707 Roadshow 4-Piece Jazz Drum Set

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Pearl Jazz Drum Set is a classic looking, Bronze Metallic drum set which includes 9-ply, 7mm poplar shells and 1.2mm triple-flange hoops.

It’s a 4-piece jazz style drum set that produces excellent resonance and perfect pitch for jazz music.

In the popular pages, users are endorsing the Pearl RS584CC707 Jazz Drum Set for its best bass drum pedals and how they love to play this piece of instrument.


  • It’s a compact, jamming friendly drum set
  • Produce covering sound in a bigger space
  • User can play it right after taking out of the box


  • The throne is smaller in size which may be a trouble for expert players
  • Tuning is required in the floor tom drum and kicks drum

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack Drum Set

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Working professionals and keen beginners can get the right tones with the 6-play birch construction of this drum.

The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack comes with a diagonal ridge which gives it a thin drum shell with a lusty rounded shape.

Due to the lightweight of this drum set, the shells vibrate and deliver the super sustaining tones.

Yamaha Drum sets are considered best for a reason their Air Seal System for drum shell construction assures the thickness in sound which comes with a hell of superior tone quality and reliable hardware.


  • Best quality material, perfectly suited for jazz tones
  • Excellent responsiveness of the shells
  • Two sized basses available, 22” and 30”


  • Comes as a bare kit, there is no cymbals or hardware included so if you want to add more to this, spend some more money

Pacific Drums PDCM2217PW 7-Piece

Pacific Drums PDCM2217PW 7-Piece Jazz Drum set

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Pacific Drum Set for Jazz is the best choice you will ever come across. This drum set features fives toms of different sizes, plus it has 14”x snare and 18”x22” bass which are the best there is!

You will have to spend a little more money on this drum set as it doesn’t come cheap and talks about serious business.


  • Pacific PDCM2217PW offers drum shells with best Remo Heads which deliver the best sound you wanna hear
  • Too many toms are just perfect to create a perfect and continuous rhythm
  • Solid-body, best quality hoops and mounting making it more reliable drum set for jazz


  • Pacific PDCM2217PW is not a cheap drum set
  • 22”x bass drum for jazz can be too large in size

Sonor Safari

Sonor Safari 4-Piece jazz drum sets

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Speaking of travel-friendly and portable drums for jazz, Sonor Safari features a 4-piece shell pack which makes it perfectly fit on a petite stage.

The more features included a 16” x 16” bass, 14”x 12” floor tom, 10”x 8” mounted and a 14”x 5” snares.

Sonor Safari drum set has beautifully finished shells which gives the audience a perfect impression.


  • Portable and economical set up, Sonor Safari provides the users extensive space to connect extra cymbals
  • Shells of Sonor Safari are steel-clad and tightened which makes them deliver the exactly perfect tone
  • Bass drums produce no overtones because of having no ringing


  • The built-in drum heads according to some users are poorly designed, you can get other drumheads replacements though
  • It’s not a larger kit as it offers 4 pieces which are not acquired by the artists who are into a complex form of music
  • It’s a shell pack, so no hardware or cymbals are included

Gammon Percussion SP5 BK Drum Set

Gammon Percussion SP5 BK jazz drum sets

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Gammon Percussion Drum Set is for the beginners as well as professional players in the jazz category of music.

The best and affordable drum set by Gammon Percussion now finally available to the users in a fairly priced platform.

Gammon Percussion SP5 BK Drum Set features 5-piece set which stronger drums, cymbals, and overall hardware.

For anyone looking for a complete drum set, chances you are going to be blown by this instrument quality.


  • The best instrument to get started in jazz music
  • Basic players can learn and enjoy the eats
  • Compact size, easy for transportation
  • Upgradeable


  • Gammon Percussion is made of plastic so the sound varies a little bit
  • Hardware is heavy neither does cymbals

Gretsch CM1E826PWG Drum Shell Pack

Gretsch CM1E826PWG jazz drum set

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Gretsch has made a 6-piece drum set for jazz players who want to play warm and shallow sounds in their room.

The drums are made of Maple shells which are considered durable with better playability.

The tom, bass drum, and snare drum are able to play other genres than jazz i.e metal or rock.


  • 18×22″ Bass Drum
  • 7×10″, 8×12″ & 14×14″ Rack toms
  • 16×16″ Floor Tom
  • 6×14″ Snare Drum
  • FREE 7×8″ Rack Tom


  • Neat and Perfect GTS mounting system
  • Easy to play
  • Rich quality sound


  • As a shell pack, this also doesn’t come with hardware or cymbals

Drummer’s Buyer Guide

Why Jazz Drums Are Important?

Some of the educated musicians lack this knowledge about different drum sets for different music genres. For newbie or not familiar with the music instruments, all drum sets may look the same but in reality, each of them serves a whole different purpose.

Sure, you can use the metal drum set for jazz, but that won’t be justice to the musical genre as the level of success will definitely vary.

Whether4, 5, or 6-piece drum set you have, the question is not if you can play the jazz music on this. The real question is whether it will be a perfect justice to jazz music? So the main question arises from this, which drum set is best for jazz?

You probably have noticed that drum sets around the world are very expensive, therefore we mentioned the best drum sets for jazz under $500-$1,000.

Always remember, if you want to play jazz music, never go with the drum set of Rock genre. The perfection in music lies in the very selection of the instrument that creates beats.

What Makes Jazz Drum Sets Different?

The major difference you will see appear on Jazz Drum Set is the layout of the shells, it’s not about only having a 3-piece setup which most people take Jazz drums as. The perfect example of the best jazz drum set is the low hanging ride to the mix which defines a typical one.

Jazz Drum Anatomy

Jazz drum anatomy

But the main difference is the intensity you apply to create a jazzy beat, rocks drum sets are aggressive in nature which can be another difference.

Rock drum sets usually need a clear burst of energy which delivers the rhythm to the fast playing guitars and other work of instruments.

With Jazz Drum Set, it is entirely different as you don’t want to beat it too much or don’t want to be aggressive at all!  Jazz Drummers are, therefore, clam, steady, warm with enough pace to get things going.

The warm sound comes from the best quality shells which are made from the special type of material. Every material in Jazz Drum Set serves a special purpose, let’s take a look at each of them.

Drum Set Material

Drum Set Material actually defines the sound coming from the instrument, the modern rock drum sets have metal shells because of the excessive power exertion that is not generated by the wooden made shells. If you beat a wooden shell aggressively, you will break it badly and it’s a wrong tactic for jazz drum shells.

Wood is the best option for Jazz Drum Set shells that conveys a powerful and subtle sound. In the wood class, there are furthermore types such as laminates, solid shells, etc.

The wood shells, then again go beyond if we are talking about professional jazz drummers, they are more conscious about every beat and is involved in certain complex music formation. If you have noticed, our first top drum set for jazz is made from poplar acrylic shells, not wood.

Pacific Drums PDCM2217PW has figured out a way for Jazz Drummers by providing them alternative methods. Despite made from Acrylic material not wooden, the drum set still sounds awesome and is the first choice for many drum set buyers.

Drum Set Shell Design

One of the important factors to notice is the shell design of the Jazz Drum Set. Here, we need more of smaller kick drums and many narrow toms. Unlike the rock or metal genre which uses the Kick Drums of 20”-22” size range, Jazz drums use 18” or less.

This is because in Jazz music, you don’t need a powerful sound from the 22” kick drum, but the warmth and stagnantly true radiant sound from smaller ones.

The same case is with the toms and snares; snares play a major role in shaping the jazz music in a person’s ear so one must make sure the snare wires are able to do the job.

Jazz Drum Sets Layout

Jazz drums like can be pretty irregular in sequence so you got to make sure the layout of the drum set is okay. Not every drum set comes with a complicated layout, most of them set themselves. The regular Drum set for jazz consists of a kick drum, a floor tom, and a snare. That’s all for the shells!

If you are looking for attaching the cymbals, that means you are looking for going wild and crossing the limits since the use of Cymbals in jazz music plays a major part.

Final Verdict

The Best Jazz Drum kits are not easy to find. You will come across thousands of options, but choosing the best one is entirely up to you.

The majority of the jazz drum set mentioned above are the best ones in the market in terms of price, sound quality, and playability which include both shell packs and complete kit set.

If you are taking a start in Jazz, all of the aforementioned drum sets will work just fine for you. While the experts can choose any of them and put additional tools to make it a complete jazz drum kit.


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