Being a parent is not so easy, you got to take care of your children’s demands in every possible way. For some of us whose child wants to play guitar or other musical instruments, it’s a freaking bothersome task to find him the right guitar, the right guide and teaching lessons help him build certain skills.

This is the prime age for children to learn different skills, playing instruments can be very helpful in sharpening their minds and of course it’s a beneficial hobby for the future.

Some parents were able to teach their kids and groomed them in such a way that some of these kids turned out to be the legendary guitar players, the example is Buckethead whose parents bought him his first guitar when he was only 8.

Let’s take a slow and first find the best acoustic guitars for the kids, we have some 6-stringed guitar options too which lately were introduced just for kids. This clear and simple buying guide for 2020 can be helpful for those parents who are hanging in between so many brands which they can’t figure out which one to buy.

Your luck hasn’t run out of time, below we are mentioning some of the best kids acoustic guitars, which are specifically designed according to their hand gestures and size.


Top 7 Acoustic Guitars for Kids

Martin LX1 (Little Martin)

LX1 Little Martin Kids Acoustic Guitar

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Within a smart budget, Martin’s LX1 is our top choice for baby Taylor. Martin is a big name in the guitar industry, which is known for its precise scaling.

This can be the most affordable option for your kids, which also offers 23” scale length, the perfect scale size for smaller-hands and feasible for travels. The back and sides body is made from HPL mahogany and it is coated with a solid Sitka spruce top which delivers warm tones with a charming appearance.

No electronics are attached to this version but their other version such as LX1E has got the hardware for that. For small-handed guitarists, this can be a solid and easy option for purchase.

Yamaha JR1 Yamaha FG JR1

Yamaha JR1 Kids Acoustic Guitar

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This is one of the famous guitars for little travelers with smaller sizes. You can find Yamaha JR1 at a reasonable price, it has a reduced body size (3/4) but the style remains the same just like Yamaha traditional guitar collections. JR1 is all laminated guitar with spruce and nato used for the body.  The solid nato is used to make the 20-frets neck.

The small size of Yamaha JR1 does not appeal to many users, the tones are quieter than many full-sized ones with a bigger dreadnought. Nonetheless, it is the best guitar for smaller hands under the right budget.

Hohner HAG250P

Hohner HAG250P Kids Acoustic Guitar

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At a completely cheap price, the Hohner guitar is ½ sized nylon-stringed which may look like a toy but it doesn’t sound like one. The laminated agathist body on the top, back and sides demonstrate traditional body shape and edifice.

The neck of the Hohner HAG250P is made of mahogany wood, the fretboard and bridge are made of hardwood. You can hold onto this guitar and it will weight lesser than both of your shoes but still feels robust.

For kids around 8-12 years, this little companion can help them learn the basics of acoustic guitar. The overall sound is excellent for the beginners, although the tuners are a bit slow but for this price it sure worth it.

Yamaha APXT2

Yamaha APXT2 Kids Acoustic Guitar

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Yamaha APXT2 is featured for guitar players with smaller hands, this is an excellent guitar if your kid wants to learn vigorous tones. The compact body size ¾ and thin line body is another great quality available at a cheaper price.

APXT2 is made of laminated spruce on the top, the back and side are coated by dark Meranti with a smaller and fast neck that is comfortable for kids. The rosewood fretboard with a total of 21 easy frets can be reachable and make up the clearest sound.

Kids who are done with the beginner’s level can use this guitar as it provides an electronics option for sound amplification. The handy tuner which is built-in can give you various other options to play with.

Luna Aurora Borealis

Luna Aurora Borealis Small Size Kids Acoustic Guitar

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When purchasing the best guitars for kids under a low budget, it doesn’t mean you are going to get a guitar with a simple and cheap look.

This is where Luna beautifully designed Aurora is out there to prove, the steel-string guitar offers ¾ scale size with the non-cutaway body! This is the most comfortable piece of music which is easy with the hands and mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard pours more shine on this.

Not only this, the 19-frets available on the neck have laminated basswood body which comes with different colors. These are blue, pink, black and white which are all finishes with certain sparkling looks.

Luna Aurora Borealis is unique because of the moon-shaped soundhole rosette and Luna’s sophisticated moon phase fret-market inlays which is unlike anything you have ever seen.

The playability of Aurora is very decent with sturdy sound which is also very well-balanced. The hardware includes sealed die-cast chrome tuner, stock strings and a simple gig bag for traveling purposes.

Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar

Rogue Starter Kids Acoustic Guitar

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Rogue Started also provides an easy-going option for the parents who are under a tight budget. The first thing you will notice in this guitar is the $50 price tag and it comes with the visually appealing body.

The sound of Rogue Starter displays perfection and is ideal for beginner standards.

You can argue with its quality in comparison with Martin or Yamaha but under the mid-range budget, you will be able to set clear and brighter treble variations.

Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar

Loog Mini Kids Acoustic Guitar

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Loog is the optional guitar for the kids, which comes in only 3 strings. This is the ideal solution for kids who wants to understand the very basics of guitar from day one.

Loog Mino Acoustic Guitar may look basic but it’s very fun to play with, the cool retro design brings a real wood and three nylon strings into action.

The tiny hands can hold onto this guitar very easily and it’s a perfect idea for ground running. In the category of best acoustic guitars for kids, Loog sort of play like a wild card!

Buying Guide for Parents to Purchase Best Kids Beginner Guitar

Choose Your Options – Acoustic or Electric

Most people start with the acoustic guitar because the acoustics are best for portraying the details of the instrument. This is not applied to every child because some of them were already familiar with the electric ones which differ in strings and connection of the amp.

But do not buy electric guitars for kids from the start, why? Because kids lose interest sooner than us if you hand them the guitar they need, not they want!  You will see kids improving skills if you give them something fancy looking although acoustic or electric.

To make things easy, but these 7 best options in front of your kid and let him/her decide which instruments they want to play. For the starters, there isn’t much difference between the acoustic and electric ones, they only depict the initial details, after which the kid will know the difference and perform on what easier to play with.

As soon as the interest of playing is alive in kids, they can explore and play small-sized guitars without hesitation. Also, appreciate the genres your kid wants to play, if he is interested in playing metals then get him the one of Ibanez or Martin acoustic. This can improve their skills and appreciation plays an important role in reshaping those skills.

Which Guitar Size is Perfect for Kids?

Full-size guitars are the options, but they do not apply to every kid. As far as we know, the ¾ scale guitar can be perfect for almost every kid. But again, some kids grow faster than others so they have not the tiny hands, for them the best beginner acoustic guitars can be a good option.different guitar sizes for kids

Depending on your kid’s age, here are the guitar sizes you can choose from.

  • Standard size for ages 12 and up
  • 1/4-sized’ or 30-inch guitar length for ages 4-6
  • 1/2-sized’ or 34-inch guitar length for ages 6-9
  • 3/4-sized’ or 36-inch guitar length for ages 9-12

What to Look for When Buying a Guitar For Your Kid?

One of the important things you should look when buying a guitar for a kid is the size of your kid and guitar you are buying. Normally, guitar sizes of ¾ can do the trick. Then comes to notice the necks whether if it’s slim and easy to play, light strings are easier for kids who are at the beginner stage.

Some guitars made from the poor quality materials must not be purchased as they emanate sound equally poor like the material- So beware! This is something you should be worried about, the quality of the guitar is responsible for its sound so if you are planning to get the 6-strings model with decent sound, the aforementioned best acoustic guitars for kids are worth every penny.

How Much Money to Spend on Guitar for Kids?

It doesn’t matter how much amount you are going to spend, the real question is about quality sound and material that has been added in the instrument. You can get the high budget guitars for kids priced $5,000 or simply get to the affordable options in a $200-$250 price range, just like our picks.

Even you can get an ideal small guitar for kids under $100 budget. But if you are going for the electric ones, make sure to spend more on the amplifier and other necessary gears to get the practice session going smoothly.

New Guitar vs. Used Guitar – Which One Suit Kids?

For kids, we emphasis to buy the new guitars as they can groom them to be neat and clear learners. For professional players, you can work out with the old ones, but that’s not feasible for kids. Second-hand guitars can be the reason for many bugs whilst playing sounds which after cannot be replaced and end up wasting your money.

Which Guitar Lessons Are the Best for Kids? Private or Online?

It doesn’t matter where your kid is getting guitar lessons from unless they are teaching him the right way to play with smaller hands with other useful techniques. It also doesn’t matter if you are meeting your guide online or any other platform or in your house, what matters is how good he/she can teach your kid to be the master in the basic techniques.

And you need to pay for lessons as well as sometimes kids aren’t fully able to guide themselves so having a teacher can accelerate the learning process.

Final Verdict

The guide for buying the best guitar for kids can help many parents around the world who are in dire need of fulfilling their children’s dream of becoming a musician. It’s very important to first assess your child’s preference in music and his taste of the instrument, some kids don’t always play guitar, but they are good at the piano so do not attempt to push them into this.

You can also show your kids a list full of affordable guitars just like we have mentioned in this article. If he finds something appealing, order it right away as this eagerness cannot wait for the right time!


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