Electric guitar for kids is not the term you see every day. Yes, we cannot argue about kids using acoustic guitars but are electric guitars for kids are real? Turns out parents these days are more into buying an electric guitar for kids and this guide will help you choose the best for them.

Musical instruments can bring a sense of expression and self-discipline in kids which also gives them a chance to explore the depth of music. Electric guitar for kids with amp can give them chance to discover their talents in music, you don’t want to push your kid to play metal genre if he’s into rock or pop kind of music.

Starting a musical journey requires choosing the best guitar for kids which can groom them to become the legend of the future. Let’s discuss the best 5 options for kids in the electric guitar category.


5 Best Electric Guitars For Kids

Yamaha Gigmaker Electric Guitar

Yamaha Gigmaker Kids Electric Guitar

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Yamaha has always been the top-rated name in the guitars for the beginner’s level, recently the company introduced a good entry-level guitar for kids. The Yamaha Gigmaker has a tremolo bridge system which tends to hold the tune very well with ease in playability.

Like any other full-scale Yamaha, this version of guitar for kids is none other than having great quality.

Yamaha Gigmarker electric guitar comes with amplifier, a gig bag, tremolo bar, tuner cables, straps, guitar strings and picks as well. You can also get an instructional DVD for your kids it’s for young learners of the electric guitar.

The top-rated electric guitar for kids holds many qualities like it doesn’t look like a toy and the material used is very decent. It is easy to tune up and comes with a whole pack of accessories.

Squier Strat Mini

Squier Strat Mini Kids Electric Guitar

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Now it’s time for kids who shows their interest in jazz and blues, the Squier Strat Mini is the electric guitar for smaller hands which comes in the very affordable price range.

This can be called as the copy after the legendary Fender Stratocaster but designed for kids only.

In this guitar, you will find the following features, single-coil pickups, standard five-way switch which delivers too many forms of blues related sounds. In jazz music, you can have more bass with this piece.

The body is very durable and stylish which is specially hand made for the young players, it looks like the company already knew the best part for the customers to allure them with the quality components and easy pricing.

Ibanez GRGM21BKN

Ibanez GRGM21BKN Kids Electric Guitar

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Some kids are born metal head and the master of shredding technique, this is where you should consider buying Ibanez for such gifted ones.

The Ibanez model GRGM21BKN comes in elegant black color which has a 22-inch scale maple neck and low tension.

Like many other guitars from Ibanez, this version shows a remarkably slim neck which is the best option for future shredders.

The smaller size of the guitar is ideal for young players and those with smaller hands, it comes with two humbucker pickups which allow the user to deliver a hell of metal crunch.

If your kid is into metal genre, never back down of purchasing this bad boy for him/her!

Peavey Iron Man Rockmaster

Peavey Iron Man Rockmaster Kids Electric Guitar

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Iron Man Rockmaster is for kids who prefer small instruments to play with, the guitar comes with 3/4 body size which suits smaller hands.

Peavey Iron Man Rockmaster features glossy basswood body which comes with super strat shape, the scale length has been reduced to 22.5 which delivers comfort and wonderful playability.

The hardware is pretty basic but the theme works out for many kids as it encourages them to play tones easily.

Along with Peavey Iron Man Rockmaster, there comes a single humbucker, tone controllers, volume controller, and a fixed bridge. The sound quality rated by the customers is 75% which is not bad at all.

Rise by Sawtooth

Rise by Sawtooth Kids Electric Guitar

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Kids who like the appearance of the guitar are surely going to love Rise by Sawtooth electric guitar. This guitar has the most amazing design which unlike any other models by Sawtooth has ever launched.

It has a professional guitar looks and when your kids play it, they will look like a pro!

There are many things to discuss Rise, this can be played by left-handed or right-handed players which makes it the perfect instrument for kids.

It can also last for a prolonged time period, the top-class materials which have been used in its built haven’t been seen in another electric guitar for kids.

You don’t want your kid to forget his first guitar which you bought himself, so choosing the timeless built-in quality by Rise can be the best option.

How to Choose the Best Electric Guitar for You Kid – Buying Guide

Choosing the right electric guitar can affect the kid’s musical sense and chances of progression in the music field. If you have a kid who loves to play guitars, that’s great news because not a lot of kids are into this thing.

The best guitar will not only let the kids flaunt it but actually, it helps them practice with a set of perfect skills. This won’t only sound great but they will feel great too!

Always stay attentive to guitar shape and size because this will allow your child to try it out and let them tell you what feels right for them. Finally, it would be great if the guitar of their choice came with all the cool equipment or accessories.

Make sure that they are indeed helpful in their practice and if not, the most important thing is that they start learning with a guitar.

Which Guitar is Better to Learn First? Acoustic or Electric

This is nothing to be worried about, but it completely depends on your child’s goal and area of expertise as well as your budget. Electric guitars are usually expensive than acoustic guitars because the additional price went on purchasing additional accessories like amp and other cables.

You can also get the best acoustic guitar for kids in our latest article.

About Electric Guitar Amps

Most of the aforementioned electric guitars for kids already have pre-bundled amplifiers. If you are going for the electric guitar for sure, get a  distinct amplifier, such as Fender Champion 20 Amplifier which is the perfect choice for the beginners.

 What is the best electric guitar for your child?

The best electric guitar for kids is the Squier by Fender Mini Strat. The ¾ body size, 22.75” scale length, and the “C”-shaped profile neck specs are just adequate for any beginner kids to play contentedly. For kids who are 6 or older than that, this is the piece of perfection.

 Final Words

Online lessons for electric guitars can be found in many places but the real thing to ponder upon is finding the best electric guitar for kids. We think the major problem of finding the best electric guitar for your kid has been solved with the help of this article contains 5 best options for kids who like to play electric guitar and who want to learn it.

Note, the electric guitar is different than the acoustic guitars in sound, playability, and setups, so always choose a small-sized one unless your kid is okay with that.


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