Whether you call it parlor guitar or blue box, it’s all the same thing, Parlor Guitar is not just a small-sized guitar, but it has been the signature for many folks and blues musicians around the world. And this legacy has been carried out for almost a hundred years as parlor guitars tend to have typically boxy tone.

Let’s move to the section where we come to know everything about Parlor Guitars and the best ones in 2020 so far.

Best 5 Parlor Guitars of 2020

Just to be clear, parlor guitars are small-sized acoustic guitars that are even more popular now than before. These are mostly demanded by blues and fold players and the beginner guitarist who likes to keep guitar around the house which is easier to hold and carry.

With so many high ends, mid-range and cheap parlor guitars, we could have listed dozens of parlor guitar for the users. But we rather have chosen the top 5 parlor guitars of all time, just to let users know the major taste each of them has.

Whether you are a beginner player or a professional blues player, these can be easily fit in your hands and your budget!


Fender CP-60S

Fender CP-60S parlor guitar

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Fender is the most reliable company when it comes to the guitars; our top choice is the Fender CP-60S model which offers a top mixture of sound quality, brilliantly modified design and affordable price range.

Fender CP-60S used laminated spruce top and the body is made of laminated mahogany both back and sides. There is also a quarter-sawn scalloped X-Bracing and a mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, there are almost 20 frets and dot inlays that provide maximum versatility.

Fender CP-60S sound is incredibly bright and mellow, this is done by the downward combo that produces rich and filling sound with strong basses. For a six-stringed guitar player, this can bring inspirational vibes and joy while playing.

There is no buzz found on the neck, Fender CP-60S is sleekly designed and unable to bend. You can use it as a travel guide without the risk of breakage.

Ibanez PN1

Ibanez PN1 parlor guitar

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Ibanez with the PN1 model has knocked down many parlor guitar models with the Spanish style and sonic attacks. Those players who are good at fast-paced strumming and chord-based jams are much into buying the Ibanez PN1.

PN1 represents a spruce top with mahogany back and sides which let the instrument produce higher frequencies. The neck is mahogany made with a standard rosewood fretboard of 18 frets. Some features include Rosewood Bridge, plastic nut and saddle and 24.4-inch scale length.

In a sense of visual appeal, Ibanez PN1 can be on the top of the list, everything about its shape and vibes is classy. The mosaic rosette appearance makes it even look more expensive and high-end model, what we know about this guitar is it is perfect for punchy sound and stability in the structural departments.

You can get a gig-bag for this guitar size as it won’t come with any.

Woodland Pro

Woodland Pro Acoustic Parlor Guitar

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Woodland Pro guitar is from Simon and Patrick which are recognized for their high-quality parlor guitar. One can determine the perfect sleek nature of this guitar after holding it personally, the finish is outstandingly done and there are dazzling details available on that.

It’s an all solid wood guitar at a much affordable price, the spruce top is available with mahogany back and sides. One of the cons about it there is no electronic and it has no gig back available which may or may not alter the decisions of the customers.

For players who admire the beauty of a classic parlor guitar, they must exclaim with “Wow”!

Luna Gypsy Muse Parlor

Luna Gypsy Muse Acoustic Parlor Guitar

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Luna Gypsy Muse Parlor is the most petite shaped parlor guitar available which is made of all mahogany. You can get this bad boy under a $200 budget and find much of the appearance.

The all-laminated body is dedicated to impressing the users in terms of design and tones. The details given at the top and alongside the fretboard looks like a work of art, the robust build and sleek satin finish makes it decent hardware to play.

But in comparison with other Luna’s famous Gypsy Muse series, it is very cheap and doesn’t have so much beauty like others. In the field of high-end parlor guitar, this can be your solution which you can rely on, at such a good price.

Oscar Schmidt O315

Oscar Schmidt O315 Parlor Guitar

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One of the tuneful vintage parlor guitars, Oscar Schmidt O315 is the gorgeous looking parlor guitar with spruce top and a TREMBESI body. The erotic tonewood combination makes it the best parlor guitar for the classical players looking for travel-sized six-stringed instruments to play their favorite music.

The sound of O315 by Oscar Schmidt contains a more treble section, besides this low-end frequency there is more to this available so that the guitar won’t sound boring.

As a parlor acoustic guitar, this tough instrument is capable of producing warm tones and is perfect for those who are looking for melodic playing or chord-based strumming. O315 features a rosewood fingerboard, mahogany neck, and 18 frets and white dot inlays.

You can hold the neck of this guitar and play with one hand, but it will even astound you more if you try both hands and this is where the magic begins. Under such a cheap price for young beginners, this is a fair deal with precise results.

Introduction: What Is A Parlor Guitar?

Parlor guitars were first introduced at the starting of 19 century where the combination of multiple guitars like instruments was shaped together and formed a compact size. Because of their small and easy-to-fit size, these guitars were being played in the parlor rooms which are more like a hotel’s reception room for dazzling the customers.

By the definition, it is hard to define parlor guitar since any standards are being set. Company-wise, people are making parlor guitars in their take on things but few similarities remain. Regardless of any standards of the parlor guitars, you can say each of them is small and compact which is why people like them since it’s easy to grab and play.

You can play it with maximum ease sitting on a porch and the sound will electrify the newbies. As seniors spoke, those guitars are qualified to be in the list of parlor guitar, which has a lower bout measure under 13.5”.

By looks, you can identify the parlor guitar as small guitars with an elongated body. This appearance gives them irregularly or you can say out of proportion, shape in terms of dreadnoughts and neck. The luthier in the past century was devoted to making the soundboard bigger to give a small guitar such as a high voice. This is where the Parlor Guitar got their amazing tones from.

Who Would Buy a Parlor Guitar?

Parlor Guitars are currently being used by the children; most of them are those who daily struggle with the bigger sized acoustic guitar with those jumbo dreadnoughts. It is the guitar of choice for many people who just want to keep a musical instrument in their house, to get cozy and play whenever they want. Parlor guitar is also an excellent choice for travelers who like to do their musical practices aside.

There is no style best Parlor Guitars can’t play, this is because of their standard nut width which makes them easy to play several kinds of guitar tricks including strumming, fingerstyle, and Flatpicking.

It is the size of the parlor guitar, which makes them ideal for different kinds of players for their acquired taste. For this purpose, the players tune their guitar to play lighter tones while there is a considerable amount of concern given to the midrange.

The boxy sound from the parlor guitar quenches the desire for playing vintage blues and folk music which every beginner guitar learns to play somehow. For practice and solo performance, Parlor Guitars are considered ideal for their smaller build.

By competition, the sound of the parlor guitar can be eclipsed by the sound of the jumbo guitar and this is the main reason for this. Singers and songwriters usually want to portray the lighter projections during the performance without overshadowing other sounds.

Summary – Best Parlor Guitars for 2020

By introducing you to the top-rated Parlor Guitar in 2020, we have proved that the historic style of these guitars is never faded and still being used. If you look in the past, there were many restrictions, hardware-wise in parlor guitar; the modern application portrays a bigger projection with easiness in playability.

The compact design of a parlor guitar is still enough to convey the focused tone which beginners and pro players enjoy as it comes handy.

Whether you are looking for a guitar for practicing, solo performance or blue and folk music genre, or for traveling purposes, we are certainly sure the best parlor guitar in 2020 can live up to the claims.


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