When it comes to buying the best studio headphones, every other person has got their own selection of sound and bass. Whether you are a normal music listener, composer or sound engineer the selection of headphones defines your taste of music. How?

There is a very interlinked connection between the sound you listen to and the feels that you get from that sound. Admittedly, these feel gives a musician one way or another sense for a new melody he’s about to generate. And how is he going to listen to whether he has made the perfect sound? By checking it on the studio headphones!

So here are the top very best 7 studio headphones we are presenting for the recent 2020. Our selection is strictly limited to the user experience and affordability which is the perfect way to get the best studio headphones for your music taste.


Top Studio Headphones in the Line

Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphones

Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Studio Headphone

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Not the cheap pair of headphones we are stating here that might damage your hearing as well as ears. The Sennheiser HD 650 is the top of the line when it comes to the studio or home recording. It’s nice hardware made from an acoustic silk design, the important part is where the company has reduced Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) to 0.05 percent which is unlike any headphone has given yet. When it comes to the frequency pickup response the Sennheiser provides higher 10-39,500 Hertz.

Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphones are easy to wear and lightweight headphones, the aluminum voice coils used in the headphones are also very lightweight that produce the fastest transient response while recording. The detailed sound quality, comfortable design, and reduced THD are everything sufficiently enough to describe Sennheiser HD 650.

Sony MDR-7506

Sony MDR-7506 Studio Headphone

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You cannot compare the Sennheiser HD 650 with any other headphones, but Sony MDR-7506 is up for making an exception. This is the durable headphone which provides users maximum isolation that lets you listen to the ambiance in the recording in a much-pronounced way.

Sony MDR series has been also compared to other editions by Sony, but the users gave MDR-7506 the highest ratings when it comes to comfort and sound quality. After all, these are the main things you should be looking for before buying the best studio headphones.

The choice of many musicians in the recent decade has been the headphones by Sony majorly, and MDR-7506 has been ruling them all with its eccentric but cool design.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Studio Headphone

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is the best type of studio headphones under $100 budget. These are the versatile piece of the instrument which is not only used by the professional studio recorders while they are at work but when are on the way to the home and want to listen to something good before they reach.

This model has the headband which has the padding and the presence of earbuds makes it even more comfortable to wear. The ear cups fit easily in your ear and the noise isolation mechanism is pretty decent, these studio headphones come with detachable cable and a hand carry pouch, plus a ¼” adapter of Screw-On Type.

Etymotic Research ER4SR

Etymotic Research ER4SR Studio Headphone

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Some musicians or sound engineers prefer the very in-ear headphones in which case the Etymotic Research is one of the best we could get.

The sleek anodized metal body is what defines the beauty and power of Etymotic Research ER4SR, each pair is embossed with a 3-flange and black foam tips which guarantees the solid noise isolation fit. This is not so very special thing about the headphones but this…

The ER4SR features balanced armature custom-tuned drivers which support the flat response across every frequency you are going to record. For anyone who is looking for accurate sound for precise mixing, this is your guy!


AKG K553 PRO Studio Headphone

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One of the greatest studio headphone versions by AKG under $200. This studio headphone provides you every band for your money and this is a guarantee from personal experience.

First of all, it features an all-black design which is very much alluring for the one’s suckers for the color black. The big closed-back padded ear cup provides the next level of comfort as well as the sound quality.

Needless to say, AKG K553 Pro is the best headphones for traveling since they are totally foldable build with low impedance. The sound is delivered by these studio headphones are very much in volume and fairly flat.

Shure SRH1540 Premium Closed-Back Recording Headphones

Shure SRH1540 Studio Headphone

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Studio recording is the business and SRH1540 by Shure is the best brand for this business. You won’t identify the incredible bass coming from these studio headphones as they are warm enough and with unmatched acoustic performance these headphones are currently ruling the market. The secret is the 40mm neodymium drivers which deliver the completely acoustic sound with 0 distortions.

The closed-back circumaural design of Shure SRH1540 supports the comfort level and reduces every type of extra noise coming from the surrounds. According to the company, the aluminum material they used in making these studio headphones are similar to that used in to build planes, so you can imagine the level of durability.

Extreme Isolation EX-29

Extreme Isolation EX-29 Studio Headphone

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Customers who are only looking for Maximum Sound Isolation, the Extreme Isolation EX-29 is your man in this specific goal.

What really amazing secret about these headphones is they are made by a Drummer and also intended for listening or recording the drumming sound. In the category of sound isolation, it is strange but true that EX-29 has beaten the very famous studio headphones, the 29dB of noise attenuation makes it the popular in number as well as in performance.

When you look at that in detail, a large portion of studio headphones available in the market measure attenuation at just 1 frequency, but in the case of EX-29, it measures the average attenuation at a wide frequency range. Thereby, blocking the low frequencies which are more difficult than blocking the higher ones.

According to the major number of user experience, these are the best studio headphones, even better than the rest mentioned above.

User Buying Guide

If you are new to the purchasing of studio headphones, then you may already know the types and kinds. Well if you don’t, allow us to state you the different types of studio headphones there are. By looks, most headphones that you see are similar but it is the inside hardware that gives them positive and negative claims in terms of sound delivering and recordings. There are:

  • Closed-Back Headphones

The main reason for buying closed-back headphones it the sealed driver which allows them to eliminate all the exterior sound, leaving you in a whirlpool of your own music. Closed-back phones prevent the sound bleeding to minimal which is important to keep the mix private.

  • Open Back Headphones

This is the opposite version of many closed-back headphones, the reason is the definition, instead of using the sealed drive housing, open-back headphones have the transparent driver housing which has quite a downsides. One of the major drawbacks is the prevention of external noise is very poor.

  • Semi-Open Headphones

As you can see, it is the mix of the closed and open back headphone that provides versatility in a small range. The design is a hybrid form of both the aforementioned headphone type with better isolation than open-back headphones and offers much open sound to the users.

  • In-Ear Headphones

As we spoke of the pioneer of In-ear headphones, the Etymotic which made this design about 30 years ago. The in-ear headphones are the ones that get fixed inside the ear canal, they are usually available in a variety of sizes for user’s best fit. You can seal out the rest of the sound and experience the musical beats only.

What to Look Before Buying Studio Headphones?

Although there are currently many types of headphones available and each of them offers a tempting quality. Here are some requirements you should see before choosing the best studio headphones for 2020.

  • Headphones Performance

The regular and utmost aspect of any studio headphones no matter what kind of sound you are making. The sole purpose of the headphone is the make you hear the sound clearly, this transparency of sound must be natural and there should be a flat response as well.

No one wants an unbalance sound with lots of bass or treble specifically when you are buying studio headphones the only thing you should look is whether you get the whole sound in a well-balanced way or not.

  • Build Quality

The build quality of the studio headphones is mainly depended on the budget. Surely, upon buying high-end phones you will get years of service and they usually last longer. While the cheaper versions can assist you for some time, but when the build breaks, they are not here for you anymore. Robustness is something you should care about.

  • Comfort

Without comfort, the very idea of headphones being explosively good gets surreal. I mean, they are going to be in and on your ears for a long period of time, some headphones lead to fatigue by pushing the temporal side of the headway too much and this cannot be good. This is why choosing headphones with padding available for both headband and ear pads are important here.

  • Cable/Wires

The cheaper studio headphone models have the fixes cables while some of the mid or high range models have detachable ones. The detachable cable provides a level of versatility as it can be changed by the user’s length or style that suits him/her. The detachable cables are easy to replace upon breaking, which is a very common part of some studio headphones.

Purchasing high-end level headphones can get you 2-3 extra pairs of wire which shouldn’t create any further problems for you.


The studio headphones are the most important tool for music recording and music production for obvious reasons. As we have mentioned the very best 7 studio headphones, which are top of the line, it is also important to know that most lightweight headphones these days are the ones running on the top when it comes to completely sound delivery and enhanced performance.

For users who are ready to spend as much as they can, well surely there are perks as the very best studio headphones on the market waiting for you. In case of having a limited budget, we have also listed the headphones under $100-$200 budget which are the great deals to buy.

We wish you the clearest sound ahead!


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