Traveling around the world with your guitar may not always be the best idea. There are guitars made solely for the travel purposes which may save your $5,000 Martin from getting rusted or damaged.

A dedicated Travel Guitar is for anyone who travels a lot and plays in country-country gigs or concerts. It is important to tell you that not every travel acoustic guitar is of the same size, and it is also important to know that during traveling sessions you could use a smaller version of your full-sized guitar.

Some guitars are available which has neck folds in half and they don’t even much look like normal guitars. Doesn’t matter if you are going out for a day or 6 months, our finest travel acoustic guitar collection can turn the traveling idea into something memorably astonishing. Let’s take a look at yourself.


Best 5 Travel Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha Steel String Silent Guitar

Yamaha Steel String Silent Travel Acoustic Guitar

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One of the great aspects of Yamaha Steel String Silent guitar is the design and eye-catching color. You will see it and never turn your eyes off, the slim body is very much easy to play for most players and the portable is 43 inches long.

The Yamaha Steel String weighs 9 pounds, which gets perfectly fit in any locker on the traveling bus. It consists of very advanced control configurations such as volumes and tone controls which lets you produce sounds using Piezo pickups.

The acoustic depths are the main part of this full-bodied Yamaha guitar, the control panel of the guitar contains headphone input and a line out. The control panel also comes with a built-in tuner which is another spectacular addition to this category.

The headphone input option gives the user a comfy environment to play quietly in the crowd. When you go the life and want to create loud tones, make sure the control panel contains 2 AA batteries to function.

About the playability of Yamaha Steel String Silent Guitar, you will find the action higher than another version of Yamaha which can be sorted easily. Yamaha Silent Guitar sound is a little bit thin from an acoustic point of view, anyone who wants a round acoustic sound may be disappointed though.

When you are traveling, the prime concern before finding a good guitar is the sound. The sound of this guitar is pretty decent with so many options that may not be disappointing at all.

Overall fitting of the hardware is perfect, the color and the design suits everybody’s taste and it surely fits the bill.

Martin LXM Little Martin

Martin LXM Little Martin Travel Acoustic Guitar

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The sound of little Martin is quite exceptional, but don’t you compare it to the full-sized martin which people love to listen to. This is a three quarter size guitar which sounds amazing and it only weighs 8.5 pounds.

The 38 inches long Little Martin is up for great portability which is made for carrying around and play whenever you like. Little Martin takes lighter gauge strings which are better than the heavy ones, this will affect the stage performance and tones range.

What is captivating about the lighter strings, they produce natural attractive sound. The body of the little martin is bright spruce finish and mahogany headstock, the laminated finish on the instruments makes it look glossy and it feels like a solid instrument.

The playability of LXM Little Martin is easy and has all the features of a small-sized guitar. Choosing the best travel guitar will let you know the important factor is the ability to play and how easily you can hold it.

Little Martin is up for both of these characteristics you seek in a small travel guitar.

Traveler Guitar AG-105EQ

Traveler Guitar AG-105EQ Travel Acoustic Guitar

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Traveler Guitar is a brand from California, which has recently introduced AG-105EQ, a small-sized guitar made specifically for traveling players.

You won’t believe, but this reduced airline-friendly size guitar is still offering a full-sized scale length 25.5”.

This will enhance the playing experience, plus the combination of mahogany and solid spruce makes the quality tones which are louder than many smaller guitars.

The hardware of this guitar is very decent, available with a decent pack of electronics and versatile preamp. AG-105EQ comes with a quality custom-fit padded gig bag which makes it easier to carry around wherever you go.

Washburn RO10 Rover Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar

Washburn RO10TB Rover Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar

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Washburn is the great name in guitar manufacturing which has made over sundry guitars for the legendary players. This guitar’s shape is entirely different from the rest; the body has been narrowed to ensure the fingerboard acts like a full-size guitar in terms of playability.

For a traveling instrument, it is important to create and reproduce the same sounds, Washburn RO10 is the master in this regard. The 33-inch long guitar can be fitted easily in the aircraft and the length won’t bother you much. The construction is a work of art, with a mahogany body spruce top.

The neck feels good and right, plus the truss rod is incorporated which has a rosewood fingerboard. The customer reviews for this travel guitar is pretty impressive, however, some users find it difficult to play with the unbalanced neck, it will take some time to get used to Washburn RO10 for it different than others, different for good!

Fender CT-60S

Fender CT-60S Travel Acoustic Guitar

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Fender has also created a small contribution in traveling guitar market by making CT-60S small-sized travel acoustic guitar. The Fender CT-60S represents an auditorium body shape and the scale length has been reduced to 23.5”.

The hardware of this guitar is made of tonewoods including solid spruce on the top; the rest of the body is laminated mahogany which produces rich tones and decent projection for such compact-sized guitar.

Some upgrades about Fender CT-60S are very admirable, like the slim neck profile and hand-rolled fretboard which requires magical comfort.

 Travel Guitar Buying Guide

What is Travel Guitar?

The sole purpose of the travel guitar is to be travel-friendly when it comes to traveling.  A travel guitar can be a full-sized jumbo guitar model or it could just be a small-sized guitar with various options suitable for traveling.

Most judges and expert states travel guitar as those which are specifically designed for quick and easy transportation. As we have seen, travel acoustic guitars come in different shapes and sizes. They could be ¾ or ½ sized guitar, which retains the better tones because of the wood material.

Full-sized travel guitar is the ones that fold at the neck and offers full-size playability under full user convenience. The travel guitars collections can be sometimes eccentric in shape and design, but this may suffix its ease of traveling.

What To See Before Purchasing Best Acoustic Travel Guitars?

1- Different acoustic travel guitars are being made in different shapes and sizes, your prime concern about travel guitars should be the compact size first. A full-sized dreadnought can indeed be very useful for the performance and for delivering rich and warm tones, but try to manage it along with the travel packs; you wish you would have bought a smaller one.

2- Secondly, you should see the materials that have been used to build the guitar of your choice. Never buy something too precious because we are taking it down the road where anything could happen, choose the guitar with solid wood material with lamination on both back and sides. It should be able to bear fewer jumpy bumps!

3- About the tones and overall projection, the smaller guitars are usually quiet, but again, it depends on your traveling goals whether it’s about performing or practicing. For someone who would like to perform on the stop or any coffee shop, choosing the full-sized guitar, which folds or small acoustic with pickup and preamp system is important.

4- If it’s all about strumming at the beach of practicing in your hotel room, the ideal thing would be getting a smaller guitar or silent guitar.

5- Last but not least, the price of the guitar plays the most significant role, you don’t want to purchase an expensive travel guitar for its to be damaged or lost in the midst. Always choose something extraordinary, but inexpensive which will cost you between $100-$450. You would bear it if they got wasted away somehow by getting stolen or damaged.

Final Verdict

The best 5 travel acoustic guitars are mentioned above which may suit every use from every age group or guitar expertise. Always remember the playability of a full-sized guitar is different from the small sized ones, but the main concern should always be portability if you are a frequently traveling person.

For pro players, choosing the full-sized guitar, which has foldable necks is the best way to summarize a whole journey as delightful.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, this is your first step!


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