Travel Electric Guitar has new brands available these days in comparison with the past where only ¾ sized guitars were there for travel. The good thing about small-sized travel electric guitar is they can be fixed anywhere without the problems, but again the size of the fingerboard has many things to do with your playability.

That is why many companies are making smaller scale guitar without reducing the fingerboard and this requires a high level of creativity. We have gathered the top 5 electric guitars for traveling purposes that may also come handy to your budget.


Best 5 Electric Guitars for Travel

Stewart Electric Travel Guitar

Stewart Travel Electric Guitar

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This is a full-scale guitar with original sized fingerboard; in this model, you got a removable bolt-on neck. This guitar can cost you slightly more and is smaller than a Stratocaster which shows a charming built.

You can turn it into parts easily and there won’t be any mismatch in the strings tuning. The manufacturer of Stewart Electric Guitar very cautiously modified the cutaway wings of the body contours so you can place the neck behind the body at a diagonal angle.

This will make it not bigger than its whole body. Admittedly, you have to be a little bit fumbled while assembling this while traveling, but the size doesn’t compromise the scale of the instrument which is the good part.

It is a unique concept in the electric guitar world used for travel only.

Shredneck Travel Guitar

 Shredneck Travel Electric Guitar

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Shredneck is another ¾ scale length electric guitar, which because of the small size is ideal for travelers. No loss in the natural acoustic sound of the instrument has been observed yet its sleekness helps with reducing the overall body weight.

The price for this cherry sunburst is very reasonable, plus it features the contours of a Les Paul which is an attractive design. By the looks, it may be a miniature looking guitar, but it emanates some seriously impressive sound.

Shredneck ports two humbucking pickups and 3-ways switching for tonal modifications to your preferable sounds. The neck is wide with maple wood and rosewood fingerboard with crown inlays looks like a work of art.

When you buy this guitar it comes to a custom gig bag that will be safe places for its eccentric-shaped headstock.

Hofner HCTSHCGO Cadillac Green Travel

Hofner HCTSHCGO Cadillac Green Travel Electric Guitar

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In the list of best travel electric guitar, Hofner has some bestselling models like this. This one is based on the 1980’s short model and is ideal for players who travel a lot.

When it comes to the price, Hofner Cadillac Green Travel Guitar is giving a hard time to the competitors, you will see the body has been reduced in comparison with other Hofner models but it simultaneously offers a full-size neck and headstock. Some of the larger parts of the guitar have been scaled down in order to provide users with the guitar experience that can fix anywhere on the plane or even bus.

This one comes with a variety of different colors where Cadillac green is the most eye-catching one. Also, the custom gig bag also comes along for proper usability.

It is the best selling electric guitar for travel at a low price.

Solid Body Electric Guitar (ULE BKM)

Solid Body Travel Electric Guitar ULE BKM

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Many travel electric guitars that we have reviewed, the ULE BKM is the model that has the most superior sound for traveling purposes. First of all, it weighs lighter than you have imagined, which makes it an ideal companion on the road.

This is the smallest and lightest guitar with full-scale size, length so the feel of the guitar never loses sight. ULE BKM is a compact guitar, which features a lot of different things such as the standard one-fourth inch output, hi-output, dual rain humbucker which can be plugged into any amp or recording device.

The weight of the guitar is only 3 pounds the detachable lap rest makes it even handier and suitable for small storing capacities.

Anygig AGE

Anygig AGE Travel Electric Guitar

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Anygig’s AGE model has been reduced to the new size and turned into a travel guitar for many players around the world. There is no headstock with this guitar and the size is reduced for improved playing skills.

So how do the strings tune? Well, the Tune-o-Matic Style System in 3 different sets of 2 tuners located around the world, side, and bottom of this guitar’ maple body. The U-shaped neck is also made of maple, which has a rosewood fingerboard with 42mm nut width.

The AGE model has around full 24 frets, but it is again 75% lighter than the full-size electric guitar which is the great work of the company. It comes with different radiant colors. Anygig AGE has been incorporated with its own company made Humbucker pickup which presents purely thick sounds.

The company neglected the onboard pre-amp equalization or gain controls in order to maintain the reduced weight and lightweight. The AGE model features a square-shaped Les-Paul style output connection.

User Buying Guide

What is Travel Guitar?

The sole purpose of the travel guitar is to be travel-friendly when it comes to traveling.  A travel guitar can be a full-sized jumbo guitar model or it could just be a small-sized guitar with various options suitable for traveling.

Most judges and expert states travel guitar as those which are specifically designed for quick and easy transportation. As we have seen, travel electric guitars come in different shapes and sizes. They could be ¾ or ½ sized guitar, which retains the better tones because of the wood material.

Full-sized travel guitar is the ones that fold at the neck and offers full-size playability under full user convenience. The travel electric guitars collections can be sometimes eccentric in shape and design, but this may suffix its ease of traveling.

Options Available in Electric Guitar for Travel

There are options in the travel electric guitar category which are semi-acoustic or electro-acoustic ones that have a hollow body than the solid one. In all-electric guitar for travel, you may find something common which is the reduced ¾ size with a shorter scale length, which has not much depth like the real electric ones.

The resonance of the sound of guitars with smaller bodies is much less than the bulkier models. Users who buy electric travel guitar do not expect much of the superior sound, but their priority is mainly based on the size and design to enhance the user experience.

Now, if you want to attain a perfect quality you might want to think about adding an amp under your budget. Some models in this regard have eye-catching designs and which can also quench your multiple quires regarding travel guitar’s playability and stuff.

Can You Take Electric Travel Guitar on a Plane?

It depends on the airline or the country you are traveling to, most countries, airports allows taking the guitar inside the airplane (if they are small enough to fit in the upper deck) while some airlines forbid them.

While every country has its own list of rules these days, so it’s hard to give you the perfect answer. Some airline luggage restrictions specify the “No Instruments” in which case you will not be allowed to take your tool inside the plane. For this purpose, make sure you got a good flight case which will totally immune you from this situation.

Final Verdict

For traveling, we didn’t have many options available before as there are now. We can choose any electric guitar, depending on their size, shape, color, playability and even cost. With so many varieties the most essential part remains is the portability of the guitar, which comes on the top of every query of yours.

The sole purpose of the traveling guitar is to provide your vacation a different approach to spend which usually ends up in campfires with the audience.

At this point, the marker of the best electric travel guitar is vastly changing; the new models are coming with updates that somehow improve the total body shape as well as the sound it produces. It’s interesting we are trying things like that by adding different concepts into that.

We have listed the best of the best electric models for your guide which may be the favorite deal of yours. If you are trying to find an electric travel guitar for a long time period, then choosing the smaller size with a lighter weight is recommended, other points mentioned in the buyer guide also need to be kept in mind before purchasing an electric guitar for travel purpose.


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