If you are looking to buy a new guitar, hold it right there because you got to learn the basics first. Except for Ukulele there is no other instrument which you can learn quickly, and also it is children friendly, so if you are buying a new musical instrument for your kid, make sure you get him/her ukulele.

Ukulele is available in different sizes depending on the ground you’re playing it on. Buying your first Ukulele can be tricky at the beginning, but note it is the instrument for the beginners which requires less consideration than buying an electric or acoustic guitar.

Also, the budget for ukulele determines whether it’s going to be concert type, soprano or tenor which has minor differences in size. Some of the best Ukulele is described in the below section within an affordable price, we hope you find this turn of events a fortunate one because whoever chooses to purchase Ukulele at first gets to know the basics of the guitar pretty well.

Let’s take a look at some points of consideration before buying the best Ukulele in 2020. Every brand under the top 5 category is available in a very ideal price and some of them are even available with additional kits.


Top 5 Ukulele for Beginners in 2020

Lohanu Ukulele (LU-C) With Bundle Kit

Lohanu Ukulele for beginners

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Lohanu Bundle Kit is a beautiful looking instrument with 26 inches long mahogany and Sapele top.

It’s a great choice for beginners who are looking for an extra gadget with the instruments.

One of the prime things about the Lohanu bundle kit is it provides the same beautiful sound just like the way it looks.


  • Tenor Ukulele
  • Two straps button installed
  • Technical wood fingerboard
  • Super Aquila strings
  • ABS Binding-Handmade
  • Accessories included (Strap, Tuner, Case, 2 plastic picks, paracord hanger, extra set of Aquila strings, single leather pick)

Bondi Ukulele Starter Kit

Bondi ukulele for beginners starter kit

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In the official site of Bondi Ukulele, they claim for vibrant instruments & authenticity. Each ukulele comes with a 15-piece accessory set which is called Bondi Ukulele Starter Kit!

It’s a cross quality Ukulele that promises the beginners to master this instrument in no time. The easiest and colorful instrument that looks as beautiful outside as it looks within the box.

This comes with the digital tuner and other accessories which is listed in the features heading. Bondi is a full-sized concert Ukulele which has a laminated Sapele body. For beginners to intermediate players, this instrument can work its charm anywhere.


  • Concert size
  • Rosewood fretboard (18 frets available)
  • Watermelon color with a lifetime warranty
  • Backed by 40 years in the music
  • Compression sponge case
  • Chord stamp and chart
  • Leather strap available as an accessory along with life lessons for a limited period

Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele

Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele For Beginners

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One of the successful models for adults who wants that best ukulele for beginners, it’s a tenor type Ukulele which makes it perfect for grown-ups. The name Cordoba on this instrument pours light on the body and neck which has enormous detailing.

The body size of Cordoba tenor ukulele is 26 inches long which attracts the most users due to its slightly bigger size. The bigger fretboard has 19-fret fingerboard made of rosewood, the neck is mahogany made and it feels just perfect in the hands.

The sound of Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele is vibrant due to the rosewood bridge and set of Aquila tenor strings.

It doesn’t come with any additional accessories as the quality of hardware only worth the price. For children, this type of Ukulele is not recommended, they are instead toys for adults who are looking for crisp and deepness in their playing times. The wooden design makes it look special which it is!

Ranch Concert Ukulele

Ranch Concert Ukulele For Beginners

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If you want to perform in a gig or concerts, this is what you must have! A complete Concert Ukulele set by the Ranch. This instrument is made of quality materials with a 23-inch Ukulele top and both sides are made of Sapele wood.

The thicker strings with the warmth of the wood combination can yield the darker tones to please the audience’s ears. Whether you are performing on Christmas, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, this can be your perfect party companion.

If you choose to purchase it from the link below, you are going to get risk free 30 days’ money-back guarantee from Amazon. Furthermore, the accessories you are going to get with Ranch Concert Ukulele are mentioned below:

  • Free online 12 lessons
  • Gigbag
  • Digital tuner
  • Strap
  • 4 Aquila Strings Set

Kala LTP-S Ukulele Starter Kit

Kala LTP-S Ukulele For Beginners Starter Kit

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Kala Soprano Model Ukulele is a 21-inch-long instrument with a mahogany neck. In case you are wondering about the scales, this Ukulele has 13.6 scale length and the fretboard is made of walnut wood.

The soprano is the smallest size Ukulele but this version makes things easier for adults with the hardware. Kala LTP-S ukulele provides basic hardware with the tuning machine which considering the price worth the quality.

The sound is secondary and nicer than many beginners ukuleles which for a Soprano is very much brighter. This Kala Ukulele starter kit is selling under $100 which is a hell of a price for someone having a tight budget.

But you won’t complain about the sound, apart from the hardware you will get the following accessories in the kit.

  • Online lessons
  • Tuner app
  • Booklet


Understanding the Difference Between Ukulele and Guitar

Considering a whole cross-sectional view, you may find the Ukulele in the best price range. You can get them between $100-$300 which is not a high price at all for a real musical instrument. Each Ukulele for beginners has specifications that resemble with each other, it’s only the matter of furnished material and quality of strings that delivers the hippy sound and phenomenal effects.
Also Checkout Best Ukuleles Under $200 Price Range.

The difference between a standard Ukulele and a guitar is that the size of the neck, fretboard, headstock, nut, saddle, bridge and strings are much smaller than the guitars. You can think it as shrinking the original sized guitar to the smaller size and you get a Ukulele.

Besides the size, Ukulele differs from the guitar in the following aspects.

  • Ukulele Has Fewer Frets and Strings

A typical guitar consists of 6 strings at beginner’s level, but Ukulele has only four! It is very likely some users attach the additional 5th or 6th strings, but that’s not the case with the beginners. Similarly, Ukuleles have 12-21 frets which in comparison with the guitar is very less, a guitar has 19-24 frets originally.

  • Ukulele is Easier to Play (Than Guitar)

The more frets and strings you have on a musical instrument, the more notes you are going to try. Well, this ain’t the case with Ukulele, because of having less frets and strings Ukulele is easier to play than most of the guitars.

The strings on Ukuleles are also demanding gentle pressure to create a sound effect, so no pain in the hand for the first-timers.

  • Sound

Ukuleles have the joyful and bright tones coming out of it than guitars which emanate thicker and dense notes. You may have seen people of Hawaii using it to play in the parties just to keep the mood going. The tonal range of the guitar is higher which is again due to having extra frets and strings.

  • Easy to Carry

Ukuleles are small and vindictively supportive, you can take the size of Soprano Ukulele with a size of 21. This in comparison with a standard guitar is lighter and way smaller which has 39 lengths.

  • Less Expensive

The beginners can take joy from this as Ukuleles are available in a very easy price. In the matter of purchasing Ukuleles, you will get more value for your cash. Compared with the guitar where prices can reach up to $500, a premium made Ukuleles can cost you under $500.

Different Ukulele Sizes Comparison

Ukuleles are famous because of their happy tone and of course the small size, which makes them easy to transport anywhere.

A standard Ukulele for beginners are available in 4 different sizes which are:

  1. Soprano– Soprano is the smallest-sized Ukulele with 21 lengths and with standard 4 notes (G, C, E, A). The small size encourages the children to play it with ease and it’s a very comfortable thing to get hold onto. The soprano is not the type of Ukulele if you are looking for an adult.
  2. Concert– The size of the concert Ukulele is slightly bigger than the Soprano that is 23, it makes it easy to adjust your fingers with better projection. The sound of Concert is bright, crispy and full of Ukes tones. The tuning for G, C, E, A is available, just like the Soprano version.
  3. Tenor– For the lovers of bigger and better sound, Tenor Ukulele offers a traditional Ukulele tone with a bigger size around 26. The standard tunings remain the same, however, the increased size makes it easy to play for adults and those who want to play at gigs.
  4. Baritone– Baritone is the biggest-sized Ukulele which has a length around 29. Even guitar players who at times like to play the deeper but happy tone can try Baritone just for a different taste. There are 4 different tunings available D, G, B, E which is similar to the highest 4-strings of the guitar.
Things to Look Before Purchasing Your First Ukulele

The musical instruments should always have subjected to the test to check its playability and comfort., If you are willing to spend big cash on Ukulele you can get the best one but this can also be bought at a cheaper price if you know what exactly you want.

The next thing you should consider is the size that determines how you are going to play the Ukelele. Of course, every beginner wants the easy-to-play instruments for which Soprano and Concert Ukuleles are ideal. Whereas, for bigger hands and bigger sounds, Tenor and Baritone would be ideal.

A perfect instrument’s play reminds every one of the same feelings of an original track, this can turn bad if it doesn’t have a good sound and clear tones. This is why we chose the top 5 Ukulele for beginners on which they can play the ordinary song and makes it sound original.

Ukuleles also come with the amplifier which beginners do not certainly need, but that’s s bonus expert’s model can allow you to have. Lastly, any Ukulele which is easier to play can be found in a good budget, it is completely unnecessary to spend so much on Beginner’s Ukulele and find your mate having the same sound which he purchased half of your price.

Some of our selections are American-made artwork, but most of them focus on the sound rather than looks!

Do You Need Lessons for Ukulele?

Unlike guitars, it is pretty easier to learn how to play the Ukulele. All you need is an instructor which you can find on the YouTube videos providing the basic techniques about how to play the Ukulele with simplicity.

You can also get yourself enrolled in the beginner’s classes for Ukulele which is taught by the experts. Learning the theory before playing an instrument is the right thing to do if you want to play it right.

Set Up Your Ukulele

In the beginning, purchasing $200 Ukulele and setting it up for later is the best idea for many users. It’s not important though, but certain changes such as sharping the frets, changing strings quantity and size can turn it into premium looking brand.

Spending a few extra bucks can help you tune up the Ukulele into an intense instrument. Online, users can find multiple guides about how to tune or set up Ukulele into advanced level or you can simply take it to the guitar shop and they will get it done.

Beginner’s Ukulele FAQ’s
Q1): Which Ukulele Type is Easiest to Play?

Although there are 4 different sizes of Ukulele available i.e. Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone, this depends on the person who is going to play. If it’s for a child, then sticking to the Soprano is the easiest option.

Adults on the other hands must use their time in learning the Concert or Tenor types. These two types can be easy to play for adult users with better and broader fretboard. Individuals with smaller hands can take great pleasure from playing Soprano, the small fretboard makes it much easier to play. Always remember, as a beginner, it would be wise to avoid the Baritone, this is because the notes D, G, B, and E can be bothersome to learn for the beginners.

Q2): How Much Should You Pay for Ukulele for Beginners?

One of the great things about purchasing Ukulele, the premium brand won’t even cost you more than $1000. The beginners can relax and choose any Ukulele within a range of $100-$300 which we are going to describe below section.

There are many brands available that sell the Ukulele of different types but remember it will be folly to purchase $30 Ukulele which resembles toys and are extremely useless. Whatever your budget is you can always buy a nice and quality Ukulele that will be sufficient for practicing and learning the basic notes.

If you are spending some cash on the branded versions, make sure you get the best model with ideal size and design where the tonewoods selection matters.

Q3): What Do You Need To Play Ukulele?

You don’t need the amp, power generator or cables like with electric guitar. The sweet sound of the Ukulele is being played anywhere without the hesitations or any accessories. Beginners must choose Ukulele with a proper case which in the case of transportation avoids the damage. The majority of the reputable Ukulele brands comes with a case which users should keep in mind.

If you are willing, purchase the digital toner which is worth buying an accessory to help you tune the Ukulele properly.

Final Thoughts- Which Ukulele for Beginners Should You Buy?

We extracted the top 5 Ukuleles for the beginners after searching them for days! This is because you can find thousands of brands ranging between a versatile budget and sizes that may or may not be suitable for your objectives. No matter how much money you spent on Ukulele, in the end, it’s all about comfort and playability.

For adults in our final verdict, choosing the Cordoba 15TM Tenor or Ranch Concert Ukulele is the best choice since they got the most impressive sound effects according to the user’s review. We could include some very celebrated brands like Fender or Ibanez but we chose due to their vastly economical price range.

Also, you are going to get free online lessons and additional accessories set, but only if you choose to purchase them from the link given above for each beginner’s Ukulele description.


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