This is the moment when you realize there are other good quality instruments in the market and there is no point in sticking up with the older versions. As you increase your price range, you will get the best ukulele with quality material and some decent sound effects. This is why we are giving a full review of the best Ukulele under $500 so you can take a look at some of the best premium-grade Ukes in 2020.

In our list of best ukulele under $500, we have includes almost every type such as Soprano, Concert, Baritone and Resonator Ukuleles which play different tones and are related closely to the country and bluegrass music. Whatever music you are eager to play with these ukes, five hundred dollars is the amount that can get you a decent kit with additional stuff you would like. The link for each uke has been given below of their descriptions.

Best 5 Ukuleles under $500 for Musicians

Martin OXK Soprano Ukulele

Martin OXK Soprano Ukulele under $500

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This one belongs to Martin’s popular X-series in which there are both guitars and ukulele includes. Martin OXK Soprano Ukulele is one big and eye-catching instrument which has a body made of Hawaiian Koa.

The Hawaiian Koa pattern high-pressure laminate wood is covering all the top, back and sides while the altered neck is crafted beautifully using the Stratabond, this is one of the strong laminate wood used along with Martin’s range. The Ukulele comes with a Morado fingerboard with 17 frets, this one feels and looks like rosewood fingerboard according to many users based on the length of the neck.

There is a Grover Friction Machineheads to tunes available which are responsible for the nicer sound and overall playability. Martin OXK has white dot inlays as fret markers, the Morado bridge which is available with very well-compensated Tusq saddle and white Tusq nut. The Martin padded ukulele gig bag always comes complimentary which ensures a safe traveling.

Kala KA-SA-B Baritone Ukulele

Kala KA-SA-B Baritone Ukulele under $500

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For those who think Ukes are just inexpensive and useless instrument which has no worth and perfect sound. Well, to prove them wrong we have here is the higher-end model with a big tag for price. The KA-SA-B is the great Ukulele to purchase under $500 in 2020.

First of all, you will notice all solid acacia bodies which to some users is more than perfect! Kala KA-SA-B Baritone Ukulele is counted in the upper-end models in the market; you will find sundry different things about this one.

The uke has a mahogany neck and walnut fingerboard which are quite responsive while playing chording or lead. For the tonal support, there are rosewood binding and Graphtech NuBone nut and saddle. This baritone ukulele is perfect for playing in the room jams or across the beach with bonfire along with friends. It comes with a personal gig bag too.

Oscar Schmidt OU220SWK Concert Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt OU220SWK Ukulele under $500

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Oscar Schmidt OU220SWK Concert Ukulele is the result when they combined the finest tonewood for perfect body and neck. The company has always been offering a pack of decent and warm sound from their instruments.

The OU220SWK Concert Ukulele by Oscar Schmidt features a solid mahogany concert body that is hand-made. This also displays the fine satin finished quartersawn mahogany top, back, and sides with Mozaic rope rosette soundhole with side bindings for protection.

At the location of the neck, Oscar Schmidt OU220SWK Concert Ukulele comes with narrowed profile Nyatoh neck overlaid which has an ebony fingerboard with 19 frets. The ivory snowflakes inlays and ebony veneer on the headstock with Oscar Schmidt logo.

The string actions and tuning are covered by the Aquila Super Nylgut strings which are placed on the ebony bridge with NuBone saddle, NuBone nut and a set of Grover GH305 tuners for enhanced tuning stability.

Lanikai MAS-CEC Concert Ukulele

Lanikai MAS-CEC Concert Ukulele under $500

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While there are so many versatilities available with Ukulele these days, the Lanikai MAS-CEC Concert Ukulele model is the acoustic-electric one which is hard to at many places. The solid cutaway design with a mahogany body looks great when you hold it.

The Fishman Kula preamp system is given to plug-in and this has a mahogany neck with a walnut fingerboard having 18 frets. The comfort and melody users experience is certainly beautiful.

MAS-CEC is an acoustic-electric concert ukulele and this comes with a set of Deluxe Grover Chrome open-back tuners to provide tuning accuracy. The walnut bridge with NuBone saddle and nut are also given to help with the onboard tuner on the preamp.

Lanikai MAS-CEC Concert Ukulele newly presents the D’Addario EJ88 nylon strings and strap buttons to play well either in sitting or standing position.

Gretsch G9112 Concert Resonator Ukulele

Gretsch G9112 Concert Resonator Ukulele under $500

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Resonator Ukuleles are different from the regular ones because of their more loud, brighter and crispy sound which is due to the presence of resonator. Gretsch G9112 Concert Resonator Ukulele has a wooden concert size body that is made of mahogany.

There is also a 6” biscuit resonator cone attached to produce the twangy and warmer sound, this in comparison with the metal body resophonic ukulele are much louder and brighter.

When you look at the main parts, the U-shaped mahogany beck comes at the fore with 16 frets ovangkol fingerboard, this instrument also comes with a set of Grover 9NB Sta-Tite Geared tuners, an Aquila Nylgut strings, a bone nut and Ovangkol biscuit bridge puck with maple saddle.

You can see more specs about Gretsch G9112 Concert Resonator Ukulele here.

Best Ukulele under $500 2020 Buying Guide

Who Should Buy Ukulele under $500?

Expensive Ukuleles are majorly perfect in their built quality, which means they are crafted using the quality material and many professional and newbie players appreciate them. The details you will find in the premium brand ukuleles are unique than those found in regular Ukuleles. This includes the advanced technology they have put into this and better tonewoods which determine the sound.

It’s not the premium ukuleles that can only be played by the professionals or players with intermediate-level skills. Beginner ukulele players will find it even better to play the expensive instrument and they almost feel it like butter with perfect playability and gorgeous looks. In short, these will help them practice and improve their skills quicker than learning on something cost under $100.

Some advanced features you will find in the best Ukulele under $500 are not necessarily important for the new players. These are the features of a high-end instrument like electronics or adjustable intonation which to lower levels of playing is not important at all. For the starters, choosing a ukulele under $200 is a good way to go.

How to Choose a Premium Ukulele?

Buying Ukulele under $500, you will certainly hope so many good features like not the plastic components or rough finishes and sharp frets, etc. If you are spending $500 chances are you going to get something that satisfies your hearing sense.

Furthermore, you’ll also get a smooth and perfect sound with flawless constructions and other features you never heard of. It doesn’t matter if your Ukulele is Soprano, Tenor or Baritone or even concert type, spending a large sum of money will get you something as perfect as we described above.

If you are looking for the eye-catching features in any ukulele, it comes with the type of wood and decorations they have. These will include the purflings, rosette, and inlays on the fingerboard which to some matters a lot.

The high-end quality ukes are mainly built with mahogany and top spruces are used to make it look more appealing. Koa wood is also popular under this range which offers wonderful and warm-enough tones. Preferring solid bodies is a much safer choice than choosing all-laminate models.

Which Ukulele is Best? New or Used One?

Whether you are buying a guitar, ukulele or another instrument, buying the older ones is more beneficial in terms of quality and price. You are getting a vintage model under $500? This wouldn’t be the offer you will get in the future so avail it.

Also, buying used ukes is favorable since you are getting the same quality underway low budget. This can also get you an instrument that you have been watching legend used to play while you are growing up. Plus, you can bargain while buying a used instrument which is always a catch!

Buying new ukes has its terms or benefits like you are the first one who is getting his hands on it. Plus, the bold quality finished material, and backpacking feels so right, always checks ukes before purchasing especially the electronics.

Lastly, always choose the reputable source when it comes to purchasing the best ukuleles under $500, in this case, is the best way to get one the best instrument of your demand.


For experienced players, buying the best ukulele under $500 shouldn’t be a problem. But as you can see $500 isn’t a little amount so whatever you are spending them on must be great and won’t let you down. A nice uke is all about playing it on stage or in your room with calmness and total trust.

The aforementioned ukes are the best under $500 which can take you to the upper level of understanding about how to play them precisely and get your skill level upgraded.