Ukuleles are a fun-sounding instrument that is available in multiple varieties. You can see more people are now into buying the best ukuleles because they are easy to play and more are becoming eager to learn this instrument. No matter, what your taste in the music is and also the budget, you can always buy the best Ukulele under the right price. Below we will mention the best 6 Best Ukuleles under $300 price all of which are the work of quality and incredibly cheerful sound.

Best 6 Ukuleles (Under $300)

Yamaha GL1 Guitalele

Yamaha GL1 Guitalele Ukulele Under $300

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The term Guitalele is a hybrid instrument made by the Baritone Ukulele and Classical Acoustic Guitar. The best of both were combined by Yamaha and in this size of Ukulele, you can feel the presence of a guitar.

The GL1 tuning can be slanted up to A and tuned to ADGCEA, one of the reasons why Yamaha GL1 Guitalele has become the favorite of most guitarists is the playing style. Once you play, it’s like putting a capo on the 5th fret of an acoustic guitar. For someone who knows his tines and scales very well, the GL1 guitalele is easy to play an instrument that asks for no further new fingering techniques and is portable enough in so many circumstances.

Now let’s talk about the physical structure, GL1 Guitalele sports the spruce top with Meranti back and sides. The neck is made of nato wood and the fingerboard with the bridge is made of Sonokeling, Sonokeling is a botanical name for Indian Rosewood of high quality.

When you consider the sound, GL1 Guitalele offers the sound which sits between a baritone ukulele and a classical guitar. The size consists of loud and nice volume, which is sufficient for smaller ground performances. As the best travel guitar, this can be perfect with the best ADGCEA tuning available.

Ortega RU10 Soprano Ukulele

Ortega RU10 Soprano Ukulele Under $300

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For the lovers of all solid wood soprano ukulele, the RU10 is the right one under the best budget. The Ortega RU10 Soprano Ukulele is made of solid mahogany top and the back and sides have a nice satin finish. The soundhole rosette with a protective while ABS bindings are available for both the front and back sides.

The neck that reaches to the headstock of Ortega RU10 is made of solid mahogany wood. The walnut fretboard having 17 frets marked by tiny dot inlays for smooth playability. One of the distinct feature of the

Ortega RU10 Soprano Ukulele is the set of indirectly chrome die-cast tuner system with walnut bridge and ivory plastic saddle. This is the instrument of simple, creative design and paramount sound.

Kala KA-ZCT-B Ziricote Baritone Ukulele Bundle

Kala KA-ZCT-B Ziricote Baritone Ukulele Under $300

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Kala KA-ZCT-B Ziricote Baritone is available in standard baritone size which is ideal for players with large hands. When you look at the standard sized Ukuleles, you will find this is the biggest of them which also sounds like a guitar.

On this Ukulele, there is rich and dark chocolate brown wood with the colors of honey blending in the middle and on the sides are available. It is heavy in size means 4 pounds and quite portable in many conditions, the dimensions of Kala KA-ZCT-B Ziricote Baritone Ukulele is 31 x 11 x 5 inches.

There are lots of other bundles available with this Ukulele such as a gig bag, clip-on chromatic tuner, Austin Bazaar polishing cloth and instructional DVD to learn from. As a beginner, it’s a great start with the Kala KA series of Ukulele.

Cordoba 25T CE Tenor Ukulele

Cordoba 25T CE Tenor Ukulele Under $300

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The best Ukulele under $300, we have got the Cordoba 25T which stands out for its versatile nature, appealing looks and amplified sounds. This is the tenor type of uke that offers users more body, space, and depth in comparison with the soprano and concert ukes.

Cordoba 25T CE Tenor Ukulele is made of Acacia, the body of this uke is surrounded by the rope pattern of maple and ebony. This will remind you of the Hawaiian style, Acacia in feels is like the Koa first cousin, which delivers the warm deep rounded sound with natural good aesthetics.

In the section of electronics, the ukulele has an onboard pickup and 2-band EQ which makes it ideal for smaller gigs and home-practicing. There is a lot of Hawaiian chimes whether you play this instrument in an acoustic way or after plugging in. It has smooth tones that take you backward in time.

Luna UKECORAL Coral Concert Ukulele

Luna Uke Coral Concert Ukulele Under $300

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When you think of the ukes designed for maximum intensity and beautiful artistically designed physique, the Luna ukes form Luna Guitars are the ones you should take a look at. Under $300, it is their best offering to the customers who wants an intermediate level of an instrument for long-time players.

Luna Uke Coral Concert Ukulele is built with the solid mahogany body in a satin finish. With the age of the tonewood, the sound gets better and mature (reviewed by many customers). There is a set of mahogany neck and headstock which is constructed with C-profile in mind.

The pearl moon phase inlays fret also available with 20 on the walnut fingerboard which is suitable for strumming and flat-picking style. The set of open-geared tuners help make this uke to capture the best of the best sounds.

Other specs include Aquila Super Nylgut strings, the walnut bridge with graphite saddle and a graphite nut.

FLEA Ukulele with Case

FLEA Ukulele Under $300

Flea Ukulele is an exceptional type of Ukes which is claimed to be a high-quality instrument with gorgeous designs. The nature of this instrument allows users to play this without setting it up, it is simply ideal and perfect.

The concert size of this uke is beautifully crafted, the top side of the Uke is made up of birch which is renowned for delivering the crispy and tension-free tones. The neck is made out of hard maple with the back and sides are toughly molded.

The fingerboard is made of Polycarbonate which makes the user play the precise and non-breaking tones. The fretboard, quality s superior of all which is comfortable and does not get blusters in any scenario.

What’s Good About FLEA Ukulele?

The concert-sized design with a wider fret makes it very easy to play. The sound effects are clear and without buzzing effects, and you also get the free case that allows you to carry this anywhere.

Best Ukuleles Under $300 (Buying Guide)

Why Should You Buy Ukulele in 2020?

For anyone who has been playing Ukulele for a long time and now he/she wants an update to their skills. Some ukulelist simply moves to the updated versions because they want to razzle-dazzle with different sizes and some are moving to tenors from the concert ukes.

The best Ukuleles under $300 are well-suited for beginners as well as professional players. Learning how to play Ukulele is quite easy which in the future gives you relief of getting your hands on any type, while with the price range goes up the experience you are going to get with these will be level ahead.

While the models in the chart above may charm to you, if you are a beginner it’s also worth checking out the best beginner’s ukulele buying guide online.

What to Look for Before Getting Best Ukuleles Under $300?

The first important thing to check whether it’s a step-up in playability and quality than those Ukulele you can buy under $200. In comparison, the Ukulele under $300 will be slightly better than the former ones and there are no rough spots and sharp fret edges like problems these days.

Under this range, you should also notice the wood quality which may be mahogany in most cases. Some other woods like Cedar, Maple or Koa are also neat and perfect for the sound. The use of solid wood is more common when it comes to the top part of the instrument.

If the Ukulele has electronics, they are available with sturdy and solid built which provides more options and versatility in EQ controls. These electronics help magnify the sound of Ukulele naturally, for the nuts and saddles make sure they are bone and tusq which are standard these days.

Reputable companies always add the gig-bag along with their ukes to the users.

Buying Used Ukulele

Buying used Ukulele gives you a sense of owning something which has been used before. The new uke models are an untouched instrument that asks you to deflower the strings with your touch. And used ukes are also available in half of their price at many locations which is a good point.

Getting used to Ukuleles under $300 from Amazon can also be a wise decision as many of our instruments are picked from the same source after scrutiny.

Last Words

Remember the $300 is not a small amount of money, whatever the Uke model you are buying must be worth each penny. For this purpose, you can make your list about the best Ukulele under $300 budget and see for yourself which one you should trust buying. Or you can simply check out our selection of the 6 best Ukuleles under $300 which can work for every note and soulful composition you have in mind.

Our most favorite model stays the Yamaha GL1 Guitalele but you can also try from Ortega as they make the simply badass musical instruments.

Still, there is always room for more! If you get more profound and want to spend more cash, you can check out the best ukulele under $500 which will be the sign of solemnness and dedication towards Uke play and learn something from it.