When you look at the past, the best microphones for music, pc gaming and podcast were relying on the extensions available on your desktop. Well, this is not going to be a problem anymore, USB microphones which feature the same performance can simply be connected via USB extension of any given hardware whether it’s a home desktop or laptop.

It’s alright if you want your microphone to work with different styles, whether you are using it for live streaming, YouTube podcast even for making MUSIC.

We have given the top 5 USB condenser microphones list below that can come under your budget and they are the best ones yet!


Best 5 USB Microphones for X-Max

Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

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Blue Yeti is by far the most distinct and incomparable USB microphone with numerous audio recording features. Blue Yeti is the first USB microphone which has introduced the Tri-Capsule technology, this makes it perfect and versatile for various things such as:

  • Singing
  • Instrument Recording
  • Voice Over
  • Post Cast
  • Conferencing/Interviews

This is the most demanded and useful microphone pattern types used in the microphone industry. Yeti is known for its highly accurate recordings that come along with the user-friendly pattern selections which user can choose accordingly.

There are 4 different pickup patterns in which users can switch between for ultimate experience.

Cardioid pattern – most ideal for directional recording which is done in front of the mic

Omnidirectional – The best way to record the ambient sound, sound from wholly surrounds

Bi-Directional – The microphones tend to record from strict back and front which is ideal for conducting interviews and it doesn’t require a separate set of microphones. You can also record the shade of instrumental sounds playing in the background

Stereo – Provides a defined representation of the sound, Stereo microphones record from the left and right channels so upon playing you will listen to the sound from the left side and the one recorded from the right channel will be heard from right dimension.


Rode NT USB Microphone

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Rode NT USB microphone is the ideal tool for the broadcasters around the world, hell they are calling it a perfect Studio in A Box”. This USB Microphone addresses from the side and combines various pure sound quality of an ideal condenser.

This is done with the plug n play functionality comes in a USB mic, this gives the ultimate user experience and hardcore performance which is perfect for both vocals and acoustic instruments.

You can say it’s an expensive USB microphone, but every penny worth it when you start using it for versatile goals.

The hardware comes to a solid tripod stand with a good pop shield.

Audio-Technica (AT2020USB+)

Audio-Technica (AT2020USB+) USB Microphone

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The Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ comes with a headphone jack which is available only in the limited version of USB microphones. The headphone jack allows users to monitor the microphone’s signal san delay.

The USB microphone features a high-output and internal headphone amplifier which extracts the clear production from the sample. The microphone on its below surface has two horizontal dials which again allow users for basic audio mixing.

  • The left dial merges the pre-recorded audio with the vocals, saving you a large sum of time in post-production
  • The right dial adjusts the volume being delivered to the headphones

There are no complexities in the midst of using this mic, you just need to plug in and record. AT2020USB+ is a universal USB microphone that includes the very unique external pop filter, mic mount, and a large carrying pouch.

The price of this microphone is around $160 which for the beginners and even professional is a very much good bargain.

Samson Meteor

Samson Meteor USB Microphone

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Samson Meteor is the popular brand and the line of its microphones is something people are fans of. You can compare the Samson Meteor with Blue Yeti, the built ad size is somehow similar to that, but it’s way inexpensive than yeti for sure!

For someone who would prefer the large diaphragm microphones, Samson Meteor provides a big recording surface area which is around 25mm. It also features Cardioid pickup and a folding mechanism that can be accessed while traveling.

You can record crisper and truly clear audio that comes at max 16-bit. One of the great things about this microphone is its connectivity from the user’s smartphone, you can record from the phone now and all you need is Apple’s Converted for this microphone.

Samson Meteor also comes with a built-in headphone jack which might give Blue Yeti a tough competition for the money. For someone who is looking for a cheaper alternative to Blue Yeti, Samson Meteor is your man of choice.

Blue Snowball

Blue Snowball USB Microphone

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Another best USB microphone from the company “Blue”. The Blue Snowball is discriminated from the other microphones for its cost, it is affordable for the users and still got the amazing quality sound. By the looks, the snowball is very much different from the Yeti series, the microphone is specifically designed for podcasters, musicians and gamers.

The sound sample rate of this USB Microphone is 44.1 kHz/16-bit which is also provided by other competitor’s microphones thrice much expensive than this. What is anticipating about Blue Snowball is the compact design and condenser technology which can switch between the omnidirectional or cardioid.

It is available in 10 different colors you can choose from, it is lightweight and can be placed in a narrow table perfectly. Blue Snowball can be used for vocal recording and also instrumentals, the sound of the guitar comes from this microphone can shatter your ears and is just perfect.

It has its tripod mini stand which is the only way you can fix; it won’t be able to mount on a traditional mic stand.

Buying Guide for Best USB Microphones

What Are USB Microphones and The Benefits of USB Microphone?

 A USB Microphone is an easy way of making high-quality recordings on your computer or tablet in a snap. USB Mics are highly portable and work on PC, Mac, iPad. … It is a microphone that contains all the wiring necessary to simply connect to a USB port and start recording. (Reference: Musicrepo.com)

We are living in an era where USB microphones are more popular than the condenser and dynamic microphones. You cannot expect a USB microphone to convey the same tones like these 2 traditional mics, but still, they are flourishing due to some particular user benefits.

The prime purpose of a USB microphone is to capture vocals and this is why they are being used by gamers, YouTubers and podcasters who are using computer-based applications. Why USB microphones are so popular? Because of their high level of convenience, unlike a full recording studio setup, you can simply plug the USB microphone to the USB port of any device, whether it’s your computer, smartphone or tablet and you are ready to go.

It doesn’t require any form of additional software to function, just plug n play. Another benefit of the USB mics is the affordability that can benefit your financial status while you are in a dire need. In case anyone wants to build a recording setup at home, the choice of the condenser and dynamic microphones comes with great tones but they also need a separate audio interface to convert the analog to digital signals which only the computer can read.

With USB microphone you won’t be needing all the additional accessories and it will eliminate the need for other devices.

The A/D converters are built into the mic itself!

The last benefit is the portability of USB microphones, they can be carried anywhere with full ease and unlike the dynamic microphones, you don’t need to transfer the whole setup from one place to another.

How Much Money You Should Spend on USB Microphones?

As you can see, the 2020 USB microphone market has a wide array of mics available in the different price ranges. If you spend more bucks on USB mic, it doesn’t mean you are going to get the best product, some aspects that users need to remember can get you a perfect and best USB mic at a reasonable price.

Always check for the accessories that come with the mic, also plan what you are buying a USB mic for. Some people only prefer to record the vocals while others like to put some instrumental sounds on the list. Also, see if it comes with its mic stand, pop filter or shock mounts.

These 3 items can be purchased under $100 but in case you are getting it with the mic that would be great. In a nutshell, don’t always make decisions in terms of how much should you spend, but base the decision on what you need and which options are meeting with your requirements.


The list of the best 5 USB microphones mentioned is the reason why you are going to save a whole sum of money. Conceived by both performance and convenience, USB microphones are slightly less intense than the condenser and dynamic microphones which can be used with vocal applications that are computer-based.

There’s more to this than meets the eyes, once you purchase the best USB mic for yourself and where it leads you to, it is very less likely to go back to the old traditional microphones.


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