The music industry is in great threat of facing the dire effects of Coronavirus.

Every other freelance technician, actors, musicians, and directors share their fear regarding the closure in the upcoming time ahead.

The government official said to push the local government for offering a basic salary to the self-employed and freelancers. The individual concerns in response to Brasbin were available on Twitter.

The theatre professionals wanted to have affordability for their basic outgoings when the public places are close temporarily.

The freelance theatre technician can’t work from home.

They have no source of income when events are not taking place and canceled. If the use persists for 4-5 weeks, then they will not be able to pay out their basic bills even.

Besides the musicians, the entire management teams and freelance stage and technical crew also face the loss of commissions. Moreover, directors like David Mercatali also predict precarious income in his future with the same working conditions.

He further commented that they don’t need to get sick to stop working.

They don’t earn money on a weekly or monthly basis.

Instead, they earn off fees. Due to the cancellations of contracts, it will turn out to be void or simply unpaid. There will be no more work in the pipeline either.

Fellow director, Thomas Hescott shared his views of seeing threats ahead for everyone as well as his current stream of income. He shared about getting no pay if his working streams will close down. But the expenses will pile up and be ready for the payment. Freelance invoices will be at the pile’s bottom for the payment.

Lucy Briers, the actor, also shared the issues of performers during this crucial time.

They are working in conflict. Whoever works is surely earning but prone to the virus. Closure of public buildings will create a big challenge for the actors.

There is a dire need for the government to help them. 400,000 people signed the petition for including the self-employed for getting statutory sick pay in the pandemic outburst of Coronavirus.