SXSW cancels and Coachella delays! AEG tours and Live Nation suspends. Broadway gets dark. Do you wonder why? Why some of the TV talk shows come on air without the presence of its lively and energetic studio audience.

Important and main sporting events got off till no further notice. The coronavirus struck every sector and corner of the music industry sector. This created great chaos in the music industry, urging it to slow down against the brisk pace of this pandemic outburst.

Curbing infections relate to no more crowds. This turns to be a bitter pill for the musicians.

Specifically, those people who counted touring as a source of revenue and exposure. It occurred since the record industry emerged in the early years of 2000 during the rising era of digital piracy.

If you are unable to make much money out of selling music as well as streaming the royalties of service, then you can look for other options. You can select to get some cents when someone plays any of the albums.

Don’t worry much if you cannot get a tour of arenas, tour clubs, festivals, and stadiums. But what to do exactly?

This conundrum goes the same for the event staff, too, when large gatherings are strongly condemned. It can be nicer if paid leaves are possible, but sudden work stoppage turns to be regrettable.

The future live music got stagnant and moved to home theatres. The current scenario and model of the music industry is becoming itself a sort of strategy for disaster relief. It built for counteracting the unanticipated drop in the perceptions of people regarding the importance of albums or songs.

Thus, it turned out successfully to the rule of law’s measure by offering great accessibility to the platforms of digital streaming at the Columbia House. This had high subscription prices for the whole year.

The incorporation of streams was an upshot in the contemporary chart rules. The listening habits of the audience nailed down beyond the physical media. It made the repeat playback an easy option for boosting the standing of the artists.

It showed the people’s interest in buying an album and making the singer stand near to the 1st position or at it in its initial weeks. The issue lies that it will model the old model but not pay as much. In 1993, Steve Albini, the famous rock producer, outlined in his article “The Problems with Music” about it.

He showed that despite a bad selling quarter million albums, he failed to earn many bucks. No doubt, the band earned millions for its business.

This was the model of the band, its booming phase. On the other hand, during the peak phase of the 90’s bell curve of record sales, more hands were there to take and less to put money inside the pot.

During this streaming age, it is very obvious that the majority of listeners don’t pay hefty amounts for music, yet they will come up for memorabilia and accessibility. Do you know why the enterprising artists start meeting and greeting more often when their minds and bodies allow?

Why are these enterprising artists hawking on the roads of the Atlantic? It is an easy means of subsidizing with their fans. The casual listeners cannot enjoy these perks. Everyone cannot enjoy the perks of nightclub appearances and ticket sales of VIP.

Artists earn their extra cash like this. Memories turn to be one’s big business. In this era, it turns to be the coolest place for music listeners. Everyone can enjoy the live streaming of movies and music at the same price.

Hold on, and you can even enjoy your time with someone in a room playing this music.

The business structure of this industry comes into severe questionability because of the nightmare of coronavirus. It is part of the perception that everyone will wish to stay in the rooms and to listen and to play music.

Without seeing the touring artists, the main tributary is coming to an end. The same goes for the bartenders, lightening teams, sound teams, and people related to merch tables, and many. The summer and spring festival will come in danger.

It is already showing thin lines in the form of bookable talents’ amount as well as the rise in weekend talents searching for their opportunities to play. Moreover, the record store day came to June.

This means the retail outlets will count April as their annual bump without putting any rare or exclusive situation in for the super fans in the months of spring. The declining sense and fall of the revenue of the music industry are clear enough curtailing all the profits of past years.

The problem does not lie only within labels and artists, as well as people working with them. If they fail to make money, we will not have music anymore. Life without music! Can you imagine it even?

So now, what is our part? All we can do is support! We can offer as much support as we can! If your budget allows you, you can show love for your favorite artist. Just buy the album and hit the Merch store.

The signals of artists can also keep up on social media by running as well as boosting the streams. The relations of audience and artist, both parties can get better.

You can cut the overhead cost by funding the albums if your budget allows you to do so. Band camp provides opportunities for independent artists to upload their music without cutting charges.