Leaning a piano is by far the safest and money-wise affordable idea which can be learned faster and efficiently. For someone who wants to buy the best Piano, there are more than multiple versions available out there. This again led some people to choose between the Digital piano and keyboards which are both different than one another.

Let’s see about the core differences between these two instruments and help beginners to get the Best Digital Piano and Keyboard in 2020.

Calling a digital piano and keyboard same wouldn’t be fair since both instrument share unique features which can be of great help to people. There are some big differences you are gonna find that might not just astound you but also let you ask questions like:

  • Which sounds better?
  • Which one is easier to carry?
  • Which one feels better than the other?


What is a Digital Piano and Keyboard?

One who wants to understand the difference between a digital piano and a keyboard must learn what each of the instruments is.

What is Digital Piano?

They are the digital replica of acoustic pianos which you have already known right? Digital piano is a pre-well-furnished form of the piano which comes with a cabinet with a stand and overall 88 keys which are fully weighted. By feel, digital pianos are intended to give you a feel like that you usually find on Acoustic Pianos.

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About Keyboards

The whole purpose of a keyboard is to provide the ease and portability to the musicians who want something handy. Specs-wise, a keyboard comes with 61-76 keys and is incredibly lightweight. It is always necessary for you to have a “Keyboard Style” to play keyboards where it only uses the rhythm style and frills.

You can play the drum beats on the keyboard with the left side playing notes and the right side playing the melody. You can also perform a whole band thing with the help of a keyboard, on the right-hand side you play the tunes and left side there can be 3 or more notes.

Built-in wise, keyboard contains hundreds of tones and there are multiple technical options that allow users to customize the sound according to their taste.

Difference Between Digital Piano and Keyboard for 2020 Audience

To see the comparison between a digital piano and keyboard, here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Cost

Individuals seeking to experience the authentic feel and touch of piano, they could buy Digital Piano in way more cost-effective way. Pro players generally rely on this option only.

Keyboards, on the other hand, are inexpensive than digital piano which is the best way to make beginners familiar with this instrument. Those who never played piano must start learning from the keyboard which is more affordable and easy to learn.

Cost-wise, you could always rely on the keyboards because digital pianos are pricier than keyboards.

  • Space and Transporting

Before buying musical instruments, portability is the major factor you idolize them by. For purchasing the piano, you always need a bigger free space that can hold it in one place. For people like us who have limited space in their place and want to keep an instrument, keyboards are the perfect fit for them.

Keyboards are compact in size and require no bigger place which is indeed the best suit for travel musicians. Keyboards are also built to last even with a plethora of loading and unloading.

  • Sound Quality Difference

Comparing digital piano vs keyboard is nothing without measuring their sound quality and feel.

Digital piano is manufactured so it can deliver the sound effects and feel like an acoustic piano. Usually, the best way to analyze the sound quality is by taking the best acoustic piano sound samples and record them using high-tech instruments.

Not every digital piano provides the perfect simulation of acoustic tones but once you purchase the high-end digital piano models, it gets pretty easier. Digital piano is also famous for its additional sound effects coming from different instruments with turns of effects making the performance more boastful.

Whereas, keyboards are ideal for practicing and learning the music, comes with great additional features keyboards are useful in making music. The authentic sound quality you are going to get from Digital Piano cannot be seen in the keyboards.

The touch on the keys feel in a digital piano is equipped with Graded Hammer key action which makes every key sensitive to pressure. Keyboards do not utilize this trick, but they usually come with soft keys with no graded key action. Nonetheless, you could buy high-end keyboard models that can do this trick.

  • Pedals

Pedals are essential for players to show the expression and feel of musical performance. This essential feature is only covered in digital pianos where you can even find three-pedal systems to further increase the expressions in your play.

How All Digital Pianos Are Not the Same?

When you take a look amongst various digital pianos you would spot several differences. There are three main types of the digital piano which are:

  1. Standard digital piano
  2. Upright digital piano
  3. Stage pianos

Upright vertical pianos are usually built with the larger cabinet which you wouldn’t find with the real upright piano version. These pianos come with the same best hammer action key systems and tone generation engines which make them equal in sound and feel with the real upright pianos. They take the same space as the real upright piano but at the same time require less maintenance.

Stage pianos are the ones that you see being used n liver performances or on stages. In comparison with the traditional pianos, stage piano is more portable and more stylish than a standard digital piano. A standard digital piano is an instrument you keep at home for practice, they do not require a large space but they come with fully featured balanced sounds and tones.

How All Keyboards Are Not The Same?

The keyboard of different types is available if you look at the lower end models which you find at local toy stores. Musicians, on the other hand, choose the keyboards with fully-featured which is intended for serious music-making purposes. These professional keyboards are loaded with several voices, rhythms, tones and sound effects which give musicians choose from several picks.

Professional keyboards or high-end keyboards come with synthesizers and MIDI controllers with different numbers of keys. Overall, a digital piano sports the 88 keys but because of the compact size of many keyboards, they have fewer than the volume of the traditional key. The small size of keyboards never affects the ability of a musician to create music but this approach makes them even more easy and portable.

What Should You Buy? Digital Piano or Keyboard?

For those people who find Acoustic Piano expensive and looking for an inexpensive alternative, choosing Digital Piano is good for them. They come at affordable prices which provide ease and the right value to the customers.

For casual learners and players who want to practice and have fun, keyboards are an excellent choice. They are good for individuals with no musical experience, children and beginners who just started their journey with piano keys.

Final Words

Understanding the difference between a keyboard and a digital piano is essential if you are willing to learn. For choosing the best keyboard and piano, it depends on an individual’s preference whether he/she finds small size keyboard easy or the digital piano.

For someone who is willing to pay bigger cash and also serious for making music, choosing keyboard models will provide ease, sustainability, vigorous sound effects, and overall good hardware quality. If you are under a tight budget, there are always ways to choose from the best one.

You can find many best models in keyboards and digital pianos for beginners segment which are available to the 2020 audience online.